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Selfies with Your Tops Off

This, is for ALL you L-O-S-E-R-S AND BITCHES out there, and NO, that still does NOT “constitute” as “name-calling” either…

You ALL know what “selfies” are, so, there’s NO need to explain that!!!  And now, those guys, you know, members of MY opposite sex???  They’re taking photos of themselves with their TOPS off, showing off their pecs or whatever it is that they’re trying to prove, the HELL should I know!

Selfies with your tops off, is that really necessary?  And, hadn’t we seen enough N-U-D-I-T-Y already on this WWW world of ours?  So why the HELL do you losers feel compelled, to take your tops off, is it to make yourselves MORE appealing to us ladies?

Well, there’s something ELSE you may have neglected to notice there, DUMB-ASSES (no, still does NOT constitute as name-calling!!!), we women may be easy on the eyes, but a LOT of us are still HARD as HELL on the hearts, and, we do NOT judge a LOSER, based off of the size of ITS (b/c you ALL had been “downgraded” by me already???) pecs, thighs, chest, or whatever, so, please, DO refrain yourselves, from showing off your bodies, and, that, is O-N-L-Y on the T-O-P, and, don’t get ME started on the BOTTOM now, ‘k???  Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh (looking down at my watch), I’m afraid, that time is UP for this current “session”, feel free, to VISIT me again, but, DO schedule an appointment with MY secretaries, Ms. B(eelzebub), Ms. S(atan), OR Ms. L(ucifer) outside MY office!

And no, it still does NOT turn us ALL on, seeing you, losers, flashing yourselves, and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, do you know how D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G it would be, whenever you turn on your computer and you’re BOMBARDED with someone’s NAKED bodies?  Imagine yourselves in MY shoes now, and, don’t just walk that god DAMN miracle mile either…

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When the Child of a Spokesperson of Anti-Drug Was Caught, Using & Abusing Drugs

Whoa!!!  Wait a minute, do you mean, that the mommies and the daddies are spokesmen AGAINST drug use and abuse, while their kid is getting H-I-G-H???  How’s that even possible?  And, one can only conclude, that there’s something V-E-R-Y W-R-O-N-G, with the household education of this child’s family.

I mean, the parents ARE spokespeople AGAINST drug use and abuse, so, how come they couldn’t even STOP their own offspring from getting CAUGHT from getting H-I-G-H???

This, is time, for a PUBLIC apology, after all, the offspring IS legal (an adult), s/he just got caught, red-handed, with her/his head SHOVED, inside of THAT “cookie jar”.  When a spokesperson who preached about the importance of anti-drug, maybe, maybe, the person’s spending WAY too much, contributing to the REST of the world that s/he’d IGNORED her/his own offspring, and so, when something like this happens, the world turns its gaze onto the celeb parents!

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When “Fun” Became a Sorry Excuse for Drug Use

And no, I still did NOT just make this one up either, it’s found, on the online newspaper pages, translated…

The police subprecint in Neipu recently discovered four men who used the popular instant messaging program of LINE, along with Facebook, to deal drugs to students, and they’d even held a “party” in a motel too, and, there were fourteen middle school and high school age students who fell victim.

The Neipu subprecinct started chasing the leads, found that four men, Chen, Hsu, Chang, and Lin, took advantage of it being the summer vacation right now, and solicited teens at places like net cafés, shrimp fishing farms, motels, along with other “hot spots” for youths to gather, sold drugs to them, to establish “connections”, then, they’d used the chat programs, to notify the students when there will be a drug party.

The police told, that the four men used the cell phone chat programs as a medium, to notify the teens when there will be a party, without a specific location, and, they’d texted, “Hey, let’s have a party”, as a secret code for the teens to know, that there would be a drug party somewhere, during the party, the four men would prepare ecstasy, along with other illegal substances, to hook the teens.

The police found, that the fourteen students who were caught, were still in school, and couldn’t support themselves economically, some had taken their parents’ money to buy the drugs, some had used their own money saved up from part-timing work, other than a few who had priors, most were first time offenders.  And, after the police questioned them, some of them told the police, “I just wanted to try it, for fun”, and it’d made the parents angry, but some of the parents told the police, “We couldn’t discipline them!”, and, after questioning, everybody IS booked.

And so, this, is how easily they fall, after all, they’re way too young, way too easily impressed, and, they’re at an age where they are needing acceptance the most, and, IF the parents couldn’t control these teens, then, it’ll be up to the law to make sure that the teens are “steered” into the right directions, and sometimes, it still wouldn’t work, because a LOT of those kids are destined for a life of crimes…





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Booze Became His Escape

Booze became his escape, as he’d found a soft place for him to land, inside that bottle of Whiskey Scotch.  Booze became his escape, and, ever since, he just couldn’t escape its tight grasps onto him.  He needed it, everywhere he’d gone.

