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A Police Officer Couldn’t Deal with Getting Cheated on, Used the System to Find the Other Man’s Car & Smashed it

Jealous rage, combined with alcohol, and his officer status, and you get?  Breaking the law, knowingly, ABUSING his power as a police officer, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Danshui Police Substation’s Shuichay Substation officer, Lee was displeased at how his girlfriend fell out of love with him, and fell in love with another, last month he’d used the computer system in the police station, and got the record of the guy his ex was seeing, then, went with a friend, to Lin’s residence, smashed his car; the police was called and reviewed over the surveillance camera footage, and found that it was “one of their own” who’d done it, found that the officer had broken the laws of privacy, gotten the record of the man’s address illegally, that he’d broken the laws of personal information protection, obstruction of secret, and obstruction in computer use, sent him to the D.A.’s office, and gave him two major reprimands, and, transferred him out of his original unit, original post of work.

Based off of understanding, at three in the morning on the twenty-fifth of last month, Lin reported that his car was smashed by unknown persons, the windshield, the side mirrors, the windows on the right side on the backseat, all smashed up.  The Shui-Dray Substation sent the officers to review the surveillance footage records, found two suspects, and one was a fellow police officer from the same station, Lee.

Lee came in, admitted to smashing the car up, claimed that the previous evening, he’d gone out drinking, at ten in the evening, he’d gone to his friend, Tsai’s to continue to drink, and he’d talked of how his ex cheated on him with another man, and with the help of alcohol, he’d recalled how his ex’s current boyfriend lives in Tsai’s community, on the early midnight hours of a little past one, in a light raincoat, he’d gone to the basement parking lot with Tsai, and, HAMMERED down the car.

Afterwards, Lee settled it with Lin, Lin didn’t press charges,, but the substation still wrote Lee up, and, transferred him.  The officers from the Police Investigation Units chased the leads, and found that mid last month, without his supervisor signing off, Lee used the computer systems, and found the records of Lin’s car; he’d admitted to getting the records.

So, because this LOSER’s girlfriend broke up with him, and he had access to the public records system, that was how he was able to find the records of the man his ex is currently dating, and he was drunk, that was what caused him, to go OFF on the man’s car, and now, he will be charged with abuse of his power as a police, and damages of property, and this still just showed, how someone can easily ABUSE his status in the law enforcement, to GET someone back.

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With a Wife, and a Spare, He’d Still Used Acid on Someone Who Was Already Married and Didn’t Reciprocate His Feelings Back

We have a “specimen” of a POSSESSIVE LOSER here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A married man, Chu moved in with his girlfriend, Wang, but, because he was in a one-sided love with a married woman from upstairs, Tsai, Chu found, that the plumbing contractor, Lee had often frequented the apartment a floor up from his, Tsai’s place, he’d started feeling jealous; on the evening of the seventh, he’d first slashed the tires of Lee’s SUV, waited until Lee came to fix the tires, and used strong acid, sprayed it into his eyes.  The Chungshan Police subprecinct used the description of the victim, and reviewed the surveillance, and found out that it was Chu who did this, after they took him in, interrogated him, booked him based off of attempted murder, and serious injuries, along with other charges.

Chu denied having committed the crimes, stated that the surveillance was blurry, and, “That wasn’t me!”  Her husband had acid burns in his eyes, and runs the risks of becoming blind, Lee’s wife questioned, “Was it a mistake?”

The fifty-eight year-old suspect, Chu was a bulldozer operator before, and is now retired, every day, he’d watched the stock markets, and invest; Chu had separated from his wife, and shared the same apartment building with the woman, Wang, for almost twenty years.  The victim male, Lee was a contracting plumber, met Tsai on the third floor because of his work, Tsai had once referred him to someone she knew, and, because the Tsai’s house was under renovations, and, Lee took the job for that too.

At around nine in the evening of the seventh, as Lee finished discussing the details of the remodeling of Tsai’s house, he’d gone downstairs, found that the right front tires of his SUV had become deflated, he’d driven it to a garage on Chang-An East Road; as Lee went out of his car to check on the extent of the damages of his tires, he was sprayed with some sort of an acid on him, by a man in a fisher’s hat, glasses, and a face mask.  After the man sprayed the acid, he ran off quickly, and, the garage immediately called the ambulance.

