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Drowning the Past

Feel free to call me a “murderer” if you want to, but this, was how I’d done it!!!

I took the past by its hair, and, pinned its head down into the sink, filled with water, and it started gurgling for air, and then, it started struggling hard, but because I got a strong grip, it couldn’t fight me off.

Drowning the past, that, is what I was supposed to do, and I don’t CARE if I’d killed it (the past!!!), and, you can be sure, that it will NOT get resurrected again, because I’d made sure, that it was D-E-A-D, checked its vital signs and everything, to make sure it’d stopped its biological functioning.

Drowning the past, I’m supposed to, and I still feel absolutely NO remorse, for this so-called “murder”, guess I am, stone-cold then???  Drowning the past, I had, ‘cuz I couldn’t let it keep tagging on my back, gnawing me, again, again, again, reminding me of what had happened back there now, can I???  Nope!

I took the past, out by the river, and I was able, to TRICK it to go for a swim, then, I’d PINNED its head down, and, I gotta tell ya, my very “first kill” feels great, because I got to be in control, something I’d never had in life, and, this feel of being in control, well, it’s damn addictive…

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