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A Young “Cougar” Was Turned Down by the Younger Man She’d Pursued, She’d Beaten Up Her Fourteen-Year-Old Rival

Like I’d already stated before, these “things” still goes BOTH ways, and, violence is NO longer just a specialty for M-E-N these days, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman Chen had a birthday yesterday, she’d called up a man she had a crush on to help her celebrate, and he’d turned her down, said he had to work, but last night, Chen ambushed the man’s place, and found, that he was with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kuo, the two went up the mountains to have a confrontation, Chen found a group of people, to beat up on Kuo, and forced Kuo to strip herself.

The police investigations found, that the thirty-two-year old Chen had a crush on the twenty-four year old man for a long time, yesterday, she’d used her birthday as a reason, hoped that he could spend it with her, but the man used work as the reason to not go to her.

After Chen got drunk, she’d gone to his place, half-hazed, saw that he was with Kuo, an adolescent girl, she flew into a jealous rage, and started slapping Kuo nonstop, then, rode her motorcycle, too the man and the adolescent to a famous night spot in Taishan to confront.

As Chen came to the spot, she’d brought along couple of her friends, other than keep beating up on Kuo, they’d forced her to strip naked.

And because there were over thirty witnesses present, enjoying the night views, members of the public found this act of violence, quickly called the police, when the adolescent was being beaten up, the man was afraid of Chen, and so, he didn’t say anything.

As the patrol officers took the girl to the hospital for treatment, and took Chen and her gang back to the subprecinct, Chen had a BAC of 0.69, and had lost it in the station, had a verbal altercation with the officers, and the police is still currently interrogating her, and the youth, after being taken to the hospitals, she was okay.

And that, is how FAR jealousy can go, and, the woman wasn’t even dating the dude too, and that, is how a C-R-U-S-H can CRASH and BURN!  And, that still just shows you, that men are NOT just the only ones who resorted to violence, that women nowadays are becoming more and more violent too, don’t know if it’s an effect of global warming or what here!!!

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A Monster Had Moved into His Soul, Who Put it There?

This, is still, the “treatment”, NOT the “prevention” phase of things, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Jie Cheng shocked the myth of how we can feel safe, and it’d also reminded the society of TWO problems that it needed to consider.  First, the social responsibilities of the families of those who are mentally ill.  Jie Cheng was, no doubt, a psychologically ill person, the man who stood up to him in the MRT trains said, “It was NOT a man before me, but a beast.”  Most people would agree that this, was NOT libel or slander, even IF we were NOT there.  Does he still have that Japanese video game card wrapped around his neck?

Jie Cheng’s parents weren’t the ones to blame at all, instead, we must wonder, why, did he, starting in the fifth grade wanted to kill his female classmate, and, how come until now, the parents still hadn’t discovered that there was a MONSTER living in their son’s soul?  How come they’d never taken him to the hospitals for an examination and treatment?

The second question we must ponder on is: what responsibilities does the school he attends have in all of this?

The school after being notified, on the following day, sent the school officials to visit Cheng, even though, he was able to not get found out, but, the school still called in the therapy experts, it’s just that the investigations hadn’t even started, and Jie had gone up north, and committed this crime.

Jie Cheng’s claims on Facebook is his private issue; the igniting point was NOT the students or the instructors at his school; the place of the crimes, along with the victims, had nothing to do with the school.  In the end, his antisocial personality that had escalated since he was a child, was NOT the responsibility of the universities either.  Look!  The high school he’d attended was trying to rebut too.  But, since the events, the university had taken on such burdens of morality, and claimed publically, “Jie Cheng is our family”, it’s such an amazing feat!

Actually, Jie Cheng and his parents should say their apologies to the universities.  But, Jie had already asked previously, “Why should I apologize?”

Can the higher education BE responsible for the moral education and character education of someone?  This, is a difficult question.

And so, even though it was NOT their responsibility, after all, the guy DID act on his own free will here, the school still stepped up, and allowed itself to TAKE the blames, and that takes G-U-T-S!!!

