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When the Saliva Tests Lacked the Efficacy, the DDP Still Blamed it on the Virus

How corrupt the DDP is, from the inside out, rotten, to the core, and we the people are still, allowing it, to ABUSE us all?  Wow, we are, stupid, aren’t we???  These are the FACTS, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Sanitation Welfares approved the import of the Gmate Covid-19 Saliva Test by Medigenvac, and was suspected of benefiting the manufacturers.  Recently, the KMT caught that the brand of saliva test isn’t effective in finding if the Omicron strain was present, and the manual by the manufacturer already stated so, so why had the Department of Health Welfare Sanitations still imported it?  Chen’s response was direct and to the point: “the virus can only be detected if the cycle threshold value is under twenty-four, that it’d fitted to the national regulations.

And, translating what Chen stated to layman’s terms: your readings came back negative, it’s because you don’t have a high enough concentration of the virus in you, you’re not, sick enough yet.  The magical number of twenty-four, don’t know how Chen came about setting that; if people used this brand of saliva test, they may have contracted the virus, but thought they didn’t.  It’s a wonder, that Chen stated that, there is a three-times underreported number of the confirmed contractions; must be that too many people had used this brand of, ineffective saliva test, that they can’t tell if they contracted MERS-CoV or not.

Problem being, this Korean manufacturer stated that the test can’t be tested for Omicron strain, and yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not only allowed it to get imported, it’d used us, as lab rats to test its, efficacy, said that the cycle threshold of twenty-four under will be tested.  Chen’s “considerations” also went up, to a, whole new, level.  And yet the Department of Health Sanitation & Welfares had been blocking all the vaccines, the medications, and other brands of quick scan kits, how did it set up such, double standards?

Had it not been this current outbreak, the people may still be in the dark about just how bureaucratic, how incompetent the Department of Sanitation & Welfares is, and how it’d, abused its powers completely.  Last year, the Tsai government’s wrong love for the Medigenvac Vaccines, everybody was here, to witness how the person in power, disregarded the health, the welfare of the people, and, favored the company, and falsified the records to help its case.  And yet, we never imagined, that this scandal is still continuing on, while Chen is, ever the more, shameless, lying his ass off.

Chen’s most widely used motto is, “blame it on the virus”; when you can’t test it, it’s still, the virus’s, fault!

This still just showed, how the DDP abused its powers, made us all, into, sacrificial goats of its, rule, and this government could care LESS about the welfare of we the people, and, we’re, allowing the DDP to keep on abusing power, screwing our lives over, are we stupid, or are we, stupid here???

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The Messiness of the CDC, as the Death Rate Skyrockets, then, the Tunes are Changed by the Government Agencies

How the pride of this government that’s ruling over us all, managed to, ruin everybody in this place, and we were, once, long, long, long, long, long (5 longs, oughta be, long, ‘nough!), ago too!  Because this is a government that lacked the foresight, and too egotistical, too, proud of itself, people are all, dead!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bloomberg issued the flexibility of countries in the rating of defense against MERS-CoV in May, in the fifty-three countries evaluated, Taiwan went down nineteen places to fifty-one, this showed, that since Omicron started taking over, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV, Taiwan had been, totally, incompetent!

In the past two years, the people fought over the vaccines, the masks, and recently, the test strips, and fought over getting their PCR at the hospitals too; since May, not only had the confirmed cases of contraction skyrocketed, the morbidity rate also increased to very high, thinking of those who’d died, especially those innocent children, I’m sure, that they’d felt, upset; what the HECK had this government been doing, to cause the means of protecting the people, a total, mess?

Both mayors of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei already called out to the Central government, that to administer the medications to those who’d tested positive, otherwise, more will, die, but the CDC still pretended that everything was fine, until the cases of morbidity skyrocketed, then, it’d started, readjusting the means, but it’s already, too slow to react; and, upon seeing the cases of children’s morbidity rate hiking up, the Executive Department started issuing the five quick-scan doses per child from birth to six years of age, hoping that it’s not too late, to help; seeing how the parents had lined up in the middle of the nights in Pingdong, Kaohsiung outside the hospitals to ensure the BioNTech vaccines for their children and grandchildren, only, that after the vaccinations, it takes, two weeks for the antibodies to start up the immunodefense in young children’s, systems, had the CDC gotten ahead like it preached, and purchased enough vaccines for all, then, none of this that’s happening today, would be, happening right now!

So, this still just showed, how incompetent this DDP government is, since the beginning of the outbreaks from…two whole years ago (was it???) back then, we had the opportunities to get ahead, as the cases aren’t getting higher and higher like it currently is, but the government missed out on the opportunities to get ahead, because it got too proud of itself, gloating about wow, look at the world, and look at how, there’s not even that many cases, and it’d lost the opportunities to get ahead, and, since then, the country’s been playing that game of catching up, and it can’t, this is why, the rate of morbidity in this god DAMN country is way too, @#$%ING high, close to the, third-world countries, rates of contraction and death, because whatever the people needed, we don’t get, because this government is way too @#$%ING retarded!

