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The Personal Opinions Caused the History of the Country to Fall to Chaos

Yeah uh, this is still, full of SHIT, if you ask me!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

This year brings the seventieth anniversary of the Treaty of Peace with Japan and the Republic of China’s Peace Treaty with Japan being in effect, the Historical Museum and the local think tank hosted a seminar, hoping to get the people understand the matters of the contracts, the ownership of Taiwan, and Penghu, and the meanings of, but, due to the officials’ “personal opinions” being inaccurate, it’d, confused the people.

The director of the historical museum was called to speak to the legislation yesterday, and, there are about, four pages of written reports, taking out the photos, the charts, and the graphs, and the head of the museum had, quoted the researchers of the scholars, and, only summed up his own take on the matter, in two paragraphs.  His summation stated, that the International contract is constant, and yet, the political means of the international world is, constantly changing, that we need to adapt to the changes of international relations with the time that it comes.

it’s like this…

Tada! Comic found online

Toward this debate, the official statement seemed to coincide with the beliefs of “constantly changing, improving with the times”.  On the conference that Chen attended on April 23rd this year, he’d just mentioned of the “uncertainty of Taiwan’s place in the world”, that’s gotten the criticisms; to the legislature, Chen however, stated, that he’d not mentioned, “that the place of Taiwan is still undefined to date”, that it was misunderstanding of the audience, that what he’d meant was “uncertain from before, but set now.”, through the congressional elections, and the direct form of democracy, etc., etc., Taiwan is already, a, self-governing, country.

Based off of the August Q & A of the Foreign Affair’s “The Peace Treaty Agreement between the Republic of China and Japan”, it was incorrect to state, that “Taiwan isn’t defined in its place”.

And this, is just, what the DDP does, misinterpret the meanings of these, ancient documents, to, make the people think, that wow, we’re, independent, of course the country had always been independent, and yet, since the DDP took office, it’d been, trying, to sway the people into believing, that we are a part of China, that we need to separate from China, uh, since the Nationals retreated here back in 1949 (think it was!), the country had been set up, to independently, operate on its own, and yet, this stupid government tells us otherwise, because it wants the people to HATE China, for its attempt, to taking us over, uh, hello, hello, hello?  Do you see the communist armed forces taking over this island right now?  HECK no!

What’s taking us over, is the stupidity of the DDP, and, we the people (still NOT a part of that, “collective”) are letting the DDP, to sway us, wow, we the people are, stupid all right!

No offense, to “WE, the people” here!…

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The Regrets, Not Allowed Chen

Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, on the Head of Public Health Defense’s bad policies for the vaccines here, translated…

Just as the Tsai government took that sharp turn, to take down the BioNTech vaccine shipments, Bloomberg posted its August defense against MERS-CoV list, of the fifty-three independent economic systems, Taiwan ranked 41st, and it’s, a place back from July’s list.  Taiwan’s outbreaks is slowly on the decline, so why are we, still, ranked toward the bottom?  We can get partial of what caused this, from the Commander of Defense, Chen’s stating that he was “regretless” toward last year’s BioNTech deals in Asia-East.

The Tsai government’s refusing the Fosun Pharmaceutical Agent for BioNTech, Chen stated, that back then, it was “to go along with people’s expectations”; actually this, was the result of how the government was taken hostage by the populists after it’d manipulated the public to go against China.  And now, turning back, eight hundred lives, as well as the losses in economy, gone like smoke and ashes, Chen still, don’t hold a single regret; but, the international world remembers it, Taiwan can only demonstrate for the world just once: how the “best-in-class”, fall to the bottom so quickly.

The rankings of the flexibility toward the defenses against MERS-CoV signaled, that the mutated strains made the future ever the more, uncertain, and the lowered rates of infectiousness is no longer enough, because of the low vaccination rates, the sealing up the countries, elevating the alert levels, reducing the number of flights coming in to the country, and other causes, losing the flexibility of the defense systems, that, is what caused the economy to fall.  Especially, the flexibility of defense isn’t just related to the spread of the virus, it also involved the tactics of the country’s international strategies as well; when fighting against MERS-CoV meets politics, it’d shown, just how weak Taiwan became.

The researchers from Central Research Agency, Wu pointed out, that the defense against MERS-CoV is now, the new warzone for the countries collective competition of this new Cold War, that we got, stuck in now.

So, it was, Tsai, deciding on Taiwan’s strategic place of war, that won’t allow Chen any regrets; but, as nothing more than a pawn in the U.S.’s chess game against China, Taiwan not only lost its flexibility to defend against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, the country had, also, lost its, ability to fight and to survive.

