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Does Taiwan Still Have a Future?

NOT, under the DICTATORSHIP of DDP, that’s for sure!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Saying that what’s happening in the politics of Taiwan is upsetting would be, an understatement.  For instance, after four years of not raising the cost of electricity, we are now, faced with an 8.5-percent increase in the cost of usage; might I ask, why couldn’t the government have adjusted the prices as the costs rise up slowly?  The head of department of economics, Wang stated that she hadn’t started using the air-conditioning systems this year at night yet, and claimed, that Nuclear two was forced to stop operations due to Hsinbei’s not issuing the “storage certifications”, meaning that everybody should use her as a role model, to save up on the electricity, as the power outages aren’t the responsibilities of the Department of Economics’ “jurisdictions”.

Su was even worse, he’d turned the head of police internal affairs into the middleman between him and the head of internal affairs, and the other man can’t stand it, and quit his post, then, Su stuck one of his men in the position.  Su’s proudest moment, was using the pool stick, gesturing at his own “grand acts”, giving the relief vouchers, the extra cash for rents, and, scolding all of his subordinates, he’s excellent at that, and, getting the Taiwanese Railroad systems to change the name of the mechanical units that they have.  How many of these items, are directly related to, the future of this country?

And now, Taiwan is, worsening like so, the bullshits of politics are drowning out the media, and what’s serious, worth the government’s noting, not enough of.  On the means of electricity provision, everybody is struggling in the whirlpool, the government uses “freezing the rates” to numb out our nerve endings.  Look, how Su is treating his post as a business matter, the heads of department became the minions, with everybody underneath these heads of departments, running around like headless chickens.  Who in this government is seeing the big picture, with the sights set on the futures?

Recently, the markets crashed to below 15,000 points, the TMSC had dropped to the four-hundreds, and, six trillion dollars had, evaporated.  And, this government that’s only been along for the rides, does it have any means to get TMSC back up?  What’s most depressing, aren’t these short-term things; but the Tsai government’s thick-skinned being in control, with nobody paying attention on the futures of this country, and nobody knows where Tsai’s leading us.

And yet, the people still blindly followed this god DAMN government, because the followers of the DDP are all, hypnotized into thinking, wow, everything IS a-okay!  Yeah, take a look around, there are, how many already DEAD from MERS-CoV again?  And, we are forced to INGEST poison from the U.S., Japan, the nuclear contaminated produces, remember?  Yeah, this is how a popularly elected DICTATOR ruined the entire country all right, and the saddest part is, those who are voting at the end of this year, are still voting for the DDP, because they’re still, WAY too, not yet awake!

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Thankful There’s No Time Machine

How the DDP is able to, BRAINWASH the masses, due to the younger generations of voters being, ignorant, because these younger generations had been, exposed to the wrong values of the DDP since they were younger, and, by the time they are older, those wrong beliefs had already been, too deep in, and even AT the sight of things that proved that the party hadn’t been doing right by the people, they still, chose to be blind about it, so, hands down, to DDP’s ability to BRAINWASHING these ignorant younger generations of voters here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty three years ago, to celebrate the birth of “New China”, the Chinese publisher published the new book, “The Foremost Voices of History”, with the various newspapers’ commentaries, criticisms from 1946 to 1949, with the subtitle of “The Majestic Promise from Fifty Years Ago”.  And yet, as soon as the volume was published, it was evaluated by the government, and put on the ban list, because the criticism of the authoritarianism of the government of China, is opposite of what the people expected of a free nation, and this is still applicable, FIFTY years later!

Communism was once, the ideals of a lot of the youth in China, by the same way, the participants of movements of the party politics here, were also filled with the higher up ideals, and rebelliousness.  For instance, the belief of how democracy needed to be balanced out, the country can’t be used as a private machine by the party in power, and the politics of the councils should NOT be the teams of votes supporting the party, using its large number of seats, and crushing everything else.

