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The Government that’s Full of, HOT AIR!

What the government RUN by the DDP is!  And are we the people, going to, BUY the SHITS that they’re, selling to us?  Yeah, let’s see if we the people are, still, too, god damn, mother FUCKING (and so???) retarded at the END of year when election time comes around, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen had, finally, sent in his resignation of the head of the CDC, but the Executive Department hadn’t approved it yet, saved some “space” for his “performing acts” still.  Chen didn’t waste that either, pulled up the “case of En-En” especially, and started pointing fingers at the Hsinbei Local government for two lackings, and, before he got off his post, he’d, given the mayor of Hsinbei City two more kicks, that’s how intelligent Chen is, it’s a wonder, that he’s one of the favorites of the president, Tsai.

Every move that every member of Tsai’s government is a performance, a show, and it’d made the people guessing all day long, to guess at what our leaders are thinking of, what their next moves are going to be, like we all have nothing better to do with our lives.  But, when it comes to a matter of life or death, none of these acts worked.  On the day that the mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou got bitten by Chen, there was the shooting of the biotech company in Nantou resulting in four deaths one injury, the execution style murders were chilling.  Just last month, the head of state, Su put one of his own as the head of the chief of police, and, now, Huang would be, faced with, the spotlight that will burn.  But, it is nothing, catching the gunman, the safety of the local communities, the fraud cases that are currently, overflowing this country, treating the problems at the roots that’s, the key.

The special characteristic of Taiwanese politics is this, the politicians have a never-used up amount of spit everyday, and the media, and the faithful followers of these politicians are out with the buckets, the basins, catching the spits from the politicians’ lips, repeating the words that were, spoken to them.  And after long, we the people stopped having that needed mind to decipher if the government is lying or is it telling the truth, people became, dumb.  But, can the spits solve the crimes?  When it comes to matters of the outbreaks, inflation, power outages, of depression in economy, how well, with these, spits, work?

and, this is what the election poster of the party at the end of this year should, look like!

with Chen as the very first “chicken”…”poster” found online

Someone as smart and quick-witted as Chen, still got that club hit on his head in the meet with the assistant mayor of Taipei, Huang.  On the day, he’d, skipped his work from the CDC, followed Su out to the rounds to the Taipei social living complex, to get some of the flair from Su to rub off on himself.  And yet, Huang immediately shot him with the statistics of, “the social living complexes built by the Central Government is ZERO!”, and Huang went even further in stating, “doing and saying are two different things”, shot that arrow straight through Chen and Tsai’s game of false pretenses.

The government that’s full of hot air is, useless, do remember this as you head off to the votes the next time.

And so, this is a sort of a summation of what the DDP did to this country so far, and, the head of CDC, Chen became that runaway chicken, leaving HIS actual duties as the head of the CDC behind, to fight for the candidacy of the mayor of Taipei and, the DDP started, shotting at the mayor of Hsinbei City because Hou is not of the DDP party, and yet, the statistics, they do NOT lie, and hopefully by the time that voting comes around at the end of the year, we the people can, recall those who had, DIED, due to the lacking of action, or responsibilities of the DDP government!

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Blocking Out the Children of Chinese-Taiwanese Parents from Entering the Country, Taking Lives Too Lightly, Couldn’t Get Enough Vaccines for Everybody, Lying about the Situation, to Divert the Attentions of the Citizens: Realizing Just How Incompetent the Government is, that the President is Actually a Dictator

Now, those who’d, voted for this currently party, and its president are beginning, to wake back up, but unfortunately, this “awakening” is still, not happening, fast enough!!!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the outbreaks had, begun, a lot of the younger generations started, feeling displeased at the government.  But now, it’s too late for all of this, the damages are, already done.  The government is too incompetent, and only works to fool the citizens, and yet, some of us, are more than willing to, continue to be, fooled!

A government that belittles a country, the rights of its, people, how would they keep us, normal citizens in their minds?  As the outbreaks grow worse, the reports on the numbers daily, with, absolutely, NO condolences for the dead, running through it with a statistics, our lives, aren’t as worth, as the American president’s, dog here!

Taiwan’s medical programs are claimed as the top in the world, and yet, the outbreaks, made the mirage, shattered, reasons for not conducting the general scans for the contractions, is it fearing that we don’t have enough medical abilities, that the hospitals can’t afford to take in too many who’d contracted the virus?  Reason for not building the ark-style hospital, is it because China had, built one?  And, the price is, more than six hundred, lives.

