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The Case of the Murdering of an Japanese Adolescent, the Primary Suspect: I Hated Him for Telling on Me

People still MURDER one another, for the smallest things, don’t they???  They sure DO!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The youth, thirteen-year-old Uemura was murdered by the riverside of Tamagawa, the eighteen-year-old suspect admitted to the murders, just eight days ago before the incident, Uemura’s friend went to confront him, because he couldn’t hold down his anger, that, was why he’d murdered him.

The local police department arrested three people, the eighteen-year-old leader stated, that Uemura’s classmates and his friend’s older brother had gone to his house, interrogated him on why he’d beaten him up, and asked for an apology.  Back then, the primary suspect who beat him up wasn’t at home, his mother and older sister notified the police.  The police came to their house, and immediately called up Uemura, and he’d told him, “I’d already made nice with him (the 18-year-old)”, and that, is when the group left.

The primary suspect later told his friends, “I was tattled on by him (Uemura), I hate him!”.  Last month on the 20th, after he and two seventeen-year-old suspects got drunk, they’d called Uemura out to the river side where the crime was committed.  At first, they’d asked him to strip down and take a dip into the river nude, waited until he came back up to shore, they’d murdered Uemura with a craft’s knife.  After the crime was committed, the two seventeen-year-old suspects took the victim’s clothes to the restroom in the park and burned it up.

The very next day, Uemura’s body was found, and, one of the seventeen-year-old youth rote on LINE, “It’s ALL my fault!”, and, the originally silent primary suspect had finally confessed to murder.

And so, that, is how those RAGING hormones get you into trouble, because you felt angry, and, because they’re at that age when everything that’s way too miniscule gets magnified to beyond your imagination, and that, is why this spur-of-the-moment, crime of emotion had happened, and, more than two lives are still lost here…

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Watering the Plants and Accidentally Sprayed Some Water onto His Classmate, the First Year Middle School Boy Got Beaten Until His Liver Ruptured

How easily they still get angered at that age???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-year middle school student, Lin was watering the plants outside of his classroom and accidentally sprayed some water onto his female classmate, Lin, two days ago, the male student was beaten by the group she’d called up to get revenge, the male student had subdural hematoma, along with a ruptured liver as a result of the beating, the police yesterday called on the six suspects who took it too far, and that was when they realized, that they’d “done something awful”, and changed their fierce ways and begged, “We won’t do it again!”

The police investigated that the female student, Lin (age 13) on the latter half of the month of September, was walking outside on the campus, and Lin was watering the plants, and the water got splashed onto her, the female got angered, and asked the boy to apologize to her, but he’d refused, that evening, she’d written on Facebook, “I’m going to beat you, I’m going to kick you”, etc., etc., etc., and other statements of her displeasure.

Another older classman from the same school, Pan (age 15) found this, he’d told the younger girl, “I’ll get him for you!”, two afternoons ago at around six, he’d asked along Chiu (age 15) from the same school, along with a dropout, Liu (age 15), Tseng (age 17), and Chien (age 17), a total of four guys, they first forced Lin in front of the stage, told him to apologize to the underclass girl, Lin wouldn’t, and it’d angered everybody there.

“I’ll kill you!”, Pan and others started beating on the victim, and after that, they’d dragged him to a park nearby, and kicked and punched him some more there, after they’d gotten their angers out, they all went their separate ways, and, just so happens that the student’s older sister was on her way home and discovered him, she’d immediately told their parents, and they’d rushed him, who was barely breathing, to the hospital.

Lin was seriously damaged, he had a subaracnoid hemorrhage, a ruptured liver, and contusions on all four of his limbs, and now, he’s still unconscious, lying, on a hospital bed, the family was really mad and reported to the police, and claimed that they will get those responsible to pay.

The female student Lin, along with six others yesterday came forth to the station, and, as they realized the extent of their actions, they’d fallen silent at the subprecinct.  As the officers interrogated them, the female student apologized and said, “I now know what I did was wrong!”, afterwards, the police sent all six teens who were involved, to juvenile court.

The school told, that Lin was from a single-parent household, her father works away from home, she’s now, living with her uncle from her mother’s side.  When she was in the elementary years, she’d met some bad friends online, and had prior of having someone she met online help her to handle similar things, as she’d entered middle school, she was often found in detention at school.  The other two students who were involved in the beating were also problematic students, the last year student, Pan, was a dropout, and two weeks ago, he’d stopped coming to school.