What would, those who weren’t in power see, of their own party, as they’d examined the tracks?  After the DDP took complete power of the country, it’d carried that “I’m now ruling” attitude; and, as the party got the majority seats in the legislatures, it’d run over the opinions that aren’t aligned with their own, to keep itself in absolute power; the justice, the examination department, the district attorney’s offices, the investigative units, and all other, independently operating agencies, all became, pocketed by the party, and the DDP had gone all the way, in “party rulership”.  Not only that, comparing how in the earlier eras of the party, with the multiple opinions available to be heard, and now, everything’s one-sided, the voice of the party ranked supreme; when they’re out of power, they’d sung loudly, that the legislature should operate independently, and, criticized the executive department’s meddling in, and now, it’d partook the role which the party hated when it wasn’t in power; nothing is worth their time, save for ensuring the personal benefits were watched out for, or their party supporters got a position higher up.

Thankfully, time machine hadn’t been invented, that we don’t need to face up to our, past selves.  And so, therefore, “The Foremost Voices of History” is definitely banned in China, and the textbooks, must be, rewritten here in Taiwan too, because, controlling the past, and controlling the parents, are always, two sides of, the same, mirror.

And this is, how the DDP ruled over this country, like the DICTATORS of the CKS era, and because they’d brainwashed all of those, younger generations of followers, incited hatred in them, because those younger generations can’t JUDGE for themselves, because they’d been raised, groomed to believe the words of the party that’s currently ruling over this god DAMN country, and those of us who aren’t in line with their beliefs, we don’t feel the need, to vote, because that last issues voting showed, that our voting YES on all the issues, didn’t do SHIT, as the government led by the DDP, found ways to, ignore the voices of the people, after all, they’d, managed to brain wash all the younger generations of followers, because the younger generations had been exposed to what the DDP’s preaching since they were too young to even know it, and, so naturally, they will go along, with whatever the DDP tells them to do.

Now, Fido, go FETCH!

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Humanity & Honesty

This is what happens, when the government has too much power, too much control, over the people’s lives, they ruin us all!  And yet, we the people are still blind, like the head of the C.D.C. who’s stuck in the mindset of “we’re number one” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With MERS-CoV spreading quickly, it’d become, a global, pandemic.

For more than two years on end, the CDC reported the statistics, and the declining number of those who’d died, who’d contracted became, what settled the people’s minds, plus the government had that halo of “being the model for all the world in the pandemic”, it’d driven the people to accept the limitations, the restrictions the government had placed on our, lives, following the orders of what the government tells us to do, misbelieved, that so long as we followed the “orders” of the head of the CDC, we can be safe and healthy. And so, we’d slowly, lose our guards over the fact, that we need to check the government in the means of disease control, if it was, damaging the rights of we the people.  In reality, when someone does mention it, then, the individual is viewed as malicious, in attacking the government’s means, and sued for libeling against the government, or that they worried too excessively.

And yet started in April, the local cases started up, with the rise in the digits of deaths, of confirmed contractions, everyone of us felt unsafe, with enormous psychological stress, and due to the fast increase of the morbidity rates, the collective anxiety didn’t pale by comparison to the major earthquake of September 21, 1999, with no end in sight.

And yet, the CDC still, ritualistically, reported on the statistics, without realizing, what the messages of those statistics meant to the people, and toward the criticism of how this country had dropped to the last three in the monthly flexibility indicator of defense against the outbreaks, he’d responded coldly, “the pandemic heating back up, it’s something all countries in the world will experience.”, “as the pandemic heated up, there are now more of those who contracted, and naturally, we’d, dropped places, and hopefully, that as this current wave blows over, we will, get ahead again.”, and it’d made me, feel disappointed toward, humanity!

This is NOT a matter of places, but the lives that were precious which were, lost!  With the highest official of medical services stating so coldly, how can our hearts not, grow cold!  “Dearest” head of C.D.C., please don’t remember, every single body that’d turned cold, is someone’s, family!

