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The Investigations of the Honeytraps, Discovering that Police Officers Leaked Out the Personal Data

It’s, one of, their own here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Pingdong D.A. Office was investigating a honeytrap case, accidently found that the detective of the Kaohsiung’s City Police Department, Kuo was leaking out the information to the businesses, and received kickbacks, bribes from it; the district attorney led the department’s southern investigation unit, to search the office of Kaohsiung Detective Department, confiscated Kuo’s cell phone, and took in another detective as person-of-interest to investigate, and, they’re prosecuting the case as encroachment.

The sergeant detective, Kuo is in his forties, originally worked in the investigation unit, about six months ago, was transferred to the detective squad; the Pingdong D.A.’s Office awhile ago, worked a honeytrap case, took in multiple suspects, and expanded the search for the leaks in the victims’ personal data, found that there were private investigators who were involved, dug deeper, and accidentally, found that it was the sergeant detective, Kuo who’d provided the private investigators the list of names.

Other than Kuo, another detective from the same team was also taken in; based off of understanding, this other detective is listed as person of interest currently, and will assist the D.A.’s investigations.

Based off of investigations, Kuo used his work computer, looked up hundreds of personal information, the city’s detective squad checked closely on the names he’d looked up internally; because he’s a law-enforcement officer, and had cases he is working on currently, whether or not the names he’d looked up are for personal matter or work, they will leave it up to the Department of figure out.

The search that occurred yesterday had caused discussions, the coworkers all told that Kuo is hard working at the office, that, the checking of the cases involved checking the personal data, that Kuo works as law enforcement official for a long time, knew the “nitty-gritty” of what’s being checked, that they don’t believe he is capable, of leaking the information to the private investigators.

And so, it’s this man’s morale is under question, and, even if he’d worked with perfect records from before, who’s to say, that he won’t get, enticed by money, and, make the wrong choices in his work, like he’d done (or so, as it seems here!), like now?  This still just showed, how easily, it is, for someone in law enforcement, to knowingly, break a law!

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Here, we still have, the ones who were SUPPPOSED to ENFORCE the law, on the WRONG side of it, are you FUCKING kidding me here??? From the Newspapers, translated…
The Chien-Guo Subprecinct’s second captain, Chen, along with the Wanhua subprecinct second captain, Kuo, were suspected of taking bribes, and accepting the calls from the illegal video game gambling operators to go to hotels and bars, then, giving the owners a heads up when there would be a police check, the investigative offices yesterday charged the two officers with taking bribes, and called them into questioning.
The D.A. then called up another officer who’d accompanied Chen and Kuo to the hotels, Hsiao, along with more others, totaling up to twenty members of the police force, and, took them all into the district attorney’s offices in Taipei for questioning.
This time, there was TWO shops, one legal, the other, not, and, in order to avoid being caught with illegal gambling activities, the owners would pay half a million dollars from the PR accounts, and had the middleman, Chen, handed it off to an officer who was on leave, then, transfer the money, finally, to Lee and Chen, to get the alerts.
The investigations found, that the involved officers would use codes in the phones, then, meet up somewhere, to take the cash; Chen then become the inside man, selling the information of the ambushes to Lee, then, Lee sent the notices out to various shops.
Other than handing off the dirty money, Chen would also take Chen, along with other members of the police squad to the “Barcelona” High End Hotel and Lounge on Keelung Road. The hotel staff claimed that Chen had picked up the tab every single time, and the officers would pick the ladies with large breasts and long legs to take out.
Although Chen and Lee denied having taken bribes, but the board of trustees had admitted to spreading the earnings to all the officers who were called into questioning.
And so, you worked for the law, but, apparently, the money they’re paying you is NOT quite enough, so, you sought out those who have a way of paying you OFF, then, you’d TIPPED them off, and gotten favors too, but this Quid Pro Quo got SCREWED UP, because you got CAUGHT, red-handed in the very end, so, was it worth it? Of course N-O-T!!!

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