Booze became his escape, but, what’s he escaping from, really?  He doesn’t know!!!  Or rather, he doesn’t want to know, because knowing is too painful for him, had always been too painful for him, as he’d never learned to effectively deal with ALL those emotions that are currently overflowing, and so, he did all he could, all that he knew how to, DROWN it all out, with more liquor!

Booze became his escape, but, NOT for long, because, after awhile, the amount of alcohol he’d needed just never quite seemed enough, he just upped, and upped the dose, until one day, he took a nightcap, fell asleep, and, never woke back up again.

As the coroner’s came to haul his body away, they ruled his death as a suicide, but what they didn’t know, was that he’d died of poisoning, ALCOHOL poisoning!

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The Most Avid Addiction: Cell Phone Addiction, Exactly Like Drug Addictions

Written by a M.D., from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Taiwan had become a No. 1 in the world once more, the Yahoo and Countries Research investigated on the way that consumers used the multimedia and found that the Taiwanese people had spent most time on their cells.  After I’d read the reports, I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

I’d often joke with my friends, as an eye doctor, I admired Jobs the most, he NOT only managed to connect the world, he’d also brought a TON of business to the eye doctors.  There is NO other reasons than how the small screens on a cell phone can cause the younger generations to develop nearsightedness; for the older generations, because of the exposures to the blue lights, their eyes would get sore, causing cataracts, along with other eye disorders too.

Some said, “Cell phone brings people who are far apart together, but pushed away those who are near.”  This is not at all, an understatement, at my office, I’d often seen youths playing on their cells, having difficulties communicating, and when they’re in my office, they either NOT answer the questions I’d asked them, or that they’re NOT answering the right questions, and when they’d filled out the forms, there would be “Martian” language every now and then, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry here.

I’m an anti-cell phone person, every time, when I’m checking a patient, the patient’s cell sounded off, it would always shock me.  I’d still recalled the very first day I became an intern at the hospital, the hospital gave the doctors a BB call that looked like cell phones, and when I wore it, I was pound, because it was all brand new to me, but, after a day, I hoped I could just throw it out, because it’d distracted me, as I’d gone on the rounds, ate, gone to the restrooms, or even slept, I’d get waken up by the rings, I couldn’t get a moment of peace, and I became unsettled too.

Recently, there are scam artists who used a multitude of ways to scam people using cell phone.  There is also a cell phone addiction now in the medical realm too, cell phones, to the patients, are like drugs, you just can’t get off them.

As to how to gain that balance between the good points and the bad points of the cell phone, it’s a true test for modern civilization that’s for certain.

As for me, I will NEVER get a cell phone this life.  Getting in touch with me using phones, and when I needed to check my e-mails, or look up information, I’d find a peaceful time, and turn on my desktop, after thirty minutes of staring into the screen, I’d surely taken a ten-minute break, at which time, I’d stared into the distance at the clouds, the trees, or the starry skies, to allow the muscles in my eyes to relax completely.

And so, because we are ALL “kidnapped” by our cell phones, we are going to have MORE eye problems as we age, and we still can’t kick this “addiction”, because we can’t live without connecting to the people in the world today, and that, would be a consequences we all have to live with now.

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A Mother Kept Her Bank Books Hidden from Her Drug-Addicted Son, and Was Beaten by Him to the Extent She Needed Hospitalization

I wonder W-H-O-S-E fault this is???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A drug-addicted man, Liu who’d been getting high for years already, two days ago, was displeased at how his mother in her seventies had hidden his bank books from him, he was suspected of beating her up with a club, to the point of subdural hematoma, into a state of comatose, and then, he’d fled the scene, the family members feared that Liu might be physically violent toward his own mother again, and yesterday, they’d filed for an emergency restraining order, and was granted, and the family pressed charges.

The twin sister of Liu (age 51) said, that her younger brother had been addicted to drugs for years on end, and there was NOTHING that the family can do about it, the siblings were originally going to take their mother up north to take care for her, but the youngest brother often used threats that he’ll bring harm to the family members, to keep his mother with him, and had asked each one of his siblings to give his mother at least $20,000N.T. per month for sustenance, and because the mother couldn’t take care of her accounts, and so, the siblings can only wire the amount to the youngest brother’s account, but, the money that was supposed to be used to support their mother had been spent by the youngest brother.