What’s miserable, are those in power, using the name of the outbreaks, to rule like dictators, whatever I say goes!  Going to war, without the right sort of defenses, I’m in charge, there’s NO democracy!  Beating the false news, based off of party favors, shutting down the news stations, there’s no difference comparing to how Hong Kong had slashed Apple Daily.  On the matters of human rights, those children from parents of Chinese descents, excluded!

As the outbreaks grew harder, using the labels for the buying of vaccines, and, as the businesses, the not-for-profit organizations are better able to buy the vaccines, the government cared too much over the labels; the donated vaccines, what they (the Chinese) are using, we don’t dare use them, not interested in buying!  And in the end, we’d become, an export nation of the virus outbreaks, the policies of other nations encouraged citizens to get vaccinated, while we are, stealing, fighting over the limited amount of vaccines available.  Why won’t the government accepted the donated vaccines from China?  While we are, more than grateful, for U.S. and Japan for their, donated vaccines?  Our lives, not as, worthy as, their, political, standings!  If the party in power is against China altogether, then, why not BAN all of the exports, why not, cut off trade completely, with China then?

Why the 3+11 Chen didn’t get called “channel of lies”?  taking the taxpayers money, and spent it where it didn’t count from the 4.0 relief system, most of the taxpayers see the money given out, but they can, have a share, extending the deadlines for taxes, but, told us, that the country is under economic duress now.  The general relief that the other party used, they wouldn’t use it, too egotistical, what’s the difference between their ways of ruling, and dictatorship!  Although, many of the younger generations are, finally, slowly waking up now, then what?  Hopefully, it’s not short-lived!

But, we all know, how @#$%ING short, the human attention span is already, less than, three NANOSECONDS, and yeah, maybe, the younger generations of voters are slowly waking up, but it’s not, fast enough, because we’re, letting this god damn government ruin us, for another couple of years, and, do we the people, vote this current political party out of office?  Perhaps not, because, by the time this MERS-CoV “thing” blows over, it’ll be like, it never happened, and it’d not, left that, burn mark!

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The Tsai Government ROBBED Taichung During the Outbreaks

Taking advantage of how the local governments are already, spent on their energies to slow down the outbreaks here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

While everybody is strained on preventing the spread of MERS-CoV, the head of the Department of Economics, Wang announced suddenly, that there would be two more sets of machines added to the electrical plants in Taichung, skipped through the city government, received the “specialty certification” from the Executive Department.  The five large chimneys standing very high in the skies, dispersing a ton of air pollutions daily, had already, strained the locals in Taichung for “using their lungs to get the electric powers up”.  While Tsai’s government called aloud, “anti-nuclear power”, but she couldn’t, resolve the issues of air pollution, instead, she’d, broken the laws, and, added more chimneys to the plants, such, barbaric behaviors!

What the Department of Economics did, first, disregarding the wills of the people, skipping through the voting, and set up the actions, this behavior, calling it “central government’s robbing the local governments” doesn’t even come close.  Wang claimed the expert advices of the Office of Internal Affairs, said that the setting up of the new plants “doesn’t need the procedural votes of the urbanization plans of the city”, and so, the executive department had, issued the special architecture licenses.  Look, how the members of the DDP are covering each other’s backs, twisting the words, to protect each other’s actions, so convenient.  With this outrageous team, the Tsai government is, indestructible, what else can it do!

Didn’t the Tsai government promise us green energies?  Didn’t she promise, that Taiwan won’t run short on electricity?  Now, everybody’s already, stressed out in fighting the outbreaks, why did the Central government stealthily, steal across the local procedures, and wanted to give more power to Taiwanese Fire Company?  Tsai’s policies on energy, broken down the algae reefs in Taoyuan, endangered the lungs of people living in central Taiwan, chopping down the forests in the mountains as she wishes, do all the people here in Taiwan, want to, support her?

It’s clear to see, how impotent, how incompetent, the Tsai government is from the lines of defense against the outbreaks getting broken, of how we’d become, totally, reliant on external aid in vaccines.  By the same means, the energy policies, also, went bust too!