As Lee was being splashed, he still had his seeing abilities, and called Tsai, and his wife, to tell them someone attacked him, but, the strong acid had spread out, as he was lifted to the MacKay Memorial Hospitals, as the doctors were dressing his wounds, it seemed that he had lost his sight completely.  Lee told the police, that he had come face-to-face with the man who sprayed the acid, “looked like Chu from downstairs.”

The police reviewed the surveillance footage of the nearby area, found that before the incident, Chu had left his home with a cap on, and, waited for an hour at the building, and, after he’d injured Lee, he’d even changed his attire, took off his hat, put on a pair of shorts.  The police arrested Chu with a search warrant, he’d insisted, “I don’t know Lee”.  The police investigated, Chu seemed to have a crush on Tsai, and, Lee and Chu would interact often, and knew one another, so they found that Chu’s statement of not knowing Lee was unbelievable.

Based off of understanding, Tsai’s resident was bought from Chu’s older brother, she’d lived with her husband, and had no other interactions with Chu, save for the neighborly sort.

That just shows how GREEDY men can get, this LOSER already HAS a wife, a WHORE on the side, and, he’s in love with the woman who lived upstairs, and, he got jealous of the man who went to fix up his upstairs neighbor’s house?  Wow, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!

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Seeing a Man with His Girlfriend in the Same Room, the Handicapped Man Killed His Neighbor

Flew into a jealous rage here, did we now???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Kuo, who has a handicap manual, late yesterday, went back to the residence “Datong Home” in Beitou District, he’d realized that his second-floor neighbor, Kao walked out of his place, and his girlfriend was there too, he’d taken a watermelon knife, confronted Kao, and murdered him, and was charged with murder.

The police investigated and found, that two nights ago, at eleven at night, the Datong Home Community security guard found Kao (age 61), lying face up in an empty lot in the community, thought he may have passed out from drinking, called 119 to report it; the paramedics arrived and found knife wounds on the back of his neck, and had been dead, so, they’d notified the police.

The police investigated, that Kao lived in the second floor of where he was found, and before he’d died, he’d had an altercation with his first floor neighbor, Kuo (age 49), the police woke Kuo from his sleep, but Kuo denied having anything to do with his neighbor’s death; the police then found, by the corner of his door, a watermelon knife with blood stains, and Kuo came clean.

Kuo stated, that two nights ago after he got drunk, returned to his place at around eleven o’clock, saw Kao and his girlfriend in the same room, he was angered, and took the watermelon knife to confront him; while they got into altercations, Kao had attacked him with a metal pipe, that, was why he’d fought back, after Kao was stabbed, he’d sat right where he was, Kuo didn’t pay him any heed, went back to his bedroom to sleep; but, the police searched the place, and found no iron weapon that Kuo claimed that Kao used.

The police and coroner’s office found, that Kao was stabbed twice on his body, the wound on his neck severed his cervical spine and his carotid, causing him to bleed to death.  Kuo’s girlfriend (age 41) stated, that she only had a neighbor relationship with Kao, that when Kao was stabbed, she was at Kuo’s place, that she didn’t bear witness to any altercation that the two men had, and didn’t know, that Kao had been killed, only heard yelling and screaming, and things being thrown around.

And so here, jealousy still killed, didn’t it?  And, this man is still just, WAY too INSECURE, just because his girlfriend was in the same room with another man, that still doesn’t mean, that anything IS going on, but, because they’d had altercations from before, and, everything still escalated, and, this time, it’d turned into murder!

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The Old Couple Argued Until They’re Elderly, the Seventy-Something Elderly Man Went Nuts from Jealousy, Killed His Own Wife

The green-eyed monster is the SOLE cause of this tragedy here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was a pair of elderly couple in their seventies in Hsinbei City, and, for a very long time, the husband suspected that his wife had been unfaithful to him, and they got into countless arguments.  They got into an argument again yesterday for the same reasons, and the man, Liao was angered, and he’d taken a fruits knife, stabbed his wife in the abdomen twice continuously, she’d had serious injuried, and died on the scene; the elderly then, poured a strong acid on himself to attempt suicide, and was discovered, and rushed to the hospital, and is now recovered.

