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How Could the Dead Still Bleed?

Uh, D-U-H, STUPID question here!!!

How could the dead still bleed?  Oh yeah, this, would be a TRICK question, because the answer is N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E, and it still don’t make ANY sense at all.

How could the dead still bleed?  The answer is that it can’t, the dead is dead, meaning that ALL of their biological functions had stopped working, the heart had stopped beating, so, the dead can’t bleed!

How could the dead still bleed?  How can I still be hurting over someone who’s long DEAD and gone, out of my life?  How could the dead still bleed?  The dead can still bleed, because of effects of the deaths, and their impacts on the living, and that, is how the DEAD left their markings on the world.

How could the dead still bleed, don’t be stupid, you’d learned, from a very long time ago, like after Goldie the Goldfish died, you poked its cold, dead body, and it doesn’t move, nor would it follow your hand when you moved it up and down that tank…

How could the dead still bleed, they can’t, bleed, and all the bleeding, is still left, for the living to do, because we, the ones who are still here, would be the ones grieving, hard, over the dead who mattered to us.

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