And to sum all of that up: yay, we’re all, gonna D-I-E! (high-fives all around for all of us, still living on this, god forsaken, island here!), and it’s all because of the leader, Tsai’s beliefs of taking Taiwan as an INDEPENDENT country, well, can the country stand on its own???  HECK no!  We’re still, reliant, on other nations’ aide, in the vaccines, because the god damn government lacked the FORESIGHT, from ‘bout a year ago, when the outbreaks aren’t this hard yet, it’d, spent its money…wait, where the @#$%, did the government spend ALL our taxes again?  How the HELL should I know, I don’t do the books for the government here!

And, instead of focusing on how to get WE the people (more like WE the STUPID people!) through this hard time of MERS-CoV outbreak, the government is playing that game of politics here, and it still hadn’t learned ITS lessons, Y-E-T!

We’re all, screwed here!!!

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The Vaccine Economics

The stupidity of the government putting ALL its eggs, inside, that basket of, too-advanced biotechnology developmental methods of vaccines, and, we the people still, all get, @#$%ED up, not to mention, how we will all become, the government’s, LABRATS, in the testing trials here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are currently, SIX vaccines approved by the W.H.O., the BioNTech of Germany with Pfizer, Moderna from the U.S., J&J from the U.S., and AZ from Great Britain.  And, although there are many marketed companies of the National Pharmaceutical Company, but, the Chinese Bio-Tech Company isn’t among one of the publicly traded companies.  The Sinova Company doesn’t belong to any of the subsidiaries, it was once publicly traded in the U.S., but got its plugs pulled.  So, I can only, discuss the matter of vaccine economics based off of the public records of the first four mentioned companies.

Of the four, BNT and Moderna are vaccines for MERS-CoV only, before the developments of the vaccines, the companies made almost, NO income, not made any sales at all.  But, before Astra-Zeneca had developed the MERS-CoV vaccines from last year, the company already have about $26 billion U.S. from all its other drugs, while Johnson & Johnson is among the biggest pharmaceutical, medical equipment and beauty products, making over $85 billion U.S a year, of them, the drugs made $45 billion a year.

Did the success of the vaccines reflect on the stock prices of these companies?  Since December of last when BioNTech got the approval from FDA in the U.S., the stock prices doubled to the current $240 from the original $120, the worth of the company rose up to $58 billion U.S., seventeen times the price that it’d started trading at when it first came to the markets back in October of 2015.  Moderna rose about fifty-five-percent since last year’s FDA approval on December 18th of last, and the stock prices rose twelve times since its debut trading days in December, 2018, to $87 billion U.S.

The other two pharmaceutical companies, the stock prices didn’t leap up like those newer company that surfaced, the prices of Astra-Zeneca since last December when Great Britain okayed its emergency use rose about twenty-percent while the giant Johnson and Johnson, after FDA approval, only rose about five-percent.  Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s milder stock performances showed how the vaccines were, only, a tiny portion of the companies total products.  By first quarter this year, AZ vaccines only made $275million, about four-percent of its total, the prices for total sale of Johnson & Johnson vaccines were only about $10 million, not even 1.5-percent of the company total.

BNT announced that at the start of June, it’d already sold 700 million vaccines, and received the orders of 1.8 million doses this year, and that it, with Pfizer will be able to make more than 30 billion doses by the end of the year.  In the first quarter, Moderna sent out 10 million doses by first quarter, and the goals of its total doses are eighty to a hundred million doses by the end of the yea, by next year, it hoped to produce three billion doses.  Although Moderna was slow to start compared to other pharmaceutical companies, but because the vaccines are made independently of BioNTech and Pfizer, and needed to share the costs and profits with Pfizer, the markets gave it a higher ranking than the other companies.  These two companies large-scale mass producing the vaccines also pointed to how MERS-CoV Vaccines will work like the flu vaccines, administered every year.

The data from the stock information don’t have the direct prices or costs of the vaccines, but, from the sales of the company, and the number of vaccines sold, BioNTech and Moderna costs about $17U.S. per shot, AZ at $4, Johnson & Johnson at $15.  This was, similar to the prices flowing around Taiwan on the international vaccines.

The publicly traded vaccine company here hit the highs of $85 billion N.T.s, only one-twentieth of BioNTech worth and one-thirtieth of Moderna.  Let’s say, that the company is set up for the market here in Taiwan, and, it makes about 50 million doses a year, twice the population, it’s only, one-sixtieth of BNT and Moderna.  And, comparing the protein methods the vaccines are made with, it’s looked pale by comparison with Novavax that’s going up for international approval by third quarter of this year, while the stock prices of the vaccine company here is only one-fifth of Novavax’s.  You can all decide for yourselves, if the hike in the stock price of the vaccine company here is reasonable or not.