The seventy-six year old elderly man called up his daughter at around 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday, and told her, “I’d killed mom!”, asked her to get her uncle who lives close by to call the police, and to come quick, by the time his younger brother arrived there, he’d found the seventy-four year old woman, lying in a pool of blood, without any signs of life, Liao was sitting by the edge of the bed, drinking, and throwing up a strong acid formula, his brother stopped him, and, the ambulance rushed both Liao and his wife to the hospital, his wife had died, but Liao only suffered minor injuries.

The family said, that the couple had been married for over forty years, they have two sons and a daughter together, the second son died of cancer many years ago, the couple was now, living with their second daughter-in-law, and grandkids.  When Liao was younger, he was the keeper of a local temple, while his wife had been a long-term housewife, Liao had bipolar for years on end, and was constantly suspecting that his wife was unfaithful to him, and, they’d fought constantly because of it, and, they didn’t get along at all.

Liao’s neighbors for thirty years told, that when he was younger, he had a ton of girlfriends, and, his wife had left home for many years, until his daughter persuaded her mother to come back; and, when Liao became elderly, he’d become paranoid, always suspected that his wife was unfaithful to him, and they’d fought over this for so many years on end.  Mid last year, Liao had even had a suicide attempt, but was persuaded to climb back down from the building where he lived.  The police said, that the elderly man is in stable conditions, is placed on suicide watch at the hospital, and, they will book him on murder charges once he gets better.

Uh, another double-standard loser, and this time, his suspicions were unfounded, and besides, he had already separated from his wife, and what the F*** (maxed out???) is UP with that?  Back when he was younger, he’d whored around, while his wife had KEPT his household intact, and now, she had been brutally STABBED to death, because he suspects that she had been unfaithful to him???  Someone, tell me what, is WRONG with THIS picture!

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A Young “Cougar” Was Turned Down by the Younger Man She’d Pursued, She’d Beaten Up Her Fourteen-Year-Old Rival

Like I’d already stated before, these “things” still goes BOTH ways, and, violence is NO longer just a specialty for M-E-N these days, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman Chen had a birthday yesterday, she’d called up a man she had a crush on to help her celebrate, and he’d turned her down, said he had to work, but last night, Chen ambushed the man’s place, and found, that he was with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kuo, the two went up the mountains to have a confrontation, Chen found a group of people, to beat up on Kuo, and forced Kuo to strip herself.

The police investigations found, that the thirty-two-year old Chen had a crush on the twenty-four year old man for a long time, yesterday, she’d used her birthday as a reason, hoped that he could spend it with her, but the man used work as the reason to not go to her.

After Chen got drunk, she’d gone to his place, half-hazed, saw that he was with Kuo, an adolescent girl, she flew into a jealous rage, and started slapping Kuo nonstop, then, rode her motorcycle, too the man and the adolescent to a famous night spot in Taishan to confront.

As Chen came to the spot, she’d brought along couple of her friends, other than keep beating up on Kuo, they’d forced her to strip naked.

And because there were over thirty witnesses present, enjoying the night views, members of the public found this act of violence, quickly called the police, when the adolescent was being beaten up, the man was afraid of Chen, and so, he didn’t say anything.

As the patrol officers took the girl to the hospital for treatment, and took Chen and her gang back to the subprecinct, Chen had a BAC of 0.69, and had lost it in the station, had a verbal altercation with the officers, and the police is still currently interrogating her, and the youth, after being taken to the hospitals, she was okay.

And that, is how FAR jealousy can go, and, the woman wasn’t even dating the dude too, and that, is how a C-R-U-S-H can CRASH and BURN!  And, that still just shows you, that men are NOT just the only ones who resorted to violence, that women nowadays are becoming more and more violent too, don’t know if it’s an effect of global warming or what here!!!

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