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Constantly Sliding on His Cell Phone, His Cell Slid into the Toilet, Kept Her Phones on Hold While She Showered, Mistook the Sound of the Water from the Shower for the LINE Alerts

The addictions, continued, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The on-the-move and online is swift and convenient, and, all you “lowered heads” need to beware that the web anxieties are creeping up on you.  The research institute of the nation did an investigation awhile ago, and showed that one out of four people in Taiwan shows “anxiety, worries” if they’re not logged online for a day; and, separated into occupations, it’d shown that those in the real estate business showed the heaviest dependencies on the web, over a-third.

“My life is closely related to the web, even when I’m abroad, I’d still needed to log on, or I’ll feel unnatural!”, a regular nine-to-fiver, Ms. Huang stated, that she couldn’t imagine one day without the internet available to her, including how her superiors at work would specify her workload using the internet, when she’s waiting for the MRT, or when she wanted to look up that restaurant where she’s scheduled to meet up with her girlfriends, and even for the sake of looking up an address abroad, sharing her photos, “I must have the access to the internet.”

The onset of the WWW made life more convenient, but, there are more in the public, showing the side-effects from using the WWW too, these people would start to show anxiousness when they don’t have the WWW available to them for just one day, and, the number of these individuals is on a steady rise, the ratio is almost one-fourth of the entire population now.

This, is the BAD side of the innovations of technologies, sure, technologies made our lives more convenient, but, getting too into these things can also be bad for you, so, too much of this “good” thing is very bad.

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Overreliance on Google, College Students in Japan Needed to be Taught, How to Take Notes in Class

So, uh, the “statement” of how as technologies get smarter, people get DUMBER is true then???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A few years ago, the Taiwanese writer, Da-Chun Chang received an e-mail from a student, wanted him to provide his personal information, so he could finish up his papers, because “there’s NOT enough information online”.  In Japan, there are also students who’d “offered” to the “master”, Google.

Back in 2011, a University in Japan had opened up two mandatory courses for freshmen called “Techniques to Study”, the instructors taught the students “the techniques of basic learning”.  For instance, taking notes in class, writing reports, planning the four-years of studies, etc. etc., etc.; the instructors started talking with each other, that “there were kids in the class, whose backpacks can’t fit a legal size paper”, and they’d believed, that these new age kids needed someone to teach them H-O-W to be college students.

What sort of a backpack is suited for class, how the older schoolmates took their notes, all is passed down as experiences.  The lecturer of this course said, that there were less and less students who hand-wrote their notes, everybody felt, that it would be easier, to look things up online, or to use the camera on their phones, and take a picture, in the end, they’d lost their abilities in taking notes, and writing their reports.

The university had started at the very beginning, taught students to set up their thesis statements, find information on their topics, turning outlines into essays and the use of graphs in the reports.  It sounded like teaching someone who’d just received her/his driver’s license to drive on the road.  There are also universities that started with the students’ daily living routines.  Children who’d gone away to school, are not watched closely, and they’d let themselves slide, and, every school had the problem of “not enough people showed UP for the morning classes”.

And so, this, IS a problem, and, because we’d become RELIANT (or, CODEPENDENT) on the internet, after all, it is called the INFORMATION SUPER-HIGHWAY, and so, children now don’t even flip through the encyclopedias on the bookshelves, they just “google” or “bing” or “yahoo” it, and that, is precisely W-H-Y, students now, are NOT as well off as students way back when.

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