Forget about using your words, it doesn’t work!  Now, the kids turn to VIOLENCE, and, it’s NO longer limited to beating the CRAP out of one another on the playgrounds when someone took your spot in playing on the swings or whatever now, and, this young woman still cracked too easily, and, just because the boy accidentally sprayed water onto your heads, and REFUSED to apologize, that’s still NO reason to have your gang, to beat the CRAP out of him, and now, the boy is in a coma, and, you’re faced with MURDER charges, is that worth it?  I think N-O-T!

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A Young “Cougar” Was Turned Down by the Younger Man She’d Pursued, She’d Beaten Up Her Fourteen-Year-Old Rival

Like I’d already stated before, these “things” still goes BOTH ways, and, violence is NO longer just a specialty for M-E-N these days, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman Chen had a birthday yesterday, she’d called up a man she had a crush on to help her celebrate, and he’d turned her down, said he had to work, but last night, Chen ambushed the man’s place, and found, that he was with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kuo, the two went up the mountains to have a confrontation, Chen found a group of people, to beat up on Kuo, and forced Kuo to strip herself.

The police investigations found, that the thirty-two-year old Chen had a crush on the twenty-four year old man for a long time, yesterday, she’d used her birthday as a reason, hoped that he could spend it with her, but the man used work as the reason to not go to her.

After Chen got drunk, she’d gone to his place, half-hazed, saw that he was with Kuo, an adolescent girl, she flew into a jealous rage, and started slapping Kuo nonstop, then, rode her motorcycle, too the man and the adolescent to a famous night spot in Taishan to confront.

As Chen came to the spot, she’d brought along couple of her friends, other than keep beating up on Kuo, they’d forced her to strip naked.

And because there were over thirty witnesses present, enjoying the night views, members of the public found this act of violence, quickly called the police, when the adolescent was being beaten up, the man was afraid of Chen, and so, he didn’t say anything.

As the patrol officers took the girl to the hospital for treatment, and took Chen and her gang back to the subprecinct, Chen had a BAC of 0.69, and had lost it in the station, had a verbal altercation with the officers, and the police is still currently interrogating her, and the youth, after being taken to the hospitals, she was okay.

And that, is how FAR jealousy can go, and, the woman wasn’t even dating the dude too, and that, is how a C-R-U-S-H can CRASH and BURN!  And, that still just shows you, that men are NOT just the only ones who resorted to violence, that women nowadays are becoming more and more violent too, don’t know if it’s an effect of global warming or what here!!!

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Three Adolescent Girls Started Screaming at One Another, and Called Upon Twenty More Others to Enter the “Wars on the Streets”

What’s WRONG with today’s youth?  They are, getting more and MORE violent by the nanosecond here, are they not???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A super convenience store clerk, Yang, two days ago she’d gone out to buy something and returned late to her work post, another clerk, Lin was displeased, she’d used her motorcycle helmet and hit Yang on the head.  At dusk yesterday, Yang bumped into another clerk, Yeou at the store, Lin stood up for Yeou, and hit Yang on the head again, they started shouting at one another, and found their own separate groups to come, and, more than twenty youths started fighting on the streets, using clubs, bats, and knives, along with other dangerous weapons too, there were FOUR individuals who were injured by beating or by stabbing.

After the youth who were hurt were taken to the hospitals, both sides called up more, and, at close to nine in the evening, more than twenty youths should up around Chungchen Road and Yuantong Road of Chunghe, the police were notified and quickly sent out the officers with shields to separate the groups, and the youths even hollered out to the police, “I can go and wreak havoc in the police station!”, and a lot of the passersby stood around and watched.

The police investigated that the sixteen year old Yang, because she’d’ returned late to the store from buying things, was interrogated by Lin and hit on the head, Yang knew that she was at fault, and apologized.  Yesterday at dusk, because the resting area of the store was too narrow, as Yang was walking, she’d bumped into Yeou, and Lin hit Yang over the head again.

Yang was very displeased, and claimed that she was going to find someone, and took five people with her, then, Lin and Yeou found twenty more people, with baseball bats, knives and other weaponry, and the two sides started beating on one another, Yang found others to get the weapons from Yeou and Lin, and managed to damage the small group that Yeou and Lin had found to help them out.

“We’re very well behaved!  We never called anybody!”, the police took both sides of the gangs to the subprecinct, the youths involved claimed that they never called others to come, that they were there to have a peaceful talk, and there were youths who were involved that carried a bad attitude.  The police charged the nine individuals based off of laws against peace of the society, and, on the damages, nobody had pressed charges yet.

