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Adoptions More Difficult for Same-Sex Couples, Finding Surrogates Overseas is a Long Path

The issues that came rushing up, after same-sex marriage is signed to become, “constitutional”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The singer, A-Mei’s agent, Chen and his lover Darren married last year, they’d posted the good news, they had a young infant son from a surrogate, it’d sparked up the debate on same sex marriage rights and surrogacy in this country.  The infertilities experts pointed out, that it’d cost three, to four million dollars for same sex couples or heterosexual couples who are infertile to find surrogates overseas, and the adoption processes of after the child gets here, is quite grueling, and the infertility experts called out to the Department of Welfare Sanitations, to amend the laws, to legalize surrogacy.

Chen told, “as I saw the photos I’d started crying aloud, instead, Darren was, quite calm”, having the same last names, they’d nicknamed their son “Chen-Chen”, and currently, the infant is still in the U.S., he said he’d already found a Taiwanese nanny locally, that a month from now, the family will be together, he can’t hold back the excitement.

The two started trying to conceive at the start of 2019, and made the selections of ova, health examinations, harvesting their sperms, testing for the matches, etc., etc., etc., in the end, Darren’s sperm was used, to match up to an Asian female’s ovum, through the legalized surrogacy in U.S., the surrogate mother gave birth to “Chen-Chen” in the U.S., Chen told, that the most difficult part of the process is the outbreaks, causing a lot of the procedures to be adjusted and adapted constantly, that the cost ran up to about $4.5 million.  Because Chen had NO childrearing experiences, he’d started looking for the advices online, and is considering taking the parenting classes, A-Mei was moved to tears, cried harder than Chen did.

first step, “mixing” the sperm and the ovum…photo from online

A lot of the same-sex couples are facing similar trials of life, a lot of the gay men worked up the courage to come out of the closets to their own father, and said, “no matter what, I will have an offspring, to have someone to carry the family’s last names”. The long-term advocate for legalizing surrogacy, Chiao-Tzi Chen said, this is a common difficulty faced by a lot of the homosexual men, children are an important element of a marriage and of a family, but, for the infertile couples, Taiwan makes it impossible to find surrogacy, let alone, the same-sex couples.

Lee who’s an authority in infertility said, “it costs ten thousand U.S. for one in-vitro fertilization try, if more tests are required, then, add another, twenty thousand U.S., and the families need to pay the surrogate another three million N.T.s, and the whole cost runs up to about four million N.T.s to start up.

Lee said, the surrogate mothers provided the uterus, and during the time they are carrying, their lives are, restricted, most pregnancies takes 280 days, the costs to find a surrogate in U.S. is approximately $10,000N.T. a day; if the constitution can be amended here, then with the procedures set up by the law, it can protect the rights of the surrogates, to prevent the bridge of rights of the asking party; and he’d estimated that if the surrogacy is legalized here, it would only cost a million dollars N.T. here.

Lee stated, that waiting for the birth of the child, as the couple returned back to Taiwan, they needed to file for the adoption papers, then, the same-sex couple would become, rightful parents.

then, “implanting” into a woman’s, uterus comes next…

with the “baby”, “mixed” inside, a PETRI dish! Photo from online

Chen said, from the experiences taken from U.S., because the conflicts of adoptions runs a lot higher than surrogacies, Taiwan needed to set up the fitting surrogate laws for the traditional couples here, and, as this gets set up, then, the priorities would be discussing the matters of surrogacies for the same-sex couples, and this will help reduce the problems brought on the declining birthrates.

Yeah, this is on advocating legalizing the process of surrogacy here in Taiwan, because right now, the same-sex couples are going abroad to find surrogates, because surrogacies aren’t legalized here yet, and, by legalizing surrogacy, the government is making our uteruses into “baby incubators”, when that is NOT what we women are, production MACHINES of babies, are we now?  And there are not just the legal issues, but also, the morality concerns here to be considered.

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In Order to Pay Up Her Credit Card Debts, a Last Year High School Girl Sold Her Ova

See what happens, when your teenagers start charging THEIR own credit cards???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s a HUGE market for illegal surrogacy in China, and, there are so many people who wanted to make a quick cash from it.  the Central Television Network of China investigated and found, that for many years already, younger women, in order to make more money, they were enticed by the illegal broikers, to sell their own ova, or rent out their uteruses, and, there was a last year high school girl who’d sold her ova to pay off her credit card debts too.

After following the story in depth for six month by the Central Television Network of China, they’d found a lot of young women who’d illegally sold their own ova, or “rented out” their uteruses, became illegal surrogates.  And, most of these girls are under age twenty, some are in college, and there was a last year high school girl who’d stated, that she’d sold her eggs, to pay off her credit card debts.