And so, this, is how the government is, screwing all of us up, by building up the nuclear plants for more energies, as the summers are heating up quick, and, there would be, more and more, power shortages here in Taiwan, because this god damn, @#$%ING government doesn’t have a BRAIN (just look W-H-O is leading this “pack”!!!), and thus, we the people, still get, SCREWED over, big times, and, there’s NOTHING we can do about it, as the impeachment process would take two-thirds votes of the legislators, and, the majority of the legislation is from her party: the DICTATOR PROGRESSIVE PARTY (still the same as the original, DDP of the first letters!)…

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What Does, the DELAYS in Vaccine Availability Means to the People of This Nation???

Ooh-ooh-ooh, can I take a WHACK at this one???  The “Teacher” looks around the room, then, calls on that eager “kid” to answer this question!

What does, the DELAYS in vaccine availability means to the people of this nation???  Well, that’s super easy, because the government discontinued the importations of the known-to-work vaccines that had been developed externally, making the majority of us into, LABRATS for the vaccine trials developed in this FUCKING great nation of ours (yeah, still being sarcastic!), now, can you blame the government, for wanting to make some extra “cash” in this crisis?  Of course N-O-T!  As money, is EVERYTHING to people, and the government is set on staying AGAINST China, because the government somehow is, in the delusions of how if we take the vaccines manufactured by BioNTech (with the factories set in China???), we would become, China’s BITCH!

And, what it worlds down to, is that the government does NOT believe, that ENOUGH had died here, because of contraction, and besides, it’s not like there are only, a handful of us, Taiwanese left on this FUCKING (so???) planet here, I mean, there are, still, a whole lot of who are of, this, “subculture” of Asians, so, no big deal, if a whole lot more of us D-I-E…

So, we’re all, looking at, contracting MERS, and DROPPING dead, left, and right, until, “then there’s, N-O-N-E, of us, left to, KILL off.

‘K, the Queen (still ME!) is done, “venting” for this particular “round”, stay tune, for whatever the HECK it is I might come up with, and how the hell should I know what that might be, huh?  I’m still on this particular one here.

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Give Me the Vaccines, & We Don’t Care for the Rest: the Government Needs to Let Go of Its Pride in Control, & Allow the Non-Government Organizations to Assist

Due to the INCOMPETENCE of this god damn (so???) government, the people are, crying out, but, are we, heard?  HECK no!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks get worse, we have a serious shortage of vaccines, and yet, our central government grabbed onto power with its, death grips.  There were originally half a million doses of vaccines donated by the Buddhist Foundation, the secretary of the foundation called out to the Tsai government, to “allow the not-for-profit organizations save Taiwan”.

Not only the Buddhist foundation, but also, Terry Go’s own foundation was also, faced with, similar problems, the foundation filed for five million German BNT vaccines to be imported, but the vaccines got stuck from being imported, because the government refused to sign the papers for the importing.  As the numbers of those who are dying of MERS-CoV and the contraction rates hiking up, seeing this scene, I only have one sentiment: speechless.

People told: fighting the virus is like fighting a war.  But, based off of the epidemic of MERS-CoV, preventing the spread is not only going to war, but being IN the war itself.  As the cannons are firing off, guns shooting, the most urgent thing for the country is preventing the spread as quickly as we possibly can, and yet, the most important key to preventing the spread is, vaccination, whether it be that the government is “incompetent” or that it’s lacked the measures, when the government can’t provide enough vaccines for the people, and as the not-for-profit organizations are more than willing to help, the government should be ever more grateful, why would it have the reasons to block out the importing, the shipments of the vaccines from internationally?

Looking back at the disasters that hit Taiwan, the largest was Typhoon Morakot, while, during the time, the government worked together with the private organizations.  Toward the help given to the country by the non-profit organizations, the former president, Ma and the head of legislature, Wu are ever so grateful to this very day.

And now, the crises of MERS-CoV is way worse than the typhoon back in 2009, on one hand, the virus is an invisible enemy, secondly, the spread is very fast.  What our government prided itself of being “Ahead of the rest” is now, an, international LAUGHING stock, moreover, the masses are being, exposed, when the lacking of water, of electricity, of vaccines became, a norm of the society, to the point of these being the most widely complained on matter of the locals, I can’t understand why the government grabbed a hold too tightly onto power, is the government worried that it might lose face, or that their party may lose the next election?

bureaucracy & red tapes and “we the people” get, SCREWED over!…from online

Lives are what’s at stake here, the powers of the party, the face of the heads of state, none of that is more important than the lives of people, when lives are being threatened, nobody could CARE about what party you are, all we care about is “give me the vaccines, as for the rest: we don’t CARE!”, such a simple rule, the commanders of CDC, along with all those other higher-up government officials, they get that, right?

