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When Your Goodbye Sounded So Familiar to Me

Don’t know why, but, apparently, I’d gotten accustomed to it, I guess, after all, you’d barked it toward me, so many times already…

When your goodbye sounded so familiar to me, that means, that I’m systematically desensitized (look THAT up!!!) to you, leaving, and yeah, from the very start of this “cycle”, I’d cried myself to sleep, every single night after you’d left, but, after you’d came back, left, came back, left (you get the picture, don’t you) so very many times, I’d gotten used to it.

When your goodbye became familiar to me, there’s nothing you can say, OR do, to HURT me, because I’d grown accustomed to your bad behaviors (and that still doesn’t mean that I’ll keep on putting up with them).  When your goodbye became familiar to me, because I’d gotten used to them, heard them ‘bout a ZILLION times, and yet, you’d always ended up, BACK in my arms, and so, I knew, that you’re goodbyes were nothing MORE than just words, you have NO intentions of leaving me………

When your goodbye sounded so familiar to me, ‘cuz I’d gotten so used to hearing those words out of your lips, and, I knew you were still lying this time ‘round, because just like the very last time, and the times before, I KNOW you’ll come crawling back.

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