With a Lacking of Hospital Beds, the Number Keeps on Rising, with the Commanding Center Living in a Parallel Space

Even though, there’s, the all-citizen healthcare plan provisions by the government, it isn’t until the outbreaks grew to uncontrollable measures, did we find the lackings in the, system!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

we can CONQUER MERS-CoV, if we all, work, together!!!…uh, that’s, what YOU think! Photo from online

The local epidemic of MERS-CoV came since May 11th, since, there’s been, 3,000 member of the community who’d been confirmed for diagnoses, there’s, the lacking of hospital beds, medical staff members, many of the hospital staff members don’t dare return home, they’d camped out at the hospitals.  And, a lot of whom were confirmed in contracting the virus, stayed at home a long time, still not gotten to the hospitals.  And, for two consecutive days, the highest death tolls of six came, there were even those who’d been confirmed in diagnoses, who’d died before they’d arrived in the hospitals, those who received the confirmed diagnoses after they were, already dead.  The commanding officer, Chen, seemed to be living in a parallel space, used the standardized answers of “we’re currently tallying up the energies of the medical treatment units”, and “those without the severe symptoms, shall not get admitted to the hospitals for their stays”.

Since May 14th to date, there were, seventeen cases who’d died, and of them, seven OHCA, and three cases were confirmed for contractions of the virus after they’d passed.  The FB group of the medical care professional posted a ton of awful things, that there were those who’d received the confirmed diagnoses, who’d entered into the hospitals, but the hospitals won’t take them in, and there were the cases of how the ambulances rushed the patients with chest pains who received the confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV, with the E.R. department of the hospitals refusing to admit them, and they’d waited for over an hour, before getting transferred, to an, alternative hospital for treatment.

And, in the press conference of the commanding center, these things seemed to, become, nonexistent, as the press asked, “where can the patients without MERS-CoV get treated?”, Chen replied, “The E.R. is still, open!”

let’s all, we the people, work together, to DEFEAT this, virus, so stated, the MORON!!! found online

And, as the inquiries of “is there enough support of staff and supplies medically in Taipei and Hsinbei City?”, the officials all answered, mechanically, “Currently, we’re, adding XX number of treatment clinics, X number of respirators!”, the number looked pretty, so why is all the major hospitals in frenzies?  With the medical staff members too stressed already?

As for the questions of, “how many are waiting for the hospital space who had been confirmed for MERS-CoV contraction?” came the, standardized response, “it’s hard for us to calculate, we’re, already, sending the members of the local communities into the hospital settings one by one!”, and these officials, NEVER once, answered the inquiries of how the medical response units are getting drained out.  And, the commanding center prided itself on “being ahead”, but since the outbreaks started happening all around, it can’t even answer to the most basic questions of the number of beds that are available, or the treatment plans available to those who are in need.

And so, this is still caused by?  Oh yeah, those, BIG bobblehead officials, with their HEADS up in the clouds, IMAGINING, that oh wow, everything is, a-okay!  And, it’s because of their attitude of, “if I don’t see it, then, it doesn’t exist” attitude, that’s going to, SCREW us all over, and there’s NOTHING, that we, ordinary citizens, can do about it!

Now, do we still think, we’re, way ahead of the provisions of healthcare systems, comparing to the rest of the world?  Well, we used to, but now……I don’t think so…………

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