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Stop Squandering Away the Budget Used for the Defense Against MERS-CoV

The ABUSE of power by Tsai and her, goonies, and we the people are, enabling her and her party to do so, because we are a people, enslaved!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the pandemic is getting more severe, the president went to visit the local cities, and she’d, especially selected the cities where her party ruled, intentionally skipped the most severely hit Hsinbei and Taipei.  As her actions struck up the debates and the rants, finally, on Tuesday, she’d made the tours to the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital in Taipei, and gave encouragements to the frontline medical professional staff members, still skipped over Hsinbei City.  Tsai stated at VMH, that the legislature is already discussing the means of alleviation, seeing if there’s still enough left in the budgets of defense against MERS, to give to the care, “I will make sure, that all who should be looked after get looked after.”

the protests of the KMT about the imports of pork with ractopamine from U.S. that got ignored…

photo from online

And, this made me feel numb as I’d heard.  In the past two and a half years, how did the government, “take care of” its people: when we needed the masks and the testing kits, we had to stand in the long lines for them; when we needed our vaccines, the president recommended Medigenvac, and the government officials had also, blocked off donations of the vaccines from the private sectors too; when we needed the treatment measures, we went to five separate hospitals, and still not gotten the medication we are in need of.  From the never-ending scanning of the bar codes, how much time, energies, had this government made us waste; and, when there’s a new system, the government, trashed the current.

the government’s using double standards toward the T.V. stations that are in its favor, banning the ones that aren’t! Photo from online

Of course, Tsai knew well enough, that there are still, over a hundred billion dollars N.T. of special budge in defense against MERS-CoV not yet spent, so, the government, squanders it away, because, why not, especially at the face of the election, these money are great, to be used in buying up the votes, the loyalties.  But people may not know this, only seventeen-percent of the total specialized defense against MERS-CoV budget were used for just this purpose, the rest, the government had, squandered it all, away, like it was, nothing.

And so, the government used the excuse of “defense against MERS-CoV”, set up a huge bank account in the budget, but, eighty-percent of the total collected, are used to “alleviate” the costs.  And so, whatever we the people needed, the vaccines, the test kits, the medications, the equipment used to save the lives, we don’t get when and as we need them.  And now, the Tsai government is once again, throwing down wads of cash, for the sake of relief again, does the government NOT know, that we are, at the height of the outbreaks right now?

And this is, how the government, abused the people’s trust, it’d squandered away all the taxpayers’ dollars, not put them to good use (buying the vaccines, the quick scan kits, and the machines to save the lives!), and that is all because, we the people, are allowing this dictatorship to, abuse us, it’s just, that nobody’s waking up, as we’d all been, enslaved by the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP for way too long!

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Why is the Government Treating the People Like Rubber Bands?

Whatever we the people needed, we ain’t, getting, and that, is how the DDP ruled, over all of us here in the R.O.C.!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The statistics of confirmed contraction went up to 65,000 yesterday, and if we count those unreported statistics, it may be up to more than 80,000, 90,000, or even, more.  The specialist committee member from the CDC, Lee was invited to the DDP headquarters to make the reports, claimed that by mid to bottom of May, the pandemic will get to its climax, then, the care provisions from the medical units won’t be able to handle it, that we can tighten up the means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, to change the current “three-plus-four” quarantine, back to the “ten-plus-seven” that we used from before.

It’s odd though!  Fifteen days ago, as the government set the new rules of quarantine to “three-plus-four”, Chen said, because there’s only a three-day incubation period for the virus, reducing the at-home quarantine days can prevent the medical staff members from being, overworked.  Back then, the local government leaders, as well as the experts believed, that this was, too rash, that the CDC had, gotten way ahead of itself, that it may cause those with the mild symptoms, those who are asymptomatic, to run around everywhere, adding to the unfound numbers of contracted.  And surely enough, the pandemic started, hiking up higher, and Lee immediately stated, that we should return the days of quarantine back to before, the “ten-plus-seven”; is this, treating us, ordinary citizens like, rubber bands?

By the twenty-sixth of last month, when the “three-plus-four” was set up, the confirmed diagnoses per day is 6,200; as Lee said the quarantine period can be changed to “ten-plus-seven”, the confirmed contraction had already gotten up to 65,000 per day.  In a short fifteen days, that’s a tenfold increase.  Problem being, that at-home quarantines is related directly to the lives of ordinary citizens, and the operations of society normally, the government dictate whatever, and we follow the government’s, mandates, and, even if we the people are, flexible, and even if we have a ton of persistence, we still, can’t, withstand this tug-of-war of our freedom to go, to be, to do, as mandated by our, government.

Besides, the setting up of the policies relies on the rationalism, and the considerations of society, medical care system, and the impacts of the virus must all be, taken into, account.  The local governments already called out to the central government to shorten the terms of the at-home quarantine, the central government had, ignored that; and what’s most confusing is, the government suddenly reduced the terms of quarantine from “ten-plus-seven day” to “Three-plus-four days”, it’s due to, Su, the head of state’s calls.  Surely, he’d, rammed too fast, clearly, he’d, not considered, the consequence, of not watching where he’s, running towards.

We want the vaccines, there’s a shortage, we needed the quick-scan kits, they’re, on short stock, we need the medications, we don’t have them, the government treats us, like nothing but, air.  And now, the government can’t set its mind up on how many days of the quarantine periods, and we’d all become, elastic, rubber bands too.

And so, this is how the government, plays we the people, at its, will, it stated whatever (off with everybody’s head!), then, the local government followed suit (chopping everybody’s head off!), and that, is not a free government, run by the people, because, the government ignored our voices, and, just did things its way, hogging all the resources, causing the lag of vaccination rate from before, and now, we’d, run short on the quick-scan kits that the people are in need of, and, because we don’t have access to these necssities now, surely, the E.R. will get, crushed, due to the increasing number of moderate to severe (instead of the lighter symptoms of runny noses, etc., etc., etc., of the Omicron strain) cases, and we the people are, dying, left and right too, because of the INCOMPETENCE of this, government that’s been, elected into office, by the, “majority” of the population here!

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