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The Elderly Father Took Care of His Own Ill Daughter for Fifty Years, Finally Suffocated Her to Death, the Judge Gave the Man a Pardon

As the burdens of caretaking became too great…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Sentenced to Two-and-a-Half Year “Never Received the Social Resources, Understandable Circumstances………Suggested that the President Issue a Pardon”

The man, took care of his own youngest daughter who was born with cerebral palsy for fifty years, last February saw his youngest having a major toothache, plus the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, saw that the pain killers couldn’t alleviate her pians, he’d, smothered her to death with a quilt, and attempted suicide but was, saved, the Taipei District Court took into considerations that he took care of his own daughter long-term, and not received enough social resources to help him out, and, reduced his sentence twice on how he’d turned himself in, how his situations was what made him commit the murder, yesterday, Chen was sentenced to two years six months on domestic violence and murder. This can still be appealed.

The Collectivist Courts on the verdict, specifically noted that Chen (age 78) is a loving father, for the benefit of his own daughter, for fifty years on end, he’d, taken care of her himself, had it not been the outbreaks, he would’ve, continued, caring for his own daughter.  Seeing how much he’d loved her, and, how he’d, terminated her life himself, in the futures, he would be, imprisoned, by his own conscience, and, there’s, room for discussions on whether or not the country should, enforce, a jail sentence for him, and, suggested that the D.A. examine if Chen would be fitted to serve his prison terms, and suggested to the president, to issue a special pardon for him.

Chen’s youngest daughter because of severe cerebral palsy, couldn’t take care of her own life, is bedridden long-term, her body became, malformed, last February, she had a tooth ache, Chen wanted to take her to the hospital to get her tooth extracted out, the eldest daughter voiced her concerns, Chen worried that it would be hard for his youngest to get sedated for the procedures, and the outbreaks were, getting, more and more serious, he couldn’t take her to the hospital.  On the evening of February 29th, he’d heard his youngest moaning out of pain again, believed, that even if he’d fed her the painkillers, it still won’t help her reduce the pains, and he’d, smothered his youngest daughter to death with a quilt.

After Chen murdered his own daughter, he’d started becoming, suicidal too, took a huge dose of sleeping pill, fell into a coma, his wife found him the following morn, reported to the fire department, as the paramedics arrived, they’d found that the youngest daughter was, already, dead, rushed Chen to the E.R., as Chen regained consciousness, he’d turned himself in, for murdering his own, youngest daughter.

The Collectivist Court pointed out, that Chen was really close with his daughter, but could not receive the social resources he’d needed to give her the needed care, and he’d not received the social supports of the caretakers on time, it’d made the caretaking process even harder for him to endure, to the point that he’d started showing signs of depression, anxiety, as well as, insomnia too, and seeing how his youngest was in pain, and couldn’t help her feel better, he’d decided, to put her out of her misery.

Chen’s wife and eldest daughter both testified in court, that they’d hoped that Chen can be found not guilty, that if he was sent to prison, then, it will, try the family even harder.  Even the district attorney who argued on the behalf of the victim spoke on his behalf, suggested that the judge sentenced him to only two years.

But the Collectivist Courts considered, that the defendant had loved his own daughter son, and ended her life himself, that in the future days to come, he will get tortured by his own conscience, that there’s considerations on whether or not sending him to prison would be absolutely necessary, the courts suggested that the president sign a pardon for him.

And so, due to these, trying circumstances in life, this man had, decided, to END his own daughter’s life, out of mercy, but, this is still, MURDER, and it’s still, due to how this man didn’t alleviate the stress of caretaking soon enough, that this tragedy occurred, and now, the courts is planning to not punish him, based off of the trying circumstances of the family’s conditions.  And yes, this is still MURDER!

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The Mother Who Abused Her Own Son to Death, Who Was a Member of a Cult, Still Didn’t Feel that What She Did Was Pure Evil

This, is how COMPLETELY someone CAN be B-R-A-I-N W-A-S-H-E-D, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “spiritual group” of Rui-Yueh Ming Gong believer, Huang, was suspected of abusing her son to death, got called in to the police station yesterday, even though, she’d started to cry at the mention of her son’s name, but still refused to change her statement of how her son was involved with “drugs and gang related activities”, and had drawn the line of separation between the founder of the Rui-Yuen Ming Gong cult; the press asked her if she felt taken, she’d returned, “taken my A-S-S!”

“I will forever BE proud of my son, and I’m really sorry and heart wrenching over his death!”, the father of the deceased, Jeng was interviewed at the garage where he’d worked, said that the cult had torn his family apart, that he couldn’t accept how his son was beaten to death, and had the bad raps of being a drug abuser; he suspected, that there were other members who were involved, hoped that the police do a more thorough investigation, “if in the period of eighteen days my son was kept locked up, and Chen knew my son was injured, and didn’t take him to the doctors, he too, should be CHARGED!”

Huang the mother, because of her involvement of incarcerating and abusing her own son to death, on the nineteenth, was asked to be taken into custody by the D.A., and allowed, yesterday, the D.A. interrogated her, and went to her home to search, to take the son’s notebook, notes, along with computer, etc. etc., etc., into custody; as she was taken to the local police station to be held overnight, the press asked, “Who is responsible for Tseung-Yu’s (the son’s) death?”, she’d replied, “YOU ARE!”; the press then inquired, “Is Chiao-Ming Chen also involved in this?”, she didn’t reply.

Huang had once refused to allow the investigative officers to take away her son’s notebook, said that that belonged to her son, that she wanted to keep it as a memorabilia.  The D.A. told her, because the public believed that the eleven confessions found was suspected of being written by someone else other than her own son, that they needed a handwriting specialist to see, “We will return everything back to you later”, after she’d heard, she no longer insisted.

The press stood outside Huang’s residence, heard her asked the officers for water, and asked if her mother’s all right; the officers told her, “Your mother’s fine, she wanted you to face the events honestly, and tell the truth”, but Huang remained silent then.

The District Attorney’s Office’s Manager in Changhwa, Huang said, that on the day of the crime, the ten people, including Chen who’d gone in and out of the place had already been interrogated, that right now, they’d also interrogated Huang, along with Hsu, who’d helped taken the son to the hospital; after Hsu was called in to answer the questions, she was asked to go home, but was restricted to move around in her home only.

The D.A. had once placed tabs on the phones of the cult’s leader, Chen for three months, and, whether or not they’d gotten important evidence?  Chen said that the D.A. had ruled out her involvement, by text message to the press; Chih-Yong Huang, however, replied, “NO COMMENT” to the press’s inquires on that.

Based off of understanding, the autopsy reports showed NO signs of drug use or abuse, that there were only external injuries on his limbs and body, the gnash was very deep, what killed him is still under investigation.  The D.A. wanted to be thorough, so, they’d taken his hair samples, and sent in to further analysis, but the results hadn’t come out yet.

Chiao-Ming Chen’s family yesterday said, that Rui-Yueh Ming Gong is NOT a religious thing, that the participants merely stretched their bodies, and did breathing exercises, that it was more like Chi gong, that it wasn’t spiritual, that the outside sources had overanalyzed the issues.

Well, that, is the L-A-T-E-S-T, but, the real cause behind this teenage boy’s death is still UNCLEAR, and I imagine, that it WILL take very long, until the TRUTH comes busting out, and, this “religious group” IS a CULT, if you asked me, but, I know, I know: Who asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!

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