Constantly Sliding on His Cell Phone, His Cell Slid into the Toilet, Kept Her Phones on Hold While She Showered, Mistook the Sound of the Water from the Shower for the LINE Alerts

The addictions, continued, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The on-the-move and online is swift and convenient, and, all you “lowered heads” need to beware that the web anxieties are creeping up on you.  The research institute of the nation did an investigation awhile ago, and showed that one out of four people in Taiwan shows “anxiety, worries” if they’re not logged online for a day; and, separated into occupations, it’d shown that those in the real estate business showed the heaviest dependencies on the web, over a-third.

“My life is closely related to the web, even when I’m abroad, I’d still needed to log on, or I’ll feel unnatural!”, a regular nine-to-fiver, Ms. Huang stated, that she couldn’t imagine one day without the internet available to her, including how her superiors at work would specify her workload using the internet, when she’s waiting for the MRT, or when she wanted to look up that restaurant where she’s scheduled to meet up with her girlfriends, and even for the sake of looking up an address abroad, sharing her photos, “I must have the access to the internet.”

The onset of the WWW made life more convenient, but, there are more in the public, showing the side-effects from using the WWW too, these people would start to show anxiousness when they don’t have the WWW available to them for just one day, and, the number of these individuals is on a steady rise, the ratio is almost one-fourth of the entire population now.

This, is the BAD side of the innovations of technologies, sure, technologies made our lives more convenient, but, getting too into these things can also be bad for you, so, too much of this “good” thing is very bad.

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