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A Homeless Man Got Stabbed Twenty Times and Bled to Death on the Streets

Apparently, NOT all lives are created equal here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-one year-old unemployed man was found, dead next to the shrine of the public cemetery in Bei-Pu, Hualien; the medical examiners found, that the over twenty stab wounds on him were caused by different weapons, and there was blunt force trauma from his head, and they’re suspecting that he was abused, then, tortured to death.

In April and May, there had been incidence of how after youth got drunk, they’d ganged up on homeless people, and, there was one homeless man who’d gotten murdered; and, there were NO incidences like this in Hualien, and the police are worried that the same thing might have happened to Lin too, and had already reviewed the surveillance footage, and chasing down the suspects.

The police said, that at eight in the morn yesterday, they’d gotten reports that there was a male dead body next to the shrine tower in the cemetery, the body was badly injured, without an I.D.  There were two managers of nearby villages who came to identify him, and they’d all said that the deceased was NOT a homeless man, and, the police used his finger prints, and found that he was a vagabond who lived in Hualien, with priors in theft, Lin.

The younger brother of the deceased received the call from the police, he didn’t show much emotion about his own brother’s death.

He’d stated, that his parents died, and that he’d regularly lived in with his older brother, and, after the older brother divorced, he’d been depressed and couldn’t hold a job, and would get drunk all day, and came home at night, drunk, and would pass out; that he’s a regular nine-to-fiver, and would work until late at night, that he and his brother rarely socialized at all.

The police found that there were two residents who’d told, that two nights ago, around five in the evenings, they’d seen the man wandering about without his shoes close by, as they passed by the public cemetery, and his clothes looked worn out too.

The medical examiners checked, and found that there were at least TWENTY stab wounds on the deceased, that his ribs, the back of his head, along with his forehead had been hit by blunt force, and the kill shot was the broken rib on the left side of his chest, and the puncture would from the left side of his back.

The police suspected that the deceased was beaten, passed out from getting beaten, then, stabbed with something sharp and tortured, causing him to bleed out, and that there may be MORE than one who’d done this, they’re already checking the surveillance footages now.

The police stated, that when the victim was found, his hand reached upward, limbs are stiffened, and his blood had drained dry; but, there was NO sign of struggle where they’d found him, and couldn’t find any traces of blood, so, they’re suspecting that he may have been tortured elsewhere, then, left by the bone tower.

The medical examiners speculated that the time of the body being dumped is at 5:30p.m. on May 21 to the morning of May 22, and that they’re asking the public, that IF anybody knows anything, please help the police.

And so, a HOMELESS man gets brutally murdered, and, nobody knows who’d done it, and, that just still shows that there’s this LACK of respect for life from the world, and, IF the man was murdered by youths, then, it, would be even MORE awful, but, we don’t know, because the report didn’t say anything on that, and, everything is still JUST speculations here.

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His Girlfriend Sued Him for Domestic Violent, He’d Abducted Her Nine-Year-Old Son, Beats Him Up

Why can’t people just break up amicably, oh yeah, I forgot, it’s because “there’s NO ‘good’ in goodbye” isn’t it, from the Front Page sections, translated…

A man, Lin, was displeased at how his ex-girlfriend, Lee, sued him for domestic violence, was suspected of abducting her nine-year-old son, and beaten him up badly, and said that Lee should “be on your knees and come and beg for forgiveness”, as his way of getting back at her, and, he took control of the boy for a total of six hours, the district attorney’s office in Shihlin believed that he was evil, yesterday, the D.A. processed him based off of child abduction, damages and threats, and asked the judge to give him three years in prison.

The D.A. pointed out, that Lin had acted on the personal feelings he had had toward the child’s mother, and hurt the child, causing the boy to be damaged psychologically as well.  Lin showed absolutely NO sign of remorse, and that, was why the attorney asked the judge for such a harsh sentence.

The accusations pointed out that Lin (45 years of age) and Lee were a cohabiting couple, Lin had beaten Lee up long term, and threatened to kill her too, and so, Lee took out a restraining order, which Lin wasn’t too happy about.

