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Hearts Have Turned into Stone

Hearts have turned into stones, did they all, gaze upon, the head of Medusa?  Hearts that have turned into stones, what happened, to them, why were they all, petrified, frozen, in FEAR, did they all, go through something, unimaginable, to the human mind?

Hearts have turned into stone, and, there’s, NOTHING we can do about it, there’s NO way, of melting them again, because they’re all, solid now, and, putting them all through the sauna of ice and fire, still wouldn’t do ANY good at all!

Hearts have turned into stones, so, what do we do now?  Is there no way, we can, bring them all back again, NOT even by that first true love’s kiss?  Hearts have turned into stone, because of everything that they’d weathered, and, turning into stone became the ONLY methods that those hearts knew of, to protecting themselves, from getting hurt all over again, and so, turning to stone, they all will.

Hearts have turned into stone, there’s NOTHING we can do, but to, place them all, inside those ironclad boxes, then, bury them deep, into the grounds, without hoping, OR expecting, that one day, they will all, WAKE back up, or come to life once more…

Hearts have turned into stone, perhaps, it’s, all for the best, because at least, a heart that’s made of stone won’t bleed again, right???

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Death Toll Rises

Take a look around, and, use your ten fingers, AND ten little “piggies”, to count…how many ARE dead?  How many are DYING, and, how many MORE are going to D-I-E?  The numbers had taken that HIKE up toward the PEAK of that very high mountain, don’t you know???

Death toll rises, because there’s NO way that the rescuers are going to get there in time, to pull out ALL those, buried alive, underneath ALL that rubble, after all, there is only a limited number OF those who are doing the rescues, and, there are more, and more people, being buried alive, underneath this big ol’ landslide every single day, so, the odds are still NOT in your favor.

Death toll rises, there’s NO way of avoiding this, take a look, at how many deaths cancer, along with OTHER serious illnesses, had “claimed”, those, are the lives lost, that are NEVER going to be returned, aren’t they?

And yet, I still sit here, with my COLD (it’s dropped to BELOW freezing here) eyes, still just watching, as the world turns, and, it’s like, death, NO longer mattered to me, how can this be?  Had I lost, my final SPECK of humanity???

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