Liu’s older sister stated, that two days ago, her brother had trouble finding the bank books for the money that they’d sent to their mother, and suspected that the seventy-seven year-old mother had hidden it from him, he was suspected of using a wooden bat, and beaten the mother to subdural hematoma, along with broken multiple bones inside her body, the neighbors called it in, and took Liu’s mother to the Tainan City Hospital E.R., and because she was so brutally beaten up, she was in a coma, and is now, under observations in the ICU.

Liu’s older sister got the call two days ago, rushed home to Tainan, saw how badly her mother was beaten, she was outraged; she feared that her younger brother might use physical violence toward their mother again, yesterday, she’d gone with her family to the Tainan District Court and filed for an emergency restraining order, “I just hope that there is still some humanity left in my younger brother, that he doesn’t do anything bad or stupid again.”

Based off of understanding, Liu has multiple priors, last year, he was sentenced to five months in prison for using a fruits knife in the hospital wards, to threaten other patients, he will be serving his time this August, he’d once asked for the $150,000N.T. bail from his friends and families, but, nobody wanted to help him out.

And, the one who’d caused this son to behave so badly was still his own MOTHER, had she not let him get away with the minor things from earlier on, then, I’m sure that he wouldn’t have exacerbated to where he is currently, and, because the mother is fueling to this bad son’s behaviors, she’d become the enabler, and, it’s still the parents fault when the kids turned out like this.



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The Overreliance on Facebook, a Hard-to-Kick Addiction

The following is from a report on, meaning that I still did NOT make this shit up, people!!!

911 Operator: 911, what’s your emergency? Caller: Facebook is down.

And, the original story was this, transcribed from…

Facebook suffered a brief outage on Friday, and that was enough to send a few users into a full-fledged panic. The widespread outage lasted just “a short time,” Facebook said, and full service was quickly restored. Apparently, the inability to check out friends’ latest cat pictures or the ex’s new relationship status during those exasperating minutes constituted an emergency, as these tweets from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department attest:

Sgt. Brink: Facebook is NOT a law-enforcement issue, please don’t call us about it being down, we don’t know when FB will be back up!

And, those of you who still don’t GET it: Hello, Facebook NOT working is NOT an E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y, and hello, I’d lived WITHOUT the internet for say, oh, dunno, ‘bout a YEAR’s time, and, I’m still here, living AND breathing, so, STOP relying on Facebook for EVERYTHING, and that, would be how hard it is, to kick THAT addiction, and, it IS an addiction, and you KNOW I’m right on that too, don’t ya???


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Thoughts of an Addict

Here Comes Another “Round” of Abuse…

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Facebook Froze Up, You and I, Feeling Quite Anxious & Alone, and Sad…

This, is still, the “withdrawal” from an ADDICTION, from the Front Page Sections, written by a professor of information technology engineering, translated…

Yesterday afternoon, the proclaimed, “Never frying up” Facebook fried up worldwide, and the users started crying out in pain.  And, as people logged back on, they only saw the messages of “We’re sorry, something’s not right, we’re fixing it the best we can right now”.  This awkward “off” mode, is it, an accident?  Or, could it be the side-effects from the guiding missile attacks?

Every once in a while, the news media online source site claimed that it was attacked by hackers two days ago, and couldn’t offer its services to the public.

When the information technology became like air, sun, and water, necessities in our lives, do we take notice, of how fragile some of the parts still are?  When we are faced with the waves of technological violence, is there nothing we CAN do?

Technology came from human nature, and, there is a good, and a bad side of human nature, and how, can we ask for a peaceful digitized world?

On Wednesday, I’d held the last session of my class, “the Theory of Calculators”, I’d asked the students to make predictions of the biggest influence that technology will have on people in the next thirty years, some said, “The distant medical treatments along with the green energy fields will travel far because of the advances in technology”, “We will NO longer be using videos for webcam, but a 3D projection”, “Everybody becomes Iron Man”, “Cars without drivers will fill up these streets, or fly in the air”, “The robots are onboard spaceships, making discoveries in outerspace”, “We all become homeward bound, and have our social circles without interactions with others from the outside world”, “The anarchists are on the rise”, “There would be robots who can think on their own”, “devices that are controlled by brain waves”, “As children are born, they will get microchipped, we can use the computers to search the goings on of a human’s brain”, etc., etc., etc.  The human world becomes inseparable with the world of information technology, we need not do anything ourselves, we just need our digitized surrogates, and, we get what we want as we think about it, and even, we don’t think about it, and, things would happen for us.