If the Central Government wanted to be the one to sign the contracts to buy the vaccines internationally, then, why doesn’t it?  Are the vaccine manufacturers not wanting to sell to Taiwan?  Or is it that the government can’t get the vaccine manufactures to sell to the government?  I’m sure, that everybody who is living here has these questions.  The virus does NOT discriminate what party you belong to, and, those who contracted the virus and died, aren’t of one single party affiliation, rather than being stubborn on how “the contracts needed to be signed by the vaccine manufacturers with the government itself”, “let the central government assign the resources”, allowing the epidemic to worsen, why not, allow the not-for-profit organizations to step in to help out?

Because this party is all on who gets the “name” on the roster that will make them look pretty, and, during the time the government tries to get its name onto the rosters of “yay, we are the ones who bought the vaccines for you people!” people ARE, already D-E-A-D, and the only way I can make sense of this is that the government doesn’t think that enough people had D-I-E-D yet, and this is a bad government that we are, currently, living under.

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Cold-Blooded, &, Anger

With an AIRHEAD as the president, who has, absolutely ZERO clue, of how WE the people are, suffering due to her policies, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mayor, Ke of the city of Taipei told Central Government, “don’t sit around the office and watch the digits”, “your brains are so stiff!”, he’d, blurted that out too, other than how the central government lacked the methods of corresponding to the matter of the spread of MERS-CoV fast enough, also showed, how the bureaucratic mindset of how the higher up officials only read the data and statistics.

Toward this hard-hitting outbreak, Ke had multiple times gotten angered at the Central Government, this time, because of how the commanding center stated how there are still 628 beds in the specialized MERS-CoV ward available, but the head of public health of Taipei, Huang told there were only twenty left.  The numbers are too far off from the reality, it’s a wonder that Ke demanded that the officials of the Central government to “Stand outside the E.R. and see for yourselves!”

And even there’s the misreading the number of “rooms” and the number of “beds” available, but the sheets that the Central government made treated the director of N.T.U. Hospital like it was fake news; while the ambulance, ran around the city with the patients inside, can’t find a hospital to take them into, and the news of how those who are at-home quarantine, dying, before a bed becomes, available to them, it is interpreted as the local’s “cognitive wars” then.

the bobblehead of Tsai, asking what photo she should use for her profile to those who are, “following” her…from online

For over a year now, the Tsai government stated to the people in the country, as well as proclaiming to the rest of the world, that “we’re, way ahead of the rest”, was certified, a international BULLSHIT by international media; while Mayor Ke was only the one, who’d, popped the balloon is all.

The discrepancies of the number of the bed, that’s only, a tip of the iceberg, the actual number of the buying powers of the vaccines, is totally off from what we actually received by shipments, the “recounting of the numbers” of the confirmed diagnoses, causing chaos in the data on the spread, it’d, caused the fight against the virus for Taiwan, to become valid, only, in the tiny rising number of fatalities, but, in the Tsai government, none of that mattered, than the 150,000 doses of Moderna vaccines which is arriving in Taiwan.

“Only 150,000 doses, because if we get them all in one shipment, we can’t, ‘digest’ it all completely”, as the DDP stated, how can the Taiwanese get angry over it?  The outbreaks are scary, sure, but, using this cold-blooded mannerism to prevent the spread, that’s, even scarier!

And so, this, is how detached from REALITY the heads of state is here, the president, with the BOBBLE-HEAD (because that, is what she is!), still kept, nodding, nodding, nodding her stupid head away, and she still puts on that FAKE smile, whenever she made an “appearance” on the press conferences, claiming, “We will ALL be, a-okay”, and she’s still, without a single CLUE of what’s happening down, outside of that god damn, ivory tower (note: her ivory tower is NOT as same as mine here!) of hers.

