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The Use of Brute Force, the Man Was Displeased at How Another Man Pursued After His Girlfriend, He’d Taken Along a Man Who Lifted Weights & Killed the Other Man

Once again, this is still, a crime of jealousy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A delivery truck driver, Hsieh was displeased at how the transporter, Tsai kept pursuing his girlfriend, he’d called upon a friend who was once a famous competitor in weight-lifting to teach Tsai a lesson, by beating him up with a baseball bat, chopped off the tendons in his legs, left him to die, at a secluded road; the police arrested Hsieh and three other men yesterday, they’d said, that they were only looking to teach Tsai a lesson, that they didn’t consider how much force they were using, to beat him up.

The police investigated and found, that Hsieh (age 33), was strolling at the night markets with his girlfriend, he’d heard the instant message bells on his girlfriend’s phone sounding off nonstop, he’d discovered, that it was from Tsai, the delivery truck driver, and, after he’d grilled his girlfriend about it, he’d learned, that Tsai frequented the gas station his girlfriend worked in, and showed that he wanted to date her, after Tsai learned this, he was furious, said that he will handle the matter “like those things that happen around in the society”.

On the evening of the seventh, Hsieh found his weightlifting competitor friends, Hsieh and Chuang to help him out, asked Tsai out for a confrontation, at the exit of the freeways, the three men saw Tsai, they’d beaten him brutally with their baseball bats, then, tied him to the truck, and took him to the flood prevention passageways, then, they’d pushed the victim off the truck, started beating him like crazy, and had used a watermelon knife, and slashed his calf, then, they got up to leave.

Early next morning, a fisherman, Tu, went to the banks of the creek, to see if he’d caught some fish from the nets he’d set up before, he’d found Tsai, lying close by, covered in blood, brutally cut up, and was already dead, he’d notified the police.  The local police sealed up the scene to take down evidences, and found a hospital slip close by, and confirmed that it was Tsai, and found out from his friends and family, that he was involved in some relationship difficulties, and, they’d zoomed in on Hsieh and his friends.

When the men were taken into interrogations, they’d stated that they only wanted to teach Tsai a lesson, that they didn’t expect him to die, Hsieh had told the police, that he was a weightlifting competitor in high school, that he didn’t consider how much force he was using, beating Tsai up, and afterwards, he’d even lifted the victim’s motorcycle and tossed it into a ditch nearby.

So, this man was murdered, because he went after another man’s girlfriend, sounds righteous, right?  After all, we do NOT go after someone else’s girl, so, you might say, that this man had it coming, but, his death was too brutal, and, the boyfriend was overcome with jealous when he’d found out that his girlfriend was friendly with this other man.

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A Young “Cougar” Was Turned Down by the Younger Man She’d Pursued, She’d Beaten Up Her Fourteen-Year-Old Rival

Like I’d already stated before, these “things” still goes BOTH ways, and, violence is NO longer just a specialty for M-E-N these days, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman Chen had a birthday yesterday, she’d called up a man she had a crush on to help her celebrate, and he’d turned her down, said he had to work, but last night, Chen ambushed the man’s place, and found, that he was with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kuo, the two went up the mountains to have a confrontation, Chen found a group of people, to beat up on Kuo, and forced Kuo to strip herself.

The police investigations found, that the thirty-two-year old Chen had a crush on the twenty-four year old man for a long time, yesterday, she’d used her birthday as a reason, hoped that he could spend it with her, but the man used work as the reason to not go to her.

After Chen got drunk, she’d gone to his place, half-hazed, saw that he was with Kuo, an adolescent girl, she flew into a jealous rage, and started slapping Kuo nonstop, then, rode her motorcycle, too the man and the adolescent to a famous night spot in Taishan to confront.

As Chen came to the spot, she’d brought along couple of her friends, other than keep beating up on Kuo, they’d forced her to strip naked.

And because there were over thirty witnesses present, enjoying the night views, members of the public found this act of violence, quickly called the police, when the adolescent was being beaten up, the man was afraid of Chen, and so, he didn’t say anything.

As the patrol officers took the girl to the hospital for treatment, and took Chen and her gang back to the subprecinct, Chen had a BAC of 0.69, and had lost it in the station, had a verbal altercation with the officers, and the police is still currently interrogating her, and the youth, after being taken to the hospitals, she was okay.

And that, is how FAR jealousy can go, and, the woman wasn’t even dating the dude too, and that, is how a C-R-U-S-H can CRASH and BURN!  And, that still just shows you, that men are NOT just the only ones who resorted to violence, that women nowadays are becoming more and more violent too, don’t know if it’s an effect of global warming or what here!!!