With all these rules now set up, all testing the humanities of the people here!  Empathize, how the offspring, toward the lives of their elders being lost to the outbreaks, needed to get them cremated within twenty-four hours, and not allowing the families to properly grieve, to get the deceased presentable enough, how upsetting!  The children of the elderly population who’d died from contraction, they were caught off guard; but, who can help ease the sorrows of the loss of that fifteen-year-old teen’s father?  While the father of En-En, so lonely, and he had to, get put in the fires of the politics!  How is this sort of treatment justice?  Pray tell, as a young child who’d been active, losing his life in a matter of few short days, due to a high fever, in the well-established medical provision systems available to everybody in the country, how tragic!

And we became the best example of how democracy turned into, authoritarianism!  The people who are too mild and gentle, can’t stand up to this self-righteous, egotistical, abusing power, populist government, with the president elected by popular votes, and we the people are manipulated, abused by these self-righteous, egotistical, abuse government officials.  And because democracy is intertwined with authoritarianism, the media, the means had already, lost its power to restrict the government from having absolute power, and couldn’t find out, who exactly it was that gave Chen the power to make the confirmations of whether or not the government’s doing right by the people. 

The people have the right to know, what went wrong in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV.  I hope, that the rate of death ranking at highest in Taiwan can, burst Chen’s bubbles, and wake the entire CDC up, like how he’d made the policy of “coexisting with the virus”, he must be on the same page as we the people too, and, get rid of that pride from the democratic authoritarianism, and take other countries’ experiences, so the country will fare better as a whole!

Yeah, this is how absolute power equals absolute CORRUPTION, take the past examples of how the DDP took rule over the people, and see how they’d, FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the country, and it’s still all due to one man’s way too huge ego, his inability to admit he’d been mistaken, and his inability to CHANGE his ways, and all the people in this god DAMN country is still, going down with this head of the CDC here!

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When the Saliva Tests Lacked the Efficacy, the DDP Still Blamed it on the Virus

How corrupt the DDP is, from the inside out, rotten, to the core, and we the people are still, allowing it, to ABUSE us all?  Wow, we are, stupid, aren’t we???  These are the FACTS, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Sanitation Welfares approved the import of the Gmate Covid-19 Saliva Test by Medigenvac, and was suspected of benefiting the manufacturers.  Recently, the KMT caught that the brand of saliva test isn’t effective in finding if the Omicron strain was present, and the manual by the manufacturer already stated so, so why had the Department of Health Welfare Sanitations still imported it?  Chen’s response was direct and to the point: “the virus can only be detected if the cycle threshold value is under twenty-four, that it’d fitted to the national regulations.

And, translating what Chen stated to layman’s terms: your readings came back negative, it’s because you don’t have a high enough concentration of the virus in you, you’re not, sick enough yet.  The magical number of twenty-four, don’t know how Chen came about setting that; if people used this brand of saliva test, they may have contracted the virus, but thought they didn’t.  It’s a wonder, that Chen stated that, there is a three-times underreported number of the confirmed contractions; must be that too many people had used this brand of, ineffective saliva test, that they can’t tell if they contracted MERS-CoV or not.

Problem being, this Korean manufacturer stated that the test can’t be tested for Omicron strain, and yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not only allowed it to get imported, it’d used us, as lab rats to test its, efficacy, said that the cycle threshold of twenty-four under will be tested.  Chen’s “considerations” also went up, to a, whole new, level.  And yet the Department of Health Sanitation & Welfares had been blocking all the vaccines, the medications, and other brands of quick scan kits, how did it set up such, double standards?

Had it not been this current outbreak, the people may still be in the dark about just how bureaucratic, how incompetent the Department of Sanitation & Welfares is, and how it’d, abused its powers completely.  Last year, the Tsai government’s wrong love for the Medigenvac Vaccines, everybody was here, to witness how the person in power, disregarded the health, the welfare of the people, and, favored the company, and falsified the records to help its case.  And yet, we never imagined, that this scandal is still continuing on, while Chen is, ever the more, shameless, lying his ass off.