ON the other side, even though the advances in technology bring about a lot of positive energy, a LOT of negative energies are being made too.  Some said, “Do be careful: Pandora’s Box”, “An influx of hackers, the safety of information on guard”, “The nations will control citizens using technologies”, “In order to NOT get controlled by technology, we make an anti-technology as a counterattack”, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, brings about the return to the Dark Ages”, etc., etc., etc.  I could feel the students’ worries, in order to up their competitiveness, we humans must put ourselves in the lion’s den.

And, this, IS the result of being OVERRELIANT on modern day technology, and, there’s still NO way of avoiding this, because everything we do these days are tied to online, think about it, you DO your webcam conferences with whoever it is you’re doing business with, don’t you?  And, there are so many distant education course that you can take, without leaving the comforts of your own home, and you can be wearing your PJs in class, and so, ALL of this, is fueling to the overreliance, the CODEPENDENCE of modern day technologies, and, you KNOW what they say: as the technologies get smarter, humans become DUMBER, and, we are still ALL, getting DUMBER by the nanosecond, and, at THIS rate that things are going, well, there would NOT be a human being who CAN think on her/his own in half a century’s time, I’m thinkin’, then again, that’s just MY personal opinion, so…


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His Wife and Child Left Him…He’d Placed His Own Teaching Certificate as a “Wager” and Still Betted

In need of serious treatment for a GAMBLING problem here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The male P.E. teacher from Jinghua Middle School had gotten so deep in the game, “Bingo-Bingo” he’d owed over four million dollars, last year, he’d placed another bet at the lottery stores, and didn’t pay, and received a delayed jail sentence, his wife took his kids and left him; yesterday, he’d done the same, placed bets of over $40,000N.T at two separate shops, and told the shops that they could have his teaching identification card to keep, claimed that he’s going to get the money for the bets, and ran off, the shops called the police and he was caught.

The forty-one year old teacher Chang four years ago became addicted to the game, “Bingo-Bingo”, and ever since, he’d gone down the dark paths, asked money from his friends and loan sharks to place his bets, and as he was arrested, there was only $100N.T. left inside his wallet; he said with regrets, that he couldn’t defeat the desires to gamble, “maybe I should just CHOP my own fingers off!”

Yesterday Chang went to a lotto shop on Zhongxiao E. Road, asked to get nineteen bets (each one worth $1,250 N.T.), totaling to $23,750N.T.s, and, he’d lost everything.  As the shop asked for him to pay, he’d asked for another game, the shop insisted that he paid them first; he’d told them, that he didn’t have that much on him, and gave them his cell phone number, his teacher’s certificate, along with his driver’s license, claimed that he’s getting more money, and, never returned to the shop again, the shop called him, he’d turned off his cell.

Chang later went to place his bets at another shop, as he was half way done, the shop asked him to pay, he’d told them, “I don’t have the money!”, the shop quickly stopped his bets, but, part of the bets he’d placed were final, and he’d placed eighteen separate bets, totaling up to over $22,000N.T., he’d begged to pay them back at a later date, the shop called the police.

The police arrested him, and booked him based off of fraud; he’d claimed, that he’d betted, to pay off his debts, that he will pay up.  The police found, that this, was NOT the first time that Chang had done this, last year, he’d gone to four separate shops, and owed $40,000N.T., and was sentenced to the jail term of six months, which he was supposed to serve two years later.

Chang said, that at the beginning, it was only for fun, for a few hundred bucks, and then, it’d gotten bigger and bigger, the most he’d betted was $400,000N.T. a time, and because he’d lost, he felt unfair, and he needed to take care of his two elementary aged daughters, “I wanted to get my losses back all at once!”, without knowing, that he’d gotten into the vicious cycle, kept borrowing money to gamble, and now, he’d owed over four million dollars.

He said, his wife already turned cold from trying to get through to him unsuccessfully, last year, she’d divorced him, and took the kids, he worried about how he’ll pay back the money owed, he couldn’t focus on teaching his classes; he knew, that he didn’t have a dime left, and still, he’d wanted to place the bets, “I’d secretly hoped that I’d win big!”.  He said, that last time he was caught, he got a big reprimand from the school, that this time, he might lose his teaching post at the school.

The police told him, that he is able-bodied, and should work hard, to “not ruin your own life!”, and even though, he’d told them, “I understood!”, that he wouldn’t keep going, and he’d used his cell phone, to take out money from the loan sharks, and the police couldn’t do anything to help him.

And this man had gotten drawn in, by the gambler’s fallacy, thinking that the next time he’ll finally win back all he’d lost, and, yet, he kept on this losing streak, until he’d lost his pants, and he still wanted to gamble, and, it may take this LOSER to lose HIS life to finally realize, and by then, it would be too late because he’d be D-E-A-D!!!

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