The Father Was Abusive to the Infant, the Mother Covered for Him, the Nine Year Old Daughter Told the Truth About All of It

So, from the mouths of babes, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lee and his girlfriend, Chien had a baby for two months, but because Lee got into a foul mood several times, and the baby won’t stop crying, he’d beaten up the infant, to the point, that the infant’s sense of hearing and sight become permanently damaged; as the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office questioned him, he’d denied the allegations, claimed that it was an accident, that he’d dropped his daughter to the ground, and his girlfriend covered for him too, and the D.A. didn’t believe them, and, prosecuted him based off of severe damage charges.

The twenty-something Lee is a construction worker, he’d dated Chien, and, Chien had a nine year old child from her last relationship, last year, she’d had a baby with Lee, the four of them lived together; because Lee was too tired from work, he was usually in a foul mood, when the infant cries or gets too rowdy, he’d slapped her cheeks, head, chest, back, and feet.

Chien and her nine-year-old daughter both witness the infant getting beaten up by Lee, and knew that there were multiple bruises on the young child, but because he’s their main source of income, they’d put up with him; last year, when the infant was just two months old, Lee had beaten her up again, and when Chien came home, the child was already falling into a coma,, she’d rushed her to the hospital.

The hospitals diagnosed her, that her sense of hearing is permanently damaged, her optical nerves had deteriorated, along with other health problems, and they’re all due to being abused, the hospital believed that abuse was what was happening, and notified the police and the city government, and the social workers had sent the nine-year-old and the infant to foster homes now.

When the D.A. questioned, Lee admitted to slapping the infant’s face, but, the other parts were caused by bumping into the stairs when he carried her somewhere, or from accidental falls; as for the day of the hospitalizations, he’d accidentally knocked the child off the bed while he was in a fight with Chien, and Chien had corroborated with his statements.

But the nine-year-old’s testimony, said that she saw Lee beaten his younger sister, slammed the infant down onto the bed; the doctor also confirmed, that the damages weren’t caused in a day’s time, and that if she’d fallen off on her own, it couldn’t have caused this sort of damage, that it must be caused by external forces, and it proves, that the infant was abused, and so, the D.A. believed, that Lee did, hurt the child.

We still have an abuser/enabler relationship here, the man abused his own child, while his girlfriend covers for him over, over AND over again, probably out of fear too, who knows, but the point is, another infant girl got beaten to near death, and, someone MUST pay for that, and the only one who told the truth here, IS the nine-year-old older sister!


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