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She’s from My Father’s Whore…an Adolescent Girl Killed Her Three Year Old Younger Sister

Sibling rivalry turned deadly, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“the love had been split up by my younger sister”, the whore’s daughter, her mother loved like it was her own, the adolescent girl took her half sister into her bedroom, then locked the door, and stabbed her three times on the chest, then, called the cops.

The seventeen year old girl, Hsu, seemingly displeased at how her father took home her three year-old half sister with his whore home to raise, and took away the love from him, two nights ago, she’d locked her bedroom doors from the inside, stabbed her half sister three times to death, then called the police, and the juvenile courts took custody of her.

The great uncle of the young girl stated, that the adolescent girl’s father many years ago, met the person whom he had an affair with, three years ago, had a baby girl, and after the father gained the forgiveness from his wife, he’d adopted the young girl, took her home to raise; even so, the wife still treated the child as if she were her own, loved her a lot, and would take her everywhere she goes, and, people would think that the little girl was the wife’s child.

The police said, that the child is turning three in just three days; as she was being interrogate, the adolescent was more than calm, and had answered the police officers’ inquiries, and stated that there had been many times she’d wanted to kill her half sister, but the adults took it as joke, and didn’t pay attention to her.

The youth said, that killing her younger sister was a spurt of the moment thing, that it wasn’t planned, she was just displeased at how her parents loved her father’s whore’s child dearly, “the love they had for me is now, being given to her instead”, she’d lost her parents’ attention for long term, that, was what made her want to kill, because she didn’t have an outlet for her troubled mind.

The police investigated, that Hsu’s father, older brother, and grandmother went to the night markets to sell things two nights ago, the mother was in the living room, on the phone, she’d taken her younger sister into her grandmother’s room on the first floor and locked the doors from the inside, then, took the fruit carving knife from her school and stabbed her younger half sister, then, she’d called the police.

After Hsu’s mother finished up talking on the phones, she’d found her daughter, locked herself up in the bedroom, and said that she would NOT open up until the police arrived, the mother felt that something must have happened, called the adolescent’s father home.  The father, as he saw the quilt, stained with his own illegitimate daughter’s blood, went limp, the mother couldn’t believe that her own daughter had killed her baby sister, and she’d passed out from the pains.

The Yunlin District Court examined that the child had three knife wounds on her left thoracic area, and the stab wound into the heart was what killed her.  As the stabbing was happening, the family didn’t hear any screams, the D.A. said, that the girl managed to stab her baby sister into the heart by the first stab, and before the child could hollered, she’d died.

The child’s great uncle said, that the adolescent didn’t get along well with her, and that the child had once told the adults, that when they were away, the big sister would pinch her, hit her.  The neighbors said, that the little girl was cut and lovable, that only on the weekends, did she go back to her birth mother.

And, this adolescent girl killed from JEALOUSY, and, because the parents didn’t DEAL with the matter delicate enough, and so, that was why the teen felt that the daughter from his father’s WHORE was there, to take away the love her parents had for her.


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Birthday Wishes Online

Everything’s done, VIRTUALLY these days, on Facebook, translated…

My husband’s birthday just happened to land on the Chinese New Year’s, a LOT of his friends from Facebook left messages, wishing him a happy one, there was a hottie, with an English name, who’d wished him a happy one, “My daddy whom I’d missed out on, happy birthday!”

So, what’s going on?  Is it an unspoken secret, that got revealed, the woman’s decision to let her child be known as his?  Or, is there really ANOTHER wife that my husband was married to from his hometown?  My husband, who’d never played online games, could NEVER have added friends for fun, but this time, he’d shook his head continually, said that he didn’t know her at all.

In order to prove his own innocence, he’d decided to send her a private message, to get to the bottom of this, but she, seemingly wanting to keep being mysterious, just wouldn’t reply him back.  And my husband kept explaining, “I really don’t know her!”, at the moment, my two sons and I, are staring him with questioning eyes.  Even though, he’d fended himself, we’d seen his actions as him, covering up some unspoken secrets of his past; he wanted to go and take a shower, and we’d interpreted his claims as him, wanting to get on the phones with her.

And so, this denseness in the air, lasted for a very L-O-N-G twenty minutes, the hottie finally replied a private message, to apologize, turns out that she’s a female colleague who’s left the office shortly after she’d started, to go to Australia to study, she’d played a prank on him on his birthday!  The changes from girl to woman, the naiveté young lady, turned around, and became a modern woman, no wonder my husband couldn’t recognize her.

This time, he’d gotten his reputation back, thankfully, it did NOT become a revolution in the family.

This, is ALL a joke, and, the woman felt threatened, because of the messages that the girl sent to her husband, and, that just shows you, how EASILY, how fragile a marriage CAN be, and it was only a joke too, but thankfully, this “joke” did NOT go too far, and cause this family to break up.

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