And so, this still just showed, how it’s all, a H-O-A-X, this hike in the vaccine manufacturing company here, it’s because the government has its hands, dipped into the manufacturing of the vaccines, so, of course the prices are hiking up now, but, the technologies, are too advanced, and, not yet proven, and this country had, put all its eggs in that one basket, betting that it will work, but, what if it doesn’t work as well, then, the company will surely, CRASH, then what???  Oh yeah, the government loses all its, investments, and, WHO pays for the workings, the functioning of the government here again???  Oh yeah, WE do, and yet, “We the people”, are allowing this government of ours, to BULLSHIT us!!!  And, instead of buying as many doses of vaccines that’s already been proven by the WHO to help its people, the government’s, SCREWING us all over, and there’s nothing we can do about that, ‘cuz “we the people” are just, way too, god damn, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) stupid, that we’d, elected this president who only has HER own agenda in mind!

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The Mirrors of Truth of Vaccines, Reflected on How Incompetent the Government Truly is

The government, TOO incompetent, and “we” the people (still not included in “we” here though), way too, FUCKING (so???) retarded!  Another, ABUSER/ENABLER relationship style, in the federal, level here, commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the government just sent out the “news” of the vaccines being available to every citizen here, there came, the case of the clinic’s workers, getting the shots ahead of the rest, and all around, there’s, the claims of how people should not have priorities over each other, clearly showed, that people are, panicky, by the limited supplies of the vaccines here; at this time, the city of Kaohsiung sent out the memo, “forcing” the medical workers to get shot, and claimed, that if the hospital workers don’t receive their shots, fines will be, enforced, which clearly, showed, once more, that the government abused its, powers, the vaccines became a mirror of truth, and now, it’d, reflected, just how, incompetent this government, truly, is.

Level three alerted continued throughout the whole of Taiwan right now, over hundreds of confirmed diagnoses daily, the number won’t drop down; since yesterday, there are, a total of 385 deaths, and you can imagine, how the people are, starting to, panic; but, the lacking in the provisions of vaccines, and we’d had to get, categorized by groups, to wait for our turns, and we’re all worried now, that we won’t get at least, one injection, and, there would be the “specialty relations” of the vaccines, using the connections, the means that comes into form.

Providing enough vaccines for every citizen, that’s, the government’s, responsibilities, to free the people of panic, rather than severely criticizing the people for getting in line for the vaccines when it wasn’t their turns, we should trace back to why there aren’t enough supplies for all.  Like the famous man of culture, Jeng stated yesterday, he’d hoped, that Taiwan will have enough vaccines soon, to free us all, from the panics and the fears.

Tsai spoke on a press conference yesterday that she will, “Do all she could, to contain the spread”, but, since the start of the epidemic here, the government leaned toward the “benefitting of the party members”, the “special rights to get vaccinated”, and so, it’s only naturally, that based off of the government’s means of preventing the spread, everybody’s, fighting for the vaccines.  But, the roots of the problem lies in how the government “couldn’t get ahead”, and buy the vaccines in advance, because of how fast the virus is mutating, the distributions of the vaccines, the inoculations, that’s what’s caused this great scare, this, witch hunt.

And, the people were originally given the rights to choose the brand of the vaccines, to have their shots or not, but the Kaohsiung City Government announced that it will fine the hospital workers, the nurses, the doctors who didn’t get their injections.  This showed, how passive the government is handling the matter of vaccinations, and that, they’d, expand the rules at their wishes, when they want the people to fear, they’d, used the means of the punishments, the fines, and, this made people lose respect, and faith in our government, it’d showed, how the person in power lacked the basic means of ruling the country correctly.

We the people, don’t need the verbal encouragements from our president, we just want, when can we live free, healthy, of worries of the epidemic?  And rather than enforcing the law, the government should reassign its, resources, and manpower, to something it should be doing in the first place.

This is how, the government goes, AFTER its, people!  Because of the shortages of the vaccines here, we’re all, freaked out (hey, speak for your self!!!), and, because the number of contraction, number of death still, rises, that’s why, everybody’s, freaked out, which leads to those private workers of clinics, getting the inoculations, ahead of their turns.

It still all goes to how INCOMPETENT this majority-voted government, and its, president truly is!  And, there’s still, NOTHING we can do, as we’re all, too, CIVILIZED, to OVERTHROW the government, like that angry mob gathering outside someone’s house, with those, lit-up, fire torches here!

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Trump Refusing to Do the Presidential Debate from a Distance Claiming He’d Been Cured, and Set Up the Provisions of the Experimental Treatment Free to the Public

Why would “we the people”, want someone who showed a TOTAL disregard for the citizens’ lives as president???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Claimed that He’d Been “Cured”, Planned to Set up the Emergency Experimental Drugs to Treat MERS-CoV that’s Not Yet FDA Approved

Because of how the American president, Trump had contracted the coronavirus, the “Board of Presidential Debate Committee” decided on the eighth that the second presidential debate scheduled to air on the sixteenth to happen by interactive methods.  Trump immediately stated that he won’t be going to it.

