Love Became an “Investment”

This, was what love turned into, yeah, I know, everything is really messed up here, because we’re measuring by dollars and cents, and how much we each got from the love.

Love became an “investment”, and I HATE losing money, and yet, because love became an “investment”, there’s that underlying risk factor.

Love became an “investment”, so, how much do I get out of it?  Is there a set ratio, for earning per share for love?  Or, do we just have to wait and see, how love’s doing this quarter?  Love became an “investment”, and so now, we measure and weigh it, based off of monetary values, and, if love can NO longer be profitable, then, we’d DUMP it, in a heartbeat!

Love became an “investment”, and, everybody wants to put in the least amount of money, but get the MOST amount of earning, and, how is that possible?  It’s N-O-T, you don’t even get roughly what you put in, that’s not the way love’s supposed to go, and it should NOT be seen as an investment, so, STOP seeing that husband/wife as your meal ticket for the rest of your lives…because it won’t happen that way!

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