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My Mother Who Was Always Uptight Turned Her Personality Around, on Parent-Child Interactions


If you think you know your parents, maybe, one day, you’ll make new discoveries about them.

After my father passed away, when my mother was in her sixties, I’d taken her to Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.  In these two twelve-day trips, I’d gotten the chance to see the childlike side to my mother.

In Europe, my mother entered into the churches, to hear the explanations of the local tour guides lecture on the histories of the buildings, she’d started taking notes, like an elementary school student.  As he’d walked out of the church, she’d asked for an ice cream like a child, and as she’d started eating it, she’d started smiling too.  By the lake, she’d wanted me to take a photo of her with a black swan.  At night, we’d had lobsters on the cruise, my mother didn’t care that it was cold foods, she’d had a grand time, eating.

In New Zealand, she got to hold the koala and the sheep for the photo opportunities.  In Australia, she’d insisted on getting on those roller coaster rides, and I couldn’t talk her out of it, and so, I could only go along with her.  (in the air, the two of us screamed, nonstop, the anti-gravity really DID scare me to death!)

These two trips, she’d gotten well-feed, slept really well too, she was in good spirits and good physique, everything to her is like brand new, and, it’d ignited her curiosities.  I saw how she’d grinned from ear to ear every day, so active, so cute too, like she returned back, to her childhood days.  I feel somewhat, estranged from her now, she’s no longer the uptight, introverted mother I used to know anymore…

So, looks like your mother just needed to unwind a bit, and, her personality change should be applauded, because she’s finally letting loose, and, because you’d accompanied her on so many journeys, that, was why you were granted the chance, to see a side of her, that none of you ever knew existed, and that still just shows, how mothers needed to unwind from time to time…

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