In order to get back at Lee, Lin drove to an elementary school and picked up Lee’s son, and had the boy called his mother claiming, “I hurt my leg, I’ll walk home on my own.”  Lee heard her son’s voice and he sounded strange to her, she thought that something wasn’t right, but she just didn’t know what.

After Lin snatched the boy, while he was driving, he had hit the child on the head with a baseball bat, then, hit the boy’s face with his own fist, causing the child to have damages on his head and face too; later, Lee called Lin and asked if he’s seen her son, Lin falsely said that he could help her look, and, had called her back, falsely claiming, “I seem to have seen him close to the school”, “I think he’s somewhere near the entrance of the temple”.

At seven that night, Lin texted Lee, saying that he’s found her son.  Lee begged him to return her child, Lee threatened, “I have the child, you need to crawl on back to me”, “Don’t call the cops, or, you will never see your son again”; Lee worried that something might happened to her son, showed up to meet Lin, and called the cops when he wasn’t paying attention, and the cops were able to catch Lin at around eleven o’clock at night.

So, because your girlfriend had found someone new, because you would ABUSE her, so, you take it out on her son?  Wow, that’s really manly all right.  Because the woman couldn’t take the man’s abuse of her anymore, she’d called the domestic violence hotline, and, that pissed the man off, and, he took revenge on an innocent little boy, and, imagine what the little boy had gone through, and, it is still NOT the child’s fault either.


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When Assault Became a “Joke”

This, happened in the FREE WORLD, the US of A, found in the news…

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–Two Catholic school athletes who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old told police they did it because they thought it would be “funny,” according to court records released under a Jefferson County judge’s order.

Savannah Dietrich had been frustrated by what she felt was a lenient plea bargain for the two teens who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her in August 2011, so she tweeted their names and criticized the justice system.

Both teens, who were 16 at the time of the assault, said in interviews with a Louisville Metro Police detective before their guilty pleas that they also took explicit pictures of Savannah Dietrich with their cell phones while she was intoxicated.

The February police interviews are among hundreds of pages of documents released under Chief District Court Judge Angela McCormick Bisig’s ruling this week that they should be open to the public.

In another ruling Friday, Bisig said Dietrich does not have legal standing to remove the county attorney’s office from the case though she can raise concerns about the plea agreement her assailants received.

After Dietrich initially complained about the plea deal the two teens received, Paul Richwalsky, chief prosecutor in the juvenile court division of the county attorney’s office, told her “get over it and see a therapist. … The jail was for ‘real’ rapists, murderers and robbers,” according to an affidavit released Thursday.

The teen boys pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and misdemeanor voyeurism as part of the plea agreement. They are required to do 50 hours of volunteer work and the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice will determine the level of supervision and treatment needed. The conviction could be set aside and erased when the teens turn 19½ if they complete a diversion program.

The teens told Detective Chris Horn in separate interviews that they were drinking with Dietrich and a few other people at her home in August 2011 when they were left alone with the heavily intoxicated Dietrich.

They said they lifted her shirt, pulled down her pants and penetrated her vagina with their fingers because, according to one of the teens, “we thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t.”

They said they took two or three pictures each, put Dietrich’s clothes back on and carried her upstairs to her room. Numerous other teenagers told police that the teens showed them the pictures, according to police reports.

Dietrich later learned of the teens’ plea deal, which she considered too lenient, then tweeted their names and complained about the court’s treatment of her. The lawyer for the accused at first sought to have her held in contempt for exposing what was, at the time, a confidential juvenile court proceeding.

The older of the two teens told police in his interview that he molested Dietrich because “she was fine with it.”

“How do you know she was fine?” police asked him.

“I mean she could have definitely been like, ‘Stop, don’t do this’ and we would have stopped, but she didn’t,” the boy responded, adding that she was conscious but “very drunk” and had “low eyelids.”

Before they were charged, the teens pleaded with Dietrich in several text messages not to go to court over what happened, according to copies of the texts released in the files.