Chen’s most widely used motto is, “blame it on the virus”; when you can’t test it, it’s still, the virus’s, fault!

This still just showed, how the DDP abused its powers, made us all, into, sacrificial goats of its, rule, and this government could care LESS about the welfare of we the people, and, we’re, allowing the DDP to keep on abusing power, screwing our lives over, are we stupid, or are we, stupid here???

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Blaming the Virus?  The Head of the CDC Should Shoulder More of the Responsibilities

How the head of the CDC here, who’s now, so totally, distracted by how he will be up for the mayoral race of the city of Taipei, that he’d, let his current job as the had of the CDC slide!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the local outbreaks of MERS-CoV started, we may all have a difference of view, differences of opinion on the CDC’s policies, and yet, toward the at-home-quarantine’s “three-plus-four”, causing the entry level employees’ workloads to exceed the capacity of what the employees can carry, and the complaints that started, surfacing, the head of CDC, Chen stated it clearly, “You want someone to blame, blame the virus then!”, totally, showing his stature, and his, level.

The movie, “Ike: Countdown to, D-Day”, on the highest commander in the European front in World War II for the Allies, General Eisenhower, the weighing, measuring the pros and cons before he’d, ordered the D-Day attacks.  Eisenhower not only carried the stresses that he can’t lose this battle, he’d also, had to, tailor to the expectations placed on him from all angles, politically, toward the British prime minister, Churchill, and the French president, Charles De Gaulle; on the military front, he’d had to deal with the various commanding officers of the various military departments, ass he was already under enormous pressures, when he had the opportunities to go see the servicemen on the frontlines of war, he’d had to, put out his, down-to-earth, optimistic side to boost their morale.  Other than winning, the most important is reducing the casualties, after Eisenhower decided this, he’d prepared for the worst too, that if the war didn’t go as expected, he’d also, prepared a statement of defeat, prepared to shoulder everything himself.

Eisenhower had wanted to use the smallest costs, to get the victories in the battles, and to end the war soonest, he’d not “planned ahead”, thinking of how he will use the halo of his military tactics that brought about the victory, to boost him higher up as he’d returned back to the U.S. in the political realms, when he’d held the military meetings, he’d not just found the officers of the various army sects who agreed with him; and, as the heads of these separate departments voiced their opinions, he’d not acted like he was above the rest of them, coldly told the separate department heads, to go check the manual; he’d not told the servicemen, you got assigned to these squadrons, as he was faced with the possibilities of the huge numbers of casualties of the invasions of the beaches of Normandy, and, as the invasions of Normandy was successful, or if it’d not been, he’d not told, that it’s because of how amazing the commander was, that as there were the fails, he’d not stated, “it’s the soldiers who were ill-prepared to battle”; and, as he’d visited the basic levels of the platoons, he’d not told the soldiers, “don’t blame me for putting you guys onto the battlefields, you want someone to blame, blame the German Nazis”.

As the epidemic of MERS-CoV in Taiwan is about to head up to the climax in a little over two whole years, at this time, the head of the CDC had been suggested, “humbler, humbler, be, HUMBER”, using the correct attitude that’s taking the responsibilities , to lead us through, this unpredictable, epidemic, and only with THIS attitude, we just might, have a, chance of, winning!

And so, this is still how the EGO of one loser (man, XY, of the species of Homos sapiens???), ruined us all, and, because Chen is the head of CDC, whatever happens in the outbreak, like OMG, there’s NOT enough vaccines for all, or, OMG, the shortages of the quick scan kits, etc., etc., etc., he will be under the B-U-S, keeping Tsai, our big oversized, bobblehead PRESIDENT OUT of the line of the people’s fires and angers, and so, that is why, we are still, RUINED, by this, god damn, government of, ours!