And so, this, is still due to raging hormones, and, that just shows you how easily children WILL take to violence, after all, solving IT with a FIST feels a HELL of a LOT better than using your words, and, with youths today, you never know what sets them off.


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In a Bad Mood…Took Along a Fighting Knife, a Youth Stabbed a Man Who Was Heading Home Late in the Evenings

Raging hormones AND a foul mood are N-E-V-E-R a good “mix” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In four hours, the teen was captured, and he’d said, “the whole world is out to get me”, stabbed someone in the back…the wound was fifteen centimeters long, and into the liver and lungs, two years ago, there had been similar incidences, and the judge mandated that the teen get taken into custody.

There had been an incidence of stabbing that happened abruptly and for no reasons at all!  The sixteen-year-old youth, Chou followed Lee who was on his way home early yesterday morning in the hours of midnight, with a thirty centimeter long fighting knife, and stabbed and attempted to kill Lee, then, ran off in a hurry, four hours later, the youth was caught at his own home by police ambush.  He seemed to have psychological difficulties, he’d told the police, that he thought the man was out to get him; Lee was seriously injured, and is in the ICU, and closely monitored.

The police took the adolescent in on attempted murder charges.  The judge reviewed the teenager’s “misbehavior record”, and found, that in the year of 2012, he’d taken a knife and hurt someone, and, the court mandated him get taken into protective custody, and the protective custody is still ongoing; and when Chou was caught by the police yesterday, he had a knife as he walked down the streets, and made the pose of attacking the police, and, taken into consideration that he is more than likely to repeatedly offend, and that his parents had NO way of control, and so, the judge mandated him to remain in juvenile detention hall.

“This is outrageous!”, Lee’s father said painfully, that his son didn’t even know the teenager, he couldn’t understand why the teenager was so cruel to his son; back then, he was asleep, he’d heard the police downstairs and quickly answered, saw his son, lying on the ground, covered in blood, “What’s happened to this world?”

Lee (age 21) who is a currently student of the night school part-timed, yesterday, he’d gotten off work at a little past midnight, rode his motorcycle back to his place, as he’d turned the keys to his apartment, he was ambushed by someone from behind; Lee felt a pain on his right side, and fell forward onto the ground, and turned around, and asked the attacker, “What do you want?”, the attacker didn’t say a word, and just ran off, Lee called the police for assistance.

There was a knife used by soldiers sticking out of Lee’s right back side, the fifteen centimeter depth wound got into his body, it’d nearly killed him; as the police and fire department arrived on scene, his blood was overflowing really quickly, he’d become semi-conscious, and was lifted to the hospital, with the knife still on his back.  The knife had cut into his lung and liver, but gladly, it’d missed the heart, and, after the emergency resuscitation, the bleeding finally stopped and he was taken to the I.C.U., and is still in critical condition.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and went to interview the residents nearby, and targeted that it was Chou, the adolescent who lived nearby, and went to his house. The youth’s mother was at home, stated that her son went out to buy some midnight snacks, the police set up an ambush outside, and the youth returned home at four in the morning, and was confronted by the police, at which time, he’d taken out the knife to defend himself; the police showed their guns, and subdued him to the ground, and very shortly, the youth admitted, “I did it!”

The youth stated that he carried a knife to protect himself, that it was NOT used for premeditated murder, because “the world is out to get me”, and the reason why he’d resisted arrest was also because the “police was out to get me as well!”.  He said, he’d gone to the super convenience shops to get some midnight snacks, as he’d gotten out, he saw Lee walking up front, back then, he was in a foul mood, and he believed that Lee was going to harm him.

As the police interrogated him, the youth reacted very slowly, with an empty gaze, and, had long pauses between his answers, and had a lack of facial expression.  He needed the police to remind him to answer the questions, with NO emotional up and down, and he seemed to feel numb.  The police suspected that the youth was paranoid schizophrenic, but he didn’t have a handicap manual or record of him seeing a psychiatrist at the hospital either.

The youth’s father worked at a construction site, the mother is a housewife.  The mother rushed to the police precinct yesterday and told that after her son graduated middle school, he’d hung out at home, he wasn’t studious at all, without many friends either, and would play on his cell phone whenever he’s at home; the son had NO record of visiting a psychiatrist, and had never shown signs of violence either, and would tell her where he’s going whenever he’d headed out, she was surprised at her son’s behaviors, “I really don’t know why he acted like that!”