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With a Lacking of Hospital Beds, the Number Keeps on Rising, with the Commanding Center Living in a Parallel Space

Even though, there’s, the all-citizen healthcare plan provisions by the government, it isn’t until the outbreaks grew to uncontrollable measures, did we find the lackings in the, system!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

we can CONQUER MERS-CoV, if we all, work, together!!!…uh, that’s, what YOU think! Photo from online

The local epidemic of MERS-CoV came since May 11th, since, there’s been, 3,000 member of the community who’d been confirmed for diagnoses, there’s, the lacking of hospital beds, medical staff members, many of the hospital staff members don’t dare return home, they’d camped out at the hospitals.  And, a lot of whom were confirmed in contracting the virus, stayed at home a long time, still not gotten to the hospitals.  And, for two consecutive days, the highest death tolls of six came, there were even those who’d been confirmed in diagnoses, who’d died before they’d arrived in the hospitals, those who received the confirmed diagnoses after they were, already dead.  The commanding officer, Chen, seemed to be living in a parallel space, used the standardized answers of “we’re currently tallying up the energies of the medical treatment units”, and “those without the severe symptoms, shall not get admitted to the hospitals for their stays”.

Since May 14th to date, there were, seventeen cases who’d died, and of them, seven OHCA, and three cases were confirmed for contractions of the virus after they’d passed.  The FB group of the medical care professional posted a ton of awful things, that there were those who’d received the confirmed diagnoses, who’d entered into the hospitals, but the hospitals won’t take them in, and there were the cases of how the ambulances rushed the patients with chest pains who received the confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV, with the E.R. department of the hospitals refusing to admit them, and they’d waited for over an hour, before getting transferred, to an, alternative hospital for treatment.

And, in the press conference of the commanding center, these things seemed to, become, nonexistent, as the press asked, “where can the patients without MERS-CoV get treated?”, Chen replied, “The E.R. is still, open!”

let’s all, we the people, work together, to DEFEAT this, virus, so stated, the MORON!!! found online

And, as the inquiries of “is there enough support of staff and supplies medically in Taipei and Hsinbei City?”, the officials all answered, mechanically, “Currently, we’re, adding XX number of treatment clinics, X number of respirators!”, the number looked pretty, so why is all the major hospitals in frenzies?  With the medical staff members too stressed already?

As for the questions of, “how many are waiting for the hospital space who had been confirmed for MERS-CoV contraction?” came the, standardized response, “it’s hard for us to calculate, we’re, already, sending the members of the local communities into the hospital settings one by one!”, and these officials, NEVER once, answered the inquiries of how the medical response units are getting drained out.  And, the commanding center prided itself on “being ahead”, but since the outbreaks started happening all around, it can’t even answer to the most basic questions of the number of beds that are available, or the treatment plans available to those who are in need.

And so, this is still caused by?  Oh yeah, those, BIG bobblehead officials, with their HEADS up in the clouds, IMAGINING, that oh wow, everything is, a-okay!  And, it’s because of their attitude of, “if I don’t see it, then, it doesn’t exist” attitude, that’s going to, SCREW us all over, and there’s NOTHING, that we, ordinary citizens, can do about it!

Now, do we still think, we’re, way ahead of the provisions of healthcare systems, comparing to the rest of the world?  Well, we used to, but now……I don’t think so…………

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Humbled, Understanding, Then What?

The heartlessness of this government, in allowing the importing of the pork with ractopamine, and thus, the prices of the pork produced in the country will get, hiked UP even higher still, making it unaffordable, for those who are, living, AT the bottom of the socioeconomic ladders here, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the coldness of the wind that blew, I’d taken all of the collected recyclable materials downstairs to the elderly man, there was a huge pile building up outside his front door.  To everybody who’d brought the materials by to him, he’d said, “how kind of you, sending me the money!”, I can’t help but feel, a bit, embarrassed.  Actually, a lot of us who’d brought the recyclable materials to the elderly man are in for the convenience; and, the man’s grateful, being so humbling, all, to make what living he could.

the lawmakers here, PROTESTING the government’s decision to import the pork with ractopamine…photo from online

The New Year’s present our government gave to us, is the imports of the pork with the ractopamine.  There are the boxed meal shops that already, hiked up the prices, those shops that didn’t hike up the prices, the serving sizes I’m sure, are, reduced; the owners stated how it’s because of the cost got raised.  And, I’m more than certain, that that elderly man, may have to collect MORE of the recycling materials, for his meals now, and, those at the bottom of the socioeconomic statuses are, having it, even harder still.  On the opening of import of pork with ractopamine, the president at her end-of-year speech told us to be “humbler”, that we should, “show the government more understanding”, then what?  What do we need to show more understanding towards?  That the pigs for slaughter don’t have ractopamine in their diets, but we the people, are swallowing it all down?  To show an understanding toward how the prices of pork is hiking up, the labor insurances, the health insurances are hiking up higher too, how we all need to, STRAP our belts in tighter, in order to, SURVIVE?