Oh, wait a second, I’m the PROUD owner of an, ANARCHY, or rather, this is still, a DICTATORSHIP that I’m currently, running, on all four of these blogging sites of mine, and I’m still not RULED by any of that, okay???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, the big oversized, bobblehead of the queen is now, nodding off here…

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They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word

A recent column by Frank Bruni brought to my attention something that … for whatever reason … had not occurred to me in this whole education “cultural war” anti-CRT, anti-LGBTQ school curriculum battle.  DAMMIT, Ron DeSantis and others who would deprive our children of an education … WE THE PEOPLE … all of us, even […]

They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word


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The Vaccines for Young Children, the Government Lost on Three Fronts

How the government totally DISREGARDED the right to life, the welfare of the younger children, for its own, political needs here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matter of vaccines, it’s actually, political, and you can’t decide whether or not the policies are right or wrong based off of the theories in medicine.  From the political angle, the necessities of the vaccines are, considered, while pathologically, it’s the side effects that are, considered.  If the government wants to win on all these fronts, then, it would have to be more than precise in its timing, otherwise, the opposite of exactly what the government wanted to accomplish would happen.  The issues of children’s vaccines this time, was a classic case of how all sides ended up losing, the government, the CDC, the people.

But, why is the matter of vaccines a political issue, because, if the vaccinations are taken off the shelves based off of the side effects, then, there would be, tons of vaccines that will get, taken off the shelves.  And, when there’s the need of preventing contractions, the government them have the responsibilities to find the needed vaccines for the people, don’t’ matter if the vaccines are effective, how long it can last, preventing the spread, should be, the government’s, primary, goal.  Because, the vaccines are designed to fit everyone’s needs, and the reason why the vaccines can’t pass the okay from the CDC, is primarily due to lack of test subjects in the clinical trials.  After the vaccines had proven in efficacy, the government still looked for the adverse side effects, to see if there are, alternatives, and if we can, get our hands on these, alternatives.  So, the needs is, the golden standard to determine the policies on the vaccines.

In this current wave of epidemic, the Taiwanese government boosted Medigenvac all the way, but are there, the adaptivity of the “homegrown” vaccines internationally?  No, but, the government has the needs, and at the time, Taiwan couldn’t get enough of the already working vaccines into the country.  Naturally, this allowed the president to use her executive orders, to have Medigenvac create the vaccines, to sell it to we the people, none of these had been faulty, because, there’s, the necessities.  From this, it’d proven, that the policies of the vaccines in Taiwan, is, politically, manipulated.

And now, let’s take a look at the children globally, being vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccines, at the very start, they’re, prioritized toward the last in line, this was totally opposite in the flu vaccines.  The flu vaccines prioritize children as firsts, to prevent the transmission strains.  This is how the government decided on the priorities of the Covid 19 vaccines, with the elderly population, and the hospital staff members as the first in line.  And yet the Covid 19 vaccines placed children toward the bottom, and, Taiwan had, prioritized the officials in the CDC as the firsts to get their vaccinations, and they’d, justified it as there’s no other way.

Comparing to how the Medigenvac getting boosted by the government, the government here, doesn’t even CARE about children not getting their vaccines.  The side effects, are merely an excuse that the government has, for delaying the children’s usable vaccines.  If when the vaccines are in shortage, the government helps the children find a vaccine that works, even if it is from Medigenvac, allowing children to be the firsts in line to get them, whether it be not enough known of the side effects in children, there wouldn’t be so many upset parents right now.

And so, the timing of the policies of vaccines is too vital, the opening of children vaccinated with Moderna is correct, but the timing being off, then, the “generosity” of the government, became, an excuse.  Plus, the government made it known to the people, that the only vaccine that had been proven safe for the children, BioNTech, can’t get in, because the government’s own “hating China” sentiments, refusing to negotiate the terms of contract with Shanghai’s Fosun Pharma, so the BioNTech vaccines can be shipped over.  It’d, angered the parents even more so, how the government’s anti-Chinese sentiments, can, be more important than the lives of young children in this country, totally inhumane.  And what came from this, the debates on whether to stop the classroom sessions in school or not, busted the incompetence of the government out into the open.

