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The Manager of a Police Station Grabbed a Female Student’s Buttocks, Received a Written Reprimand, & Lost His Job as a Manager of the Station

The verdict’s IN for this PREDATOR, dressed up as a police officer here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-four-year-old police chief in the Hsinchu County police department, last March on his day off, he’d gone to the city library of Hsinbei City to read the papers, and, was suspected of grabbing the buttocks of a female student asleep on the desk, this was captured by the witnesses, and the police was, notified, and he was sentenced to thirty-days in prison for braking the law of sexual molestation prevention; back then, it wasn’t known that he was a member of the police forces, it wasn’t until recently, the evaluations of the officers are being done, did the county police department take a note of this matter, and, the police department demoted him to a nonmangerial position, and listed him as a person of counseling interests.

how the police can and will, ABUSE power…photo found online

Based off of the verdict from the Hsinbei District Court, this police chief was off on March 13th of last year, on that same evening, he’d gone to the Zhonggang Branch of Hsinbei City Libraries on the eighth floor to read the papers, sat next to a female student of about age twenty, he’d found, that after female student studied a bit, she’d felt sleepy, and, as she became unaware, he’d, reached toward her buttocks and touched her, the members of the community who’d witnessed this had, taken the footage, and told the female student about it, she’d immediately called the police, the district police rushed in, the department head admitted to what he did, and wanted to settle, but the female student told him she wasn’t willing to.

The courts reviewed the facts, and believed, that the manager of the police department, in order, to fulfill his own desires lacked the rights for someone else’s body, and because the victim refused to settle, he was charged with breaking the laws of prevention of sexual harassment, sent to prison for thirty days, and he can pay a $30,000N.T. and get out of serving the time; the case is being appealed to the High Courts, and it’s now currently, being, reviewed.

And from the time of the incident to last year on August 25th, when the verdict finally came out, the identity of this manager of the police department was kept in the dark, as the county police of Hsinchu was doing the year-end evaluations, and they’d found that he was involved in a sexual harassment case, and after the investigations showed that it was factual, on the seventh, the board met, and decided to give him a written reprimand, and, demoted him to a nonmanagerial post.

Based off of understanding, this manager of the police department unit looked gentle, introverted, already married with two daughters, after he graduated out of law school, he’d gotten into the master’s degree program of Police University, worked in the police department of seventeen years to date, and would from time to time submit his writings in to the papers to get published; as his fellow coworkers heard of what he did, they were all, very, shocked.

And so, whatever came over this loser, nobody knows, but the FACT was he had, GRABBED that female student who was asleep in the desks of the library, perhaps, he thought he was going to, get away with it after all, it was, just, a pat on the butts, no big deal, but it WAS, a big deal, it’s a form of sexual molestation, and this was done, by a manager of the police office too, which still showed, that losers will be losers, WILL be losers, and you ALL need to, get PUT, in YOUR, places, otherwise, you’ll all just, keep on, SCREWING women over, like this MOTHER @#%&ER, who’s actual a PREDATOR, dressed up as a police officer…

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The Adolescent Girl Was Acquainted with a Police Officer on a Case He Was Working on, Asked Him to Borrow Some Money, She Was, Raped by Him

This still, is a CRIME of OPPORTUNITY that’s happened here, an officer, taking ADVANTAGE of this teen’s situation!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Police Officer in the Jiali Police Subprecinct’s Substatin, while he worked the case of a single mother’s being scammed online, he’d traded LINE ID with the mother and her twelve-year-old daughter and started contacting them, recently, the single mother was having a hard time finding work, so the adolescent girl asked for help from the officer for a loan to help her and her mother get through the hardships, and he’d taken the advantage of being alone with the teen, and raped her, the Tainan District Attorney’s Office took the officer into custody, and after they’d interrogated him, they charged him with power rape, and had the courts set his bail at $200,000N.T.s.

Based off of understanding, this officer is already married, with two sons, with his quality of work average, and had been listed as an officer to be watched for for discipline; when the local substation investigated the case, he’d denied having sexually assaulted, and told a different story compared to the single mother.