The Second Debate Not Yet Set

Trump stated to the press, “I will refuse to take part in the interactive debates.  I will NOT waste my time on debating with my opponent who doesn’t face me.”

The Democratic candidate, Biden stated he was more than happy to do the presidential debates not in person.  But because of Trump’s refusal, the second presidential debate is now, debatable.

Trump was confirmed with contracting the coronavirus on the first, and on the fifth he’d left the hospital, returned to the WH to recuperate himself, the White House had yet to post the latest of Trump’s result from the sample he’d given.  He’d not followed the rules of quarantine as he’d returned back to the White House, he’d gone to the Oval Office to meet up with his cabinet members on the seventh, and took off his mask to give a tweeted speech outside of the White House.

The Return to the Oval Office

As Trump returned back to the Oval Office to hear the briefings, it’s the first time he’d worked with the officials after he was diagnosed.  The chief of staffs, Meadows said, that he and his Deputy Chief of Staff, Scavino had on a full hazmat suit, as they’re to enter into the Oval Office, but they’d not yet disclosed if Trump would do the same.

a video from YouTube on his return back to the WH…

The experts pointed out, for ten days at least that followed the confirmed diagnosis of MERS-CoV, it’s when the virus is highly contagious, and if the first of October being the day that Trump had contracted the virus, Trump is still a carrier, and spreading the virus around, and those around him are all at risk.

On the seventh, Trump went into the Rose Garden to make a personal video “Message from the President”, “I’m standing in front of the Oval Office now, and I’m back!”  Trump stated, that while in the hospital, he was ill, but twenty-four hours later, he’d felt okay, that’s why he’d wanted to get out of the hospital.

Before he was hospitalized, Trump received the experimental antibody treatment from a biotech company, Regeneron; in the film, he’d stated, that after he got injected, he’d immediately felt a whole lot better, “I believe this is the key!”, he would immediately sign the use of the antibiotic injection into use.

“These medicines don’t just treat the symptoms, they’d, cured me”, Trump described his conditions as “the blessing from God”, and that he was, “more than blessed”; he’d convinced his physicians to give the injections to him, and hoped that everybody else can be treated like the president too.

Trump said, that he’d personally experienced, that these medications were amazing, he will make the injections available to the American public, free of charge.

“You don’t need to pay for it, this isn’t your fault, it’s China’s”.  Trump said, China will pay for the spread of MERS-CoV to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Yeah uh, because this loser (feel free to RAT me out!) got “miraculously” cured, he is now, even more bloated in his ego, thinking that nothing can and WILL, ever harm him, and in this whole thing, he still pointed a finger, when HE was the one who’d caused a ton of the WH members to contract the virus, for REFUSING to wear a MASK to protect himself, as well as others from contraction, and, do you really, want this BIG-HEAD (unlike the big oversized bobble head of the Queen!) to lead you, U.S. voters?  Feel free to get back to me on that, or don’t, I’m still just, stating the “facts” reported on my local papers here, and feel free to SHOOT the messenger here!

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When the Lives Became, Pawns, in the Game of, Politics…

查看來源圖片what we the people, became…photo from online

This is, what’s, currently, happening right now, ALL around the world here!

Lives became, pawns, in the game of, politics, those god damn world leaders (i.e. presidents, kings/queens, monarchies, etc., etc., etc.) they don’t give a flying FUCK how the people down here (in the REAL world!!!) are living, they’re willing, to SACRIFICE us, pawns to them.  ‘Cuz that, is what we all, “little people” are to those people in their, high up status positions.

When the lives became pawns, in the game of, politics, this world had, gone to hell, and, this world had, already, sunk down too low right now.  You got your world leaders, refusing to participate in the world meetings that might give a solution to the current plague (and guess W-H-O got, sacrificed?  The PEOPLE!), and you got those, people who are sent to war as mercenaries, and they think they’re, fighting for justice and freedom, well, they’re, N-O-T, they’re, just the, SACRIFICED pawns, in the game of politics that the leaders are, playing, they’re, expandables, easily replaced, after all, so many little pieces are on the chess board, so long as the king and the queen don’t, get taken down!

And that, is how the chess game called life, on this chess board called, THE WORLD is, being played, and there’s, NOTHING we can do ‘bout it, because, we’re all, enslaved by these, false ideologies of freedom, democrazy, etc., etc., etc., etc.

And note: this is how the word: DEMOCRACY should be, spelled here!!!


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