The report quoted a person responsible as the middleman, that the eggs of twenty-year-old young women are the best, and, in order to buy these, one must pay anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000RMB (roughly $150,000N.T. to $500,000N.T.s).  The middleman also told, that the clients can not only borrow someone else’s uterus to carry their babies, they can even select whose eggs they used.  They’d mostly used the internet, to check the photos, basic information, then, set up a date to meet, and, the process is like shopping for groceries.

And, the illegal surrogacy middleman company had earned even more money, they’d even had the logo of “Guaranteed to have sons, RMB 10,000,000!”  the process of surrogating sons is very cruel, because if the surrogate is pregnant with a daughter, then, she is forced to abort, and, there was a client who’d had four tries before it was a baby boy.

The investigations found, that these surrogated most came from poor agricultural families, and, the pregnant surrogate mother were set up by the middlemen at a residence, where there would be professional caretakers, and became a money machine for the middlemen.

And, because of the enormous amounts paid, it’d attracked more and more middlemen surrogate companies to join in, and, it’d become a ring.  From soliciting, successful pregnancy, to waiting to give birth, subtracting the cost of the eggs, the money paid to the surrogates, the surgeries from the illegal clinics, at most, one case could bring in $400,000RMB to the middlemen companies.

Wow, if this is NOT exploitation, I don’t know what would be!  And, that still just shows the value of the younger generations nowadays, because the young woman couldn’t pay off her credit card debts, and, what is she doing with a credit card, she’s only in high school, right???, she’d sold her body out.

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The Surrogate Mother Gave Up the Child for Adoption, the Birth Father Lost the Custody Case

This, is precisely why there’s still so much noises in the areas of surrogacy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Chang paid a surrogate, Wei, had sex and reproduced a daughter, he’d claimed that Wei had given their child up to a couple, Liang without his consent, sued to get the courts to take back the adoption, and fought for his own daughter’s custody.  The first trial mandated that the adoption was invalid, however, the Highest Court in Taiwan yesterday overturned the rulings that the young child need not be separated from the adoptive parents who’d taken care of her for five years.

The key turning point of the case lies in that on the first trial, the courts believed that the adoption was invalid because the woman didn’t get the permission of the birth father; but the second trial found, that the rule of that was that the “legal” parents, not the birth parents, seeing how Chang never filed for adoption over his own daughter, he’s not the young girl’s father legally, and that the adoption of the child was legal.

Chang (age 45) wanted a child but his wife is infertile; at the end of 2008, he’d found online that the twenty-one year-old woman, Wei was willing to become a surrogate, he’d written her, and two days later, they’d had sex at a motel; three weeks later, Wei told Chang she was pregnant.  On August 28, 2008, she’d given birth to her child, two months later, she’d given up her daughter for adoption, after Chang learned this, he’d sued, to ask the courts to invalidate the adoption, and agreed to signing the papers to allow his own offspring to maintain contact with the parents who raised her.

The Liangs stated that they showed willingness to adopt the girl and that they are well to do, both the husband and the wife put a lot into caring for the girl and the child had established a strong bond with them already; that the birth father had NO right, to all of a sudden, force the child away from the only family she ever knew, that it would hurt the development of her personality.

Wei said, that because she was poor from before, she’d acted as a surrogate, had sex with a man, but afterwards, the man went back on the agreement; later on, she’d agreed to having a child with Chang, but Chang suspected that she’d had sex with another man, and started questioning the blood ties of the child.  Chang denied that the child was his, called her a bastard, and didn’t even go see the woman when she gave birth, and so, the mother can only ask for help from the social workers, and sent her child up for adoption; she hadn’t changed her phone number, or the place of residence, and if Chang really wanted to know where the child went, it shouldn’t be hard.

“Must this case be ruled by a judge?  Can’t you just work it out amongst yourselves?”,the judge from the appeal, still tried to help make this situation better, but, both sides insisted on that the child is theirs.

The attorney of surrogate parents, Hsu said, that a child is not an object, and when the parents and children lived together, there’s a bond, that the custody should NOT be decided by the laws of adoptions, or by blood relations either, the rulings should be based off of what’s best for the child.

Before the closing statements of the highest courts’ second rulings, the judge wanted the birth father to go out of the courtrooms first, asked the adoptive father, “What do you want to say?”, the adoptive father cried, mentioned how he’d treated the child as if she were really his, and he wasn’t willing to separate from her, and would give her all the love she needed.

And so, that, is the problem with adoption, and surrogacy too, when humans are treated as a “For Sale” item, it just doesn’t seem quite right, does it?  And the judge gave the custody to the adopted parents, because the family loved this girl, treated her well, and, it just wasn’t right, to take her out of a familiar environment, and move her into a completely stranger’s home, even IF the “stranger” is her real father.

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