Depression, a Long, Hard Climb Upward



So, this, is where you’d found yourselves, climbing up, this never-ending slope called depression, and, along the way to the top, you’d met with, avalanches, snowstorms, rain, sleets, along with an ASSORTMENT of obstacles.

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, this, was the journey you’re destined to be on, because you’d slipped, tripped and fallen, into the troughs, and now, you’re battling, to get yourselves, BACK on your feet once more, and, on the way, of finally getting yourselves back up, you’d gotten hit, over, over, and over again, had relapses, after relapses, you’d gone into therapy, but, there’s only so much, that that dude or woman with the halo of the doctorate can do FOR you.

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, and, it’s a constant battle for you, because you don’t know, when, you will, trip, and fall flat on your faces, and start from the very beginning again, and, each fall became harder to recover from than the last…

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, you know there’s light in the future, at the top of that impossibly tall mountain, and, you’re, trying, so very hard, to keep your gazes upward, looking for the hope, but, the skies had become, darkened all around you, and, you’re having a hard time, seeing the light.

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, will you ever be through, to the very top, and get CURED?  Nobody knows, and, only time can and will tell, but, time is NOT squealing what it knows about your future already, so, you’re basically, STUCK here, down in the troughs.

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