Using politics, to manipulate the vaccines, it’s the norm of policies of the vaccines, which fitted to the workings of the society.  And yet, this government used the top hat of science, and, pushed the younger generations toward the fronts of “hating China”, it’s so tragic, for children living in Taiwan.

And so, look what this government, is willing, to SACRIFICE, the future generations, because it only CARES about its own political means, turning the people here (who are too stupid to know better!), against China, and not giving the children a chance to live, by depriving them of the vaccines that’s proven safe for them to get vaccinated with, and to think that the majority of voters (as all the DDP supporters all go to the polls?) still voted this party of dictators.  We (collectively speaking, that is) the people are, surely, STUPID all right!

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A Brand New Way, for the Government to Spy on, Keep Tabs on, We the People…

The CDC announced, that it’ll be, doing away with the barcode scanning systems, and, in its place, there’s, a brand new, more precise system, that gets the information out faster, and all of that translates to?

The government’s found a brand new way, to keep tabs on the people, as we the people are already, fatigued, being on guard all the time, with the spread of MERS-CoV starting back up again, and, the government came up with, a brand new way, to keep tabs on we the people (‘cuz not all of us scan those barcodes, because we are afraid, about our information, leaking out?  Some of us still use these, handwritten forms provided by the shops here!), and, this brand new system, that the CDC is switching to, uses, an ever more precise mean, to keep tabs on its people, and there’s nothing WE the people CAN do because we are, enslaved (like I’d already mentioned that, god knows how many times already???) by the government, and now, the government’s gotten its taste of absolute power, do you think it’s going to, let it go???  HECK no!

what we the people become, under the rule of DDP! photo from online

And no, this still, ain’t NO conspiracy theory that I’m currently, “operating under” right now………

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Is the Tsai Government, Too Zoomed in on the Issues Voting that it’d Not Seen the Coming of the Mutated Strains?

How this government voted by the people (which WE make up!!!), does NOT think on behalf of we the people, but cared only of its, benefits, and screwing, ALL of us, over!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In just a week’s time, the mutated Omicron strain spread from Africa to all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia too, the speed of which the virus is spreading, caused global panic, causing the stock markets all around the world to CRASH.  In the sounding of the red alerts, the various nations started fearing the Omicron strain may cause yet, another, wave of contractions, and started tightening up the defenses, fighting against time, to set up the barriers.  Only the government run by Tsai, still focused on the defense of “Anti-Public Opinion Voting”, she’s totally oblivious toward the new strain of MERS-CoV.

this is, what most other countries are, doing, to prevent the newest mutated strains from getting in, photo from online

The W.H.O. stated, that the massive amounts of mutations on the Omicron virus is never-seen before.  Evidence showed, that not only are the chances of repeatedly infected heightened, there was a physician in Israel who’d received three vaccinations, and still caught it, showing the higher risks of contraction of the Omicron strain.  The various nations around the world are now, confirming the rates of death, and the chances of having serious health problems of this new strain, with the two weeks in the future being the key periods, and, the time just matched up to the start of the New Year’s quarantine plans that we have here.  Toward this, the local heads of government doubted that the “seven-plus-seven” quarantines won’t be easy to enforce, worried, that seven days’ worth of quarantine won’t be enough, and the seven more days of the at-home quarantine may cause the breakages of defense against the spread in the local communities.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou, and all the experts advised central government, to adjust this.

And yet, Chen was, calm as ever, claimed that the new mutated strain had recently been found out, and, that we need to wait to see how it will develop, that it would work better, than, preparing for the worst, and he’d, insisted on the seven-plus-seven term of quarantine of the polices.  For this, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen suggested to the members of his public to stay for a full fourteen days at the quarantine hotels, to reduce the risk of contact with one’s own, families.