The police stated, that after the officer was out on bail of $200,000N.T., the department held a session of evaluation on his work, they’d believed, that he’d not reported that he was going to visit the adolescent at home to his superiors, nor had he another officer accompanying him, that there were faults in what he’d done, that his actions had, severely, damaged the reputation of the police department, gave him a huge reprimand, and they would reconsider his areas of services, and the police department will wait until the judiciary investigations are finished, then, the police department will find his supervisors, and issue a fitting punishment for every person responsible.

The Jiali Substation on the 22nd of this month received the calls from the social workers, pointed that an officer in the station is accused of obstruction of sexual freedom, the substation immediately set up a special task force to investigate, and immediately reported this to the Tainan Sexual Assault Prevention Center, and called the District Attorney’s Office of Tainan to work the case.

Two days ago, the district attorneys searched the officer’s residence, and took him into custody, after they’d interrogated him, they set his bail at $200,000N.T.s; the district attorney’s stated, that they will get a closer look at the crimes the officer had, committed, after all the investigations are completed.

Based off of understanding, the officer worked the case of fraud reported by the single mother, and he’d used the case to visit her home, and, had the mother and daughter add his LINE id as their friend, awhile ago, the single mother was having a difficult time finding work, and became suicidal, the adolescent girl believed, that she could count on the officer, and called him for help, hoping that he could, offer them some assistance.

The officer visited the home for a second time, as he’d come, the single mother was not home, and the adolescent girl described how her mother attempted suicide to the officer, hoping that he could let them borrow some money so they can get by, but, the officer was accused by the teen of taking the advantage to rape her.

And because the adolescent girl started behaving oddly at school, as the social workers noted this, they’d, stepped in to investigate, the single mother thought, that the officer who came to their home must’ve, done something to her daughter, and took her daughter to the hospital for a rape kit, and as her sexual assault injuries were confirmed, the mother and daughter decided to sue.

The Penal Code 238 “Rape Using Status” stated, that using status or opportunity to rape, the perpetrator is to receive a sentence of anywhere between six months to five years; if it was sexual molestation, then the sentence would be under three years.

And so, this officer is a BAD example, for what the police should be doing, he took advantage of this young woman’s situation, and raped her, because he thought, that by offering her monetary assistance, she’s indebted to him, and therefore, he can do whatever the @#$% (maxed out!) he wanted to to her, after all, he had, paid, and that’s, just, how off the values are these days right now.

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The Driver Who’d Murdered a Couple in Brutality, Dumped Their Bodies, Then, Burned the House

Let’s DISSECT what made him “crack” then, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The driver at a call station, Wu-Chang, because he was suspected of feeling dissatisfied of his bosses, Hsieh and Wu for loaning him the money to buy the transfer cars, then, deducted his pay for the vehicle, and accused him to dealing drugs, last year in June, while they got drunk, he’d strangled both of them to death, dumped their bodies in Alishan, then, went back to their rental home, set the place ablaze, to create the façade that the two had a fight, and, after they committed arson, they both went missing.

Because Hsieh and Wu disappeared after the fire, it’s like they’d evaporated off of the surface of the planets, the police suspected that something awful had happened to both of them, and zoomed in on Wu-Chang (age 22)who stayed with them; but, “no body, no crime”, until awhile ago, when Wu-Chang failed his polygraph twice, he finally came clean, yesterday, the police and the detectives led him up to Alishan and found their bodies, and the case was solved.

Last year on June 5, there was a fire at Wu-Chang and the deceased, Hsieh (age 30), Wu (age 31), after the fire was put out, the police had trouble finding Hsieh and Wu, and couldn’t find any records from their credit card activities, suspected that they had both died.

The police reviewed the surveillance of the building, found that at around four that morning, Wu-Chang drove out, and the trunk of the car seemed a bit heavy, and, he’d drove all night back home to Alishan and back to northern Hsinchu, that it was really weird for him to do that.

At the very beginning, Wu-Chang told the police officers, that Wu was Hsieh’s spare, had depression, and had been beaten up by Hsieh, and that Hsieh had threatened to set Wu’s place in Taipei, as well as her family’s home in Tainan on fire, and said that he was told to get gas by Hsieh; and because the stories got very complicated, the case was deadlocked.

