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Accompanying One’s Own Elderly Parents IS Getting Ready for One’s Own Elderly Years

The views on life, translated…

Even though, nobody can predict what happens in the future, but, from my eighty-something mother-in-law, I’d heard, “I’d never imagined that this, is how my elderly years would be like”, it was an eyeopener all right, I’m very persuaded now.

Turns out, that all the elderly who came before us, when they were younger, they’d all had their imagined life of old age, all hoped, that by the time their lives are finished, they would have done everything that they’d wanted to, and lived a happy life already, gone to the places they wanted to travel to; to not have to live one’s life according to someone else’s wishes, to no longer worry about the odds and ends of one’s household, and even, leave their offspring’s lives alone.

And still, as we come to old age, what is it, that prevents all these dreams from coming true?  A huge factor is “health”.  Other than those who are found with serious illnesses, those who don’t have seirous conditions are slowly deteriorating, organically.

And so, for some, their elderly years became, blind, deaf, and unable-bodied, and they’d lost interests in everything they do.  And so, when their younger generations who are active, fulfilled, and energetic accompany them, just be good listeners, hear them rant; and you also needed to treat the elders as if they were your offspring, hug them often, hold their hands tightly, focus your eyes onto them, and just quietly, accompany by their sides, on the one hand, it can increase these elderly persons’ sense of belonging; secondly, it helps those who are accompanying them, to get to know how it feels, to be the elderly before one becomes elderly, and when one returns back to one’s own life, you can become more focused on your own health, and cherish the time you have right now.

Because one day, we ourselves, will be far from the glory days of our younger years, and everything will fade away, but, we will, get to savor these days of memories very much.

And so, by observing and helping your elderly parents age gracefully, you are, actually preparing yourselves for your own old age too, because by watching them, you can see what you like and what you don’t, and, hopefully, you can give yourselves enough reminders, so you’ll turn into someone you loved to be around, instead of someone whom everybody tries to run from when you’re old and elderly.

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This X-Rated Game We Were Forced to Play

We were forced, to play this X-rated game, that we didn’t even want to be a part of when we were children, but, for survival’s sake, we had, played this X-rated game.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, it was to satisfy his needs (ewwwwwwwwwww, and don’t even!!!), he’d watched his children, FUCK each other silly, and, he’d given his sons tips on fucking his daughters, and, he’d even “demonstrated” to them, how it should be done.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, I will NOT have it anymore, you hear!!!  You come near me, I will SLICE and DICE, and, off, goes your PENISES!  This X-rated game, we were forced to play, we had no choice but to, because he’d threatened to take away his love for us, and, because of how young we once were, we needed his love as kids, and so, we did what we were told, and gotten exposed too young………


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