The worries of the local government officials are, warranted.  Other than the city of Taipei, Keelung, and the three counties away from the island, all the other cities and counties have a less-than-sixty-percent rate of having been vaccinated with two doses, while the rate of elderly seventy-five and older who’d gotten fully vaccinated is only, sixty-five, and it’d not gotten any higher.  If the mutated strain came, with the speedy infectious rate, surely, it would, cripple the medical resources, and the effects, unimaginable.  Japan who’s near to us, saw that the enemies are coming fast, and, locked up the nation’s gates, to wait until the epidemic slows back down.

Chen told bluntly, that Omicron may enter into the country, but other than calling out to the public to get vaccinated, he’d not, done anything else more.  The command center knew, that the coverage rate of vaccination is not quite enough, with the enemies at our gates, toward the citizens flying back for the New Years, matching up to the dates of the public voting too; but, it didn’t matter how many experts warned against this, it’d not, gotten louder than the political callings of voting against the public voting issues.

We’d gone through the hardships of stage three alerts, with economy getting hit hard, we’re still, in recovery right now.  But, the Tsai government, to BLOCK the public voting policies from passing into law, masqueraded the deaths of the outbreak into the efforts of the government in the defense against MERS-CoV; the head of legislature, Su, spoke so lightly of how the mutated strain is on our door steps, said that he’d, already, set up the plans for the teens to get their second vaccinations, the adults, their, third.  The boosting of the hoard immunity that the government spoke on, but, they’d ignored how the vaccination rates are, dying off currently, not done a thing about it, fearing, that they may cause the public to get mad, right before, the public issue voting.

Su had not only been calculated in the directives, but also, missing the boat too.  First, the rate of complete vaccinations of elderly over seventy-five can’t get higher, because the members of the public are fearful of the side effects, and gave up on getting the vaccinations completely.  Europe, the U.S., as well as China are now, offering incentives to those who get vaccinated, to up the fully vaccination rates; while the government run by Tsai, used the foreigners who come into the country, to “falsify the data” of the vaccination statistics, to give off that look, that the majority had been, vaccinated.

Secondly, the Omicron strain is also, a test of preparation of vaccines for Taiwan.  The European nations, and U.S. are already, making the people get their third, while, the Moderna shipments are, almost, used up, although the government ordered up 20 million more doses, but, it’s scheduled to arrive next year, and the year after, and we don’t know if that’s enough, to keep Omicron from taking over.  If Moderna is delayed in shipment still, how will those in the public who’d gotten vaccinated with Astra-Zeneca for their first doses, be able to, have a choice in vaccines for the third?  As for BioNTech vaccines, the shipments had arrived in ten million doses, and there are, over eight million of whom who’s hade the vaccinations, and if all the teens get their needed one-dose, then, the 15 million doses donated by the private sectors won’t have that much left.  And yet, Chen used the excuse of “we have more than enough”, and refused to purchase more, and, what will these eight million individuals in the public have for their, third doses?  And so even as the head of the State, Su had, instructed that people get a third vaccine, we have to question: of what?  Where will all the vaccines come from?

comparing to WHAT, this government ruling over us is doing…

and, this is what, our, @#$%ING heads of governments are, doing…photo from online

In the purchasing of the vaccines, the Tsai government still puts politics ahead of the people’s needs, ideologies ruling over science and reason, that’s why, the holes keep on, busting, open.  Once Omicron breaks into Taiwan, the lives of we the people will totally get, altered for sure, and so, we need to get ahead, to NOT have a replay of not enough vaccines.  Last year, due to black box operations, the government missed out on the opportunities to buy the vaccines that the general public needs, which put Taiwan under; and now, are we still, hoping that Terry Go, and other countries, to donate to us still???

Yeah, this just showed how brainless the government is, how it does NOT, CARE, one bit, about the wellbeing of, WE the people, and WE, are a people, ENSLAVED, destined to be, sacrificed, by the bad ideologies of this, god damn, @#$%ING government of ours.  And, there’s NOTHING any of us can do, because, we are, enslaved by the government, and, we got, too comfy, in living as SLAVES here…


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