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Spiraling Toward Denial

You don’t even know it yet, but, you’re, spiraling, toward denial, and, once you’re IN denial, well, there’s NO way out for you!  Spiraling toward denial, you were merely, following that well-trodden road, that all who’d walked before you had, like how the roads of a state was, walked out by cattle and livestock too.

Spiraling toward denial, and, once you’d gotten SUCK, into that VORTEX, there’s NO way to get back out from under again, because, you will keep on going, going, going, ‘til you’re totally and completely G-O-N-E!

Spiraling toward denial, you don’t even KNOW how denial had begun for you, because you are just, way too stubborn in thought, refused to see the cold, HARD truth, that’s bluntly, STARING you, RIGHT in YOUR face.

Spiraling toward denial, once you tripped and fell, well, you will, keep, falling down, into that abyss, and, there’s NO end, NO that HARD-WOOD floor that will, make your butts STAY, you will keep on, spiraling deeper, deeper, and deeper still, into denial, and I’m done, dealing with those who refuse to get the HELL out of their own denials.  I’m done here!

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