Blaming the Virus?  The Head of the CDC Should Shoulder More of the Responsibilities

How the head of the CDC here, who’s now, so totally, distracted by how he will be up for the mayoral race of the city of Taipei, that he’d, let his current job as the had of the CDC slide!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the local outbreaks of MERS-CoV started, we may all have a difference of view, differences of opinion on the CDC’s policies, and yet, toward the at-home-quarantine’s “three-plus-four”, causing the entry level employees’ workloads to exceed the capacity of what the employees can carry, and the complaints that started, surfacing, the head of CDC, Chen stated it clearly, “You want someone to blame, blame the virus then!”, totally, showing his stature, and his, level.

The movie, “Ike: Countdown to, D-Day”, on the highest commander in the European front in World War II for the Allies, General Eisenhower, the weighing, measuring the pros and cons before he’d, ordered the D-Day attacks.  Eisenhower not only carried the stresses that he can’t lose this battle, he’d also, had to, tailor to the expectations placed on him from all angles, politically, toward the British prime minister, Churchill, and the French president, Charles De Gaulle; on the military front, he’d had to deal with the various commanding officers of the various military departments, ass he was already under enormous pressures, when he had the opportunities to go see the servicemen on the frontlines of war, he’d had to, put out his, down-to-earth, optimistic side to boost their morale.  Other than winning, the most important is reducing the casualties, after Eisenhower decided this, he’d prepared for the worst too, that if the war didn’t go as expected, he’d also, prepared a statement of defeat, prepared to shoulder everything himself.

Eisenhower had wanted to use the smallest costs, to get the victories in the battles, and to end the war soonest, he’d not “planned ahead”, thinking of how he will use the halo of his military tactics that brought about the victory, to boost him higher up as he’d returned back to the U.S. in the political realms, when he’d held the military meetings, he’d not just found the officers of the various army sects who agreed with him; and, as the heads of these separate departments voiced their opinions, he’d not acted like he was above the rest of them, coldly told the separate department heads, to go check the manual; he’d not told the servicemen, you got assigned to these squadrons, as he was faced with the possibilities of the huge numbers of casualties of the invasions of the beaches of Normandy, and, as the invasions of Normandy was successful, or if it’d not been, he’d not told, that it’s because of how amazing the commander was, that as there were the fails, he’d not stated, “it’s the soldiers who were ill-prepared to battle”; and, as he’d visited the basic levels of the platoons, he’d not told the soldiers, “don’t blame me for putting you guys onto the battlefields, you want someone to blame, blame the German Nazis”.

As the epidemic of MERS-CoV in Taiwan is about to head up to the climax in a little over two whole years, at this time, the head of the CDC had been suggested, “humbler, humbler, be, HUMBER”, using the correct attitude that’s taking the responsibilities , to lead us through, this unpredictable, epidemic, and only with THIS attitude, we just might, have a, chance of, winning!

And so, this is still how the EGO of one loser (man, XY, of the species of Homos sapiens???), ruined us all, and, because Chen is the head of CDC, whatever happens in the outbreak, like OMG, there’s NOT enough vaccines for all, or, OMG, the shortages of the quick scan kits, etc., etc., etc., he will be under the B-U-S, keeping Tsai, our big oversized, bobblehead PRESIDENT OUT of the line of the people’s fires and angers, and so, that is why, we are still, RUINED, by this, god damn, government of, ours!

Oh, wait a second, I’m the PROUD owner of an, ANARCHY, or rather, this is still, a DICTATORSHIP that I’m currently, running, on all four of these blogging sites of mine, and I’m still not RULED by any of that, okay???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, the big oversized, bobblehead of the queen is now, nodding off here…

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