Many a year ago, I’d, rammed down an ad while I was shopping, I’d, hesitated, not picked up the ad board for the owner of the shop, told him I’m sorry, and, wanted to rush off; the owner said in great displease, “at least you can pick up the ad board for me, otherwise, you don’t have ANY respect”, and, picked up that ad board, set it straight; then, my face, got red like, a ripened tomato.

最新》萊豬進口 便當店用國產豬公告「漲10元」挨轟 @東森新聞 CH51 – YouTube

and here’s the news channel report on the “price hike”, off of YouTube

The words of that shop owner had stayed with me since, and as I thought about it again and again, I’d felt, more than, ashamed;  The government needed to humbly ask the citizens to show the tolerance; and yet, how many people at the bottom of the food chains, who are struggling to survive, in the cold winds, can the party in power even understand that?

And so, this is still, on how the imports of the pork with the ractopamine is about to get imported in here, and, it’s still a BAD thing that this government had done, because, Taiwan made itself, into, U.S.’s BITCH!  And, because the current government wants to SUCK up to the U.S., for the U.S. to be on our sides, IF war was to break out between China and us, that’s why, this current government is, SACRIFICING the wellness of the people here, by ordering the importing of the pork with the ractopamine in it, or maybe, we should all become Muslims, NOT consume ANY pork, because pigs are, too, filthy, because pigs are, getting, filthier as this heated debate over the importing of the pork with ractopamine gain momentum.

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As Biden Wins the Election…

As Biden won the election, the words on the internet is, that Taiwan is, SCREWED!  Like I don’t already know that?  This BULLSHITTING country was LONG SCREWED, way before the votes had been totaled up in America, just look at the president, she’s using MONEY (our hard-earned dollars!) to pay for those outdated, bullshitting fighter planes, weapons that the U.S. is disposing of, and, the country is still, trying to, SUCK up to the U.S., and the president has absolutely NO clue, that the former president of the U.S., Trump was, only using this country of ours (oh wait, this ain’t MY country: my B-A-D here!!!), as a god damn, !@$%ING, sacrificeable, PAWN…

And now, the Democrats won’t the American presidential election, and they’re, tilting toward China (who isn’t, huh?  The 13 billion plus population that ought to be, reason enough, right???), and, the president here, is coming up with a plan, to SUCK UP to the U.S., which still proves what I’d been saying ALL along: Taiwan is, U.S.’s BITCH, while, U.S. is China’s BITCH (b/c, just think of the 13 billion population, such a large market!!!), and so, we’re, all, SCREWED here, aren’t we?

betting on the winner here! Photo from online

But, don’t worry, everything still has a way, of working ITSELF at the very end!

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Everything that’s, Riding, on This, Upcoming American Election

A matter of concern, for the WHOLE country, I tell ya, that, is what this SHIT is!

Everything that’s, riding, on this, upcoming American election, but, hey, we are, citizens of the R.O.C., of this place called, “Taiwan”, so why on this !@$$ING (maxed out???) earth, is the livelihoods, the lives of the citizens across the god damn, PACIFIC, riding on this upcoming American election again?

Oh yeah, it’s ‘cuz, this country, a place called, “Taiwan”, became the BITCH of the U.S. of A.  Think about it, the government agreed to the importing of American pork, beef, with all those, chemicals that might cause cancer, or something else (how the hell should I know???), because we want the protection of the good ol’ glory, while, the “great country” of the U.S. of A, is still, as opportunistic as ever.

And the government is still, just CLUELESS, believing, how wow, if U.S. is on our sides, we won’t have to worry about a coup de ’tat of China, I mean, look at what became of Hong Kong after its “lease terms” by England had been up, I mean, after the “Communist takeover” that island, sank, didn’t it?

To protect us from the same fates as Hong Kong, we must believe, that the U.S. would take our sides, if a war is in the future!

But, take a note of this: the “Good Ol’ Glory” had been opportunistic since the beginning of time (don’t ask when that was!), take for instance, the World Wars: if the Japs didn’t BOMB Pearl Harbor, would the U.S. head into the world war fronts?  HECK no.  And, don’t MENTION the Vietnam War in the sixties (right???), it was only a civil war in the country, but, the U.S. overinterpreted it as a COMMIE takeover, and thus, sent all those soldiers over there, to fight a war that they don’t have a place in in the first place.IN

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