This, is when sexual assault became a huge J-O-K-E, because OMG, we were kinda DRUNK, therefore, we’d lost OUR inhibitions, so, we couldn’t BE held accountable for RAPING someone.  And, I believe (b/c it’s still MY website you’re coming to) that if those boys could get away with their claims, then, a LOT of future offenders are going to take N-O-T-E, and, use that EXACT same excuse of: I dunno that raping someone is wrong, I didn’t know that she hurt, had she told me that I was hurting her, I would’ve STOPPED when she’d asked me to, and, the world will become MORE dangerous than E-V-E-R, because any of us females, risk getting JUMPED from behind during the BROAD day light too!!!

Are you kidding me???  And, the attitude of the court officials, well, that was WORSE, how can she just get OVER it?  And, those boys were REAL rapist, and that, just shows you HOW not seriously the ADULTS in the world are taking the matter of SEXAUL assault, but, think about this: what if it had happened to your own?  Wouldn’t you want the BOYS who did it to your daughters to HANG until they D-I-E-D, I would imagine so…I know, I WOULD.

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Raped His Girlfriend’s Friend on Their High School Union

That, is what happened at a high school reunion, found in the papers, translated…

A 37-year old man, Yeh, went with his girlfriend to attend her high school reunion, after his girlfriend’s female classmate got a little too drunk, he took the girl to the hotel’s restrooms to clean up the mess, and raped the young lady; two weeks later, Yeh asked her to become his girlfriend, otherwise, he’ll make trouble for the girl’s boyfriend, then, took her to another hotel to rape once more.  The District Attorney’s Office of Banciao found Yeh guilty of forced sexual behaviors, sentenced him to seven years in prison.

Because you’re tired of sleeping with just your girlfriend, and, now comes the opportunity, as she took you to her high school reunion, you saw someone else, and, you fell in love, and, with a little booze, anything can happen.

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Houston Teen Gets 45 Years for Rape

From the Houston Chronicles…

A Houston teenager who admitted breaking into a 38-year-old Katy woman’s home and raping her was sentenced to 45 years in prison Wednesday.

Schyler Hill, who was 15 at the time, used a sharpened half-scissor

blade to threaten his victim’s life in her home during the April 28, 2010 sexual assault.

State District Judge Maria Jackson decided Hill’s fate after seeing the results of a pre-sentence investigation and hearing from the victim, who said describing the assault in open court was the most gut-wrenching thing she had ever done.

The woman encouraged victims of other crimes to come forward despite the fear. “I think it does help the victim,” she said. “I feel empowered. If I can do this, I feel like I can do anything.”

Defense lawyers for Hill were incensed that prosecutors argued for a life sentence for the first-time offender who was certified to be tried as an adult.

“This was a 15-year-old with no prior criminal history, no juvenile history, no adult history, and he ended up in adult court,” said Eric Davis. He said prosecutors made a plea offer of 45 years before Wednesday’s sentencing. “Habitual offenders get offered less time on similar allegations,” Davis said.

He said Hill got a lengthier sentence because prosecutors value victims differently.

“We ought to value victims all the same, but in this case, I got the impression this victim was valued more than in other cases,” Davis said. “She wasn’t a woman who was poor, she wasn’t a woman who was a minority, she was well-to-do.”

The 18-year-old will have to serve at least half of the sentence before being eligible for parole.

“What Schyler Hill did in this case was beyond brutal, the details are absolutely horrifying, and it’s something nobody should have to live through,” said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Lacy Johnson. “I think Judge Jackson made the right decision.”

The victim’s husband offered good luck to Hill after the sentencing.

“It’s heartbreaking to see someone this young ruin their life,” the husband said. “But he brought this battle, he chose this battle, not us.”

And, we still have NO clue what DROVE this teen into this sort of EVIL behavior, and, because we, saw someone “hang” for this crime, therefore, we feel better about it, and so, we NO longer hold on to it like a grudge, but, because YOU, as members of the GENERAL PUBLIC failed to examine the CAUSES of this teenager’s behaviors, chances will be that jailing him will do NO good, after all, he IS, without remorse, and, remorse can easily be faked, just like sincerities, those fake smiles on your kids’ faces when you asked them, “is everything okay?”

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