And so, based off of what’s given here, which was still NOT that much, I’m thinking, that this teen is suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia, because he had delusions of persecution, and yet, because there was NO medical records, there’s NO way to be sure, and that still just shows you how easily those N-U-T-S can C-R-A-C-K, and, these are all, time bombs, waiting to EXPLODE, and you just don’t know W-H-E-N they’re going to go KA-BOOM!!!

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Someone Criticized Her on Facebook? The High School Aged Girl Called on Someone, to Bully Her Classmate

And yeah, they’re still resorting to V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E here, what the HECK is happening to today’s Y-O-U-T-H, I wonder???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Two nights ago, she’d called on students from other campuses, and asked the victim out to confront, someone had poured hot soup all over his face, unsure if they were a couple from before or not.

In a private institution in Banciao, a second year high school girl, suspected that a guy from the same school criticized her on Facebook, two night ago, she’d asked along others from outside the school, to confront the guy, they’d taken the victim to a dark alley, and poured hot corn chowder all over his face, the student’s parents got so furious and went to the cops, stated, “We wouldn’t dare let our son out of the door now.” Based off of understanding, in their first year of high school, the girl and the boy were in the same class together, they were in different class the following year, people from within the school said, that the two of them were very close, they were very intimate with one another, but they couldn’t tell if they were a couple or not.

Based doff of understand, the female student found that awhile ago, the male student left criticizing statements toward her on Facebook, two nights ago at around ten, she’d called on four to five students from other schools, asked the victim to a fast-food shop to confront, and she’d bought corn chowder beforehand, after the victim was taken into the alleyway, someone splashed the hot soup on his face.

The victim ducked, but the hot soup still spilled on his cheeks and shoulder, there was a slight burn; the victim, after going home, he’d gone to school yesterday still, but, after he’d gotten home, he’d locked himself in his own room, the parents told the police, “My son is afraid!”, after they’d inquired, they’d found out, that he was bullied outside of the school.

The mother of the victim told the police, “that girl called upon kids from other school to pick on my son, they’d hauled him away outside of McDonalds, and bullied him, it’s awful what they did!”, later, the mother asked the school, wanted the female student and her group to apologize to her son, and there was still NO replies on the bully’s part, that, was why she’d gone to the police about it.

Toward this, the school stated, after knowing this event yesterday, the disciplinary office had already gotten into contact with the parents, the girl denied having abused the guy, and the male student said, “I’m okay, it’s fine”.

The police stated, that they’re still looking into the cause of this incident, and they’re NOT ruling out emotional difficulties, and that they are going to ask the students, the parents, along with the disciplinary officials of the school, to talk, to get to the bottom of what had happened.

And so, that, is still how easy they’d CRACKED, and, maybe it’s those TEENAGE hormones, who knows?  And, what the HELL happened to “USE YOUR WORDS”?  And, just because your original lover is distancing her/himself from you for whatever reasons there might be, still doesn’t give you the RIGHT to hurt the person, does it?  Of course NOT, and that, is just how VIOLENT teens are getting these days!!!

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A High School Student Was Taken into Custody, and Shouted to the Police, “I May Not Know the Law, but I Don’t Think it’s Fair”, the Father Worried, that He Still Has Six More Months Until His Graduation, that Sending Him into Police Custody Will Ruin His Life

Yeah, they ARE getting WORSE and WORSE, this DEFYING authority thing, aren’t they???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A high schooler named Cho was arrested for making threats to burn down a publishing company on Facebook, the father yesterday stated, that you MUST admit to what you’d done wrong, but the father felt that it was unfair, for him to be arrested because he’d made a threat; he didn’t know the law, and is without the money to hire an attorney, and that there’s JUST half a semester until his son graduates high school, he worries that his son’s life is ruined from here on out.

The professor from the Police University, Yeh stated, that the courts took a preventative measure in taking the youth into custody, but if Cho admitted to wrongdoing, then, “If he’d taken up responsibilities for his claims, then, the punishments would have served its purpose”; plus, the man who rammed head on into the president’s car didn’t get arrested, “I really think, that the judge needed some empathy, to NOT let the law ruin a child’s life.”

Cho, the high school student, because he’d sent in his manuscripts nineteen times, and the publishers returned the pages, he’d posted the angers of rejections, saying that he will burn down the publishing company on Facebook, and the courts decided to place him into protective custody, this, had raised questions in the society Cho’s father is all too worried for his son’s future too.
Cho’s father said, that he and his wife had divorced for over ten years, he raised his three kids singlehandedly, and kept worrying that they might succumb to bad influences; that his son is very studious, and scored top three in his classes all the way, he saw how hard-working his son was in school, and rarely hangs out with a bad crowd, he felt that he was more than blessed.

