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Three Completely Blind Little Girls Finished the Triathlons with the Crowd, Cheering Them on

Here, we have a story of inspiration, on three young ladies, who live up to the name of being handi-CAPABLE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I don’t just want to cheer the competitors on”, the words of these young women made the head of the sponsor of the triathlon allow them to compete.

Not being able to see, but they can still run, swim, and ride bicycles, the three young elementary school girls entered into the junior triathlon competitions yesterday, all three of them managed to make it across the finishing lines, the moment they were given their medals, the three little girls were so happy that they’d shown the victory gestures, “We could do it too!”

The Man in Charge of the Lions’ Club: This, is Probably the First Instance in Taiwan

“This is probably the very first time that the visually-impaired had competed in the triathlons”, the president of the Lions’ Club who’d sponsored this event said, the three young girls were originally planning on competing with the regular kids, but the parents complained how it wouldn’t be fair, and so, the three girls made themselves into “Team Angels”.  Taking from the examples of the international standards of triathlon in a set place, they’d used the treadmills, the spinning wheels, to allow the children to finish the 2.5K run, and the cycling of five kilometers, and they’d needed to swim for twenty-five meters.

The twelve year old, Yang, the ten-year-old, and the seven-year-old, Liang, these three little angels were all in Coach Shao-Chang Chen’s swim class.  Chen said, these three young kids, because they were born prematurely, had lost their sight, and were once very concerned about the issues of safety because of their vision impairments, and so, NO triathlon competitions took their registrations.

“I don’t want to just cheer anymore,” Liang’s words had made her coach, Chen helped to make their dreams come true.

Tzi-Ling Yang: at First in Practice, I Keep on Bumping My Head into the Walls

Tsi-Ling Yang told the papers, that when she first started to practice her swimming, she’d kept hitting her head into the walls; now, not only could she manage to swim the whole way, after she’d climbed out of the pools, she could use the different textures, to guide her to where she’d entered the pools on her own.

Chen said, that for the visually impaired children to train in the triathlon, they take twice the time compared to the regular children.  Because they couldn’t see, and lacked the balance, they’d kept falling on the treadmills, they’d swum in an S-shaped way, other than having them wear earphones as they swam, and holding the coach’s hand as they ran, the rest is practice, practice, AND more practice.

Si-Chia Lin: I Feel Like a Rocket

Si-Chia Lin said, the triathlons are very fun, when running on the treadmills, and cycling, “I feel like a rocket, at high-speed.”  The end results of her competition was twenty-five minutes, and her coach told her, that it is equivalent to the third place in the regular competitors’ competition, she told him happily, “I want to compete again next time.”

Yu-Han Liang: I’m Not Tired, I Want to Finish This Swim on My Own

“I’m not at all tired, I can keep going.”, the youngest, Liang, although sweat was crawling all over her forehead, but, her fulfillment is written on her face.  She was the slowest to finish, but insisted on receiving help from no one else, “I want to finish the swim on my own, the pool is very warm, it feels good”, everybody there was cheering her on.  Chen the coach said, he realized, that the blind children not only didn’t get beaten out by the regular children, they’d cherished every time they were able to practice too, and are unafraid of the hardships that come their ways.  He’d asked the kids to get through the competitions on their own, because after they grow up, “They must rely on themselves for everything.”

And so, these three young women had the chance, to live their dreams, with the accommodations made for them, of course, and, it took them a lot of hard work, a ton of practice, and, they’d finished the race, and, they should be proud of themselves.

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Challenging the Areas We’d Never Gotten into

On Parent-Child Interactions, translated…

I feared, that my son might get too bored during the summer vacations, I’d signed him up for ukulele lessons at the community college; and in order to encourage him to exercise, I’d signed him up for two 10K runs.

Because the ukulele class is a parent-child session, so, I must go to class with him, since I was young, I’d viewed music lessons as something that’s I feared, because I couldn’t sing in tune, and I couldn’t read the notes, after high school, I was so very glad, that I will NEVER again, be troubled by music classes anymore.  And now, for the sake of my son, I’m going to take ukulele lessons, the strength of mothers.

When I’d touched the strings, and realized that they can produce music, I thought it was fun.  From the easy pieces like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, I’d played and sung along, I feel so happy, like I was returned to my childhood state, even though, I couldn’t entertain others, but I could entertain myself.

In order to run the marathon, I’d practice running regularly, and, while I practiced, I’d only run three kilometers, but, at races, I could always finish the ten kilometers, because there were a LOT of other runners with me, it’d made my adrenaline rush, my potentials had been brought out, and, after I’d run the races, I feel so very achieved, and that, was a great kind of encouragement for myself.

This summer, because of my son, I’d gotten involved in areas I never got involved in before, it’s really very interesting, and it’d added color, to my originally bland life.

And so, for the sake of her son, this woman took up things that she wouldn’t normally, and that just shows how children have this influential way of getting to the parents.


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