Last year in November, Wu-Chang went to the Detective Department and didn’t pass his polygraph, on January 27, the police asked him about the missing Hsieh and Wu, he’d still not passed the polygraph; the police busted Wu-Chang’s claims, including his lies of going back to Chiayi to get his military service slips, or headed home to visit his mother, etc., etc., etc., and they’d consoled him, “if you don’t come clean, this will follow you the rest of your life”, “you’re still quite young”, “eventually, we WILL find their bodies”, and finally, they’d gotten through to him, and he’d cried, as he wrote out his own confession of the murders.

Wu-Chang claimed that he’d met Wu when he was going to the night school division of technical high school, that later on, Wu and Hsieh set up a call station, and hired him to be the driver, they’d loaned him $20,000N.T. to buy the car, and, they’d taken his pay of $2,000N.T. a day, to pay for the ride, “I feel that I will never be able to pay it all up.”

He said, that Wu and Hsieh had used illegal substances to control their call girls, but libeled against how he was the one who did it, and threatened that they will go after his family, his girlfriend, he felt that he was threatened, after they’d gotten drunk on June 5th, he’d gotten into an argument with Wu and Hsieh, he’d used a USB cord, strangled Chang to death, then went to the bedrooms, and strangled Wu with the USB cord just as he’d done Hsieh, Wu became conscious, screamed, “What are you doing?”, but his rage overcame him, and he’d still murdered her.

Wu-Chang said, that he’d dragged their bodies onto the car, drove all night to Alishan to dump the bodies, then rushed back to the City of Chubei, and set the residence on fire in the afternoon.

The detectives disclosed, that after Wu-Chang committed the murders, he was extremely calm, as he’d driven to Chubei from Chiayi that afternoon, he’d used Hsieh’s car to get more gas, attempted to frame him.

Yesterday the detectives and police was led by Wu-Chang to Alishan to find the bodies, after the law enforcement officers offered the blessings, they’d smelled the rancid scent, and, not long thereafter, they’d found two sets of human remains, one was right on top of the other; the female skeleton showed a fracture in the jaws.  The two sets of remains were sent to the city morgue, the family members recognized that it was Wu and Hsieh from their clothes, and the coroner had taken samples to verify that it was their bodies.

And so, this young man murdered these two individuals, with such careful planning, and maybe it was a built-up from how he felt they were taking advantage of him, but, because his actions showed premeditation, he will probably have a heavier sentence, because, if this was done in the heat of the moment, then, he couldn’t have moved their bodies to the car, then, drive to the mountains, dumped their bodies, then, change into the man’s car to get more gas.

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A Man Stole Shoes from a Shop, Went Back to the Shop, to Trade the Pair He’d Stolen, Then Went Back to the Shop to Take Another Stroll

Yeah, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here, and no, I still did NOT make this one up either, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hong, shoplifted SIX pairs of slippers from a supermarket, the first time, he’d gotten a pair that was way too big, he’d returned to the store, stolen a smaller pair, but was satisfied with the colors, returned, for another pair, then, wore it to the shop where he’d stolen it from, and was arrested, the police described him as “treating the supermarket as if it were his own home”.

Hong (age 52), at the first half of last month, was indicted based off of theft by the D.A.s office, the district court of Taoyuan held its session, and Hong admitted to what he’d done, said that he’d loved the brand, because it was good looking and comfortable too, and has a great style, that he was able to get away stealing three times, he figured it was “safe”, that, was why he’d gone back, wearing the stolen pair of slippers, to the shop, and after he was caught, he was truly sorry that he’d done that.

And, because there was NO security precautions at the store, Hong was able to successfully shoplift the three pairs of slippers without getting caught, until the next day he’d traded for the gray-colored pair, and went strolling at the supermarket, was caught by the store attendant who was working there the day before, and, the police came, reviewed the surveillance, and arrested him.

So, this, would be a CRIME of OPPORTUNITY, as this man was able to get away with getting CAUGHT for so many times, that, was why he’d done IT again, but this time, his luck RAN out!!!

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