He said, that he didn’t think that his son would go and make a threat on the online chat rooms because his scripts were rejected, that he used his own account, didn’t use anybody else’s to make the claims, “Without any actions, they took him, I don’t understand the laws, but this is too unfair.”

He said, the courts knew well, that his son is a student, and didn’t know how long his son will stay in jail for, how will his son readpat to school after his release?  He didn’t have any money or power, he couldn’t hire a lawyer for his child, he worried about his son’s future.

Cho’s father said, that his son was taken into protective custody, that he will take every time he could, to visit his son, “I will try to console him, to admit to bad things he’d done if he’d done them, it’s just six months until his graduation, I hope that the school will help him out, help him graduate high school first.”

The family of four lived in the basement of an apartment complex in Taoyuan, there’s only limited space, walking down the stairs, you’d entered into the living room/dining area, while the back of the compound had been separated into bedrooms.

Cho’s father said, that the property belonged to his father, that he’d shared a room with his older brother, then, he’d separated his own piece of that property into two rooms, one for his son, the other, for his daughter, that he’d had a hard time, raising his children up, as a single parent.  Cho’s older brother said, that his nephew is a well-behaved children, that on the weekends, he would go and work at the restaurants, to help out the household expenses.

Cho’s school stated, that Cho is very active in his class, and would help clean up the school and was commended, and loved writing sci-if novels online, that after Cho is released from jail, then, they’re to hold a hearing of the school board, to hear Cho’s side of the tale, and then, decide on how to handle the situations, and because it’s the right of the students to get an education, the school will give him a chance.

And so, because your writings got rejected, you made threats to the publishing company, because you thought that you are an amazing writer, and, maybe you are, for your age, but, did you ever consider, that the publishers had MORE to reflect on in considering his stuff for publishing???  And this is HOW ANOTHER “strawberry” got crushed, into STRAWBERRY P-R-E-S-E-R-V-E-S here!!!

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Violence on Campus: Student Beating Teacher

Resorting to VIOLENCE, translated…

In a middle school in Xinbei City, Lee, a female classroom instructor just wanted to see the name tag of another student from another class got beaten up in the public by him, had a shiner on her left eye, the female classroom instructor took a sick leave, because she got a concussion, the principal made the statement that this event DID happen yesterday, and exclaimed on “what’s WRONG with the students today!”

This female instructor stated using the sources at school that she just wanted to rest up, and that she had NO other comments; the principal pointed out that the instructor is yet to decide whether or NOT to sue the student, and in recent days, the school will decide on what the punishment for this individual will be; as for the ten plus other students who watched as the teacher got beaten up, they are now, in therapy.

This teacher beating occurred on the afternoon of the 17th, during cleaning hour, Lee, the female instructor found that three students from another class had entered into her classroom, she asked them why they were here, they told her that they were only visiting, the instructor thought that it was something else, looked at the name tags on their shirts, one of the students didn’t want to show the name tag.

The instructor lowered her head to see this student’s name tag, the student swung his fist toward the instructor’s left eye, then, used his fist to hit the teacher’s head two more times, the female instructor fell down to the ground, the other students ran to tell the school officials, the female instructor was taken to the hospital immediately; because the student threw the punches with such force, the instructor had a bruise in her left eye socket, with a light concussion, she took a week off from school to get better.

Based off of understanding, this school was placed under a “microscope” because one of the students destroyed a breakfast shot, the school officials were led to believe, that the individual who beat up the instructor probably belonged to the group of the one who destroyed the breakfast shop, the school specified, that there are more than ten members in this group, that every day after school, they’d gathered up at a drink shop in the back of the store and NOT head home.

Wow, gang IS moving in to those middle school or high school campuses, and, the kid DID overreact, I mean, the instructor only wanted to see his name tag, and, there’s a DEEPER level to his anger, I’m sure, but, because ALL the public sees is that this child had beaten up an instructor, so, chances will be that the young man would get sent to juvenile detention, where he will continue down the ROAD to NO return, until maybe, sometime in the future he KILLED someone, and then, when the officials checked his records, they’d start to look DEEPER into WHAT exactly had caused HIS bad behavior, when the truth of everything is that it ALWAYS starts in the H-O-M-E-S!!!

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