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Date-Raping a Classmate’s Girlfriend, He Was Prosecuted for Rape

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Hong in Hsinbei City was suspected of date raping his classmate’s girlfriend, and his classmate just walked in, on him, raping his girlfriend, but the classmate was angrier at how drunk his girlfriend got, and kicked her, then left; after the girl hung over, she found out what Hong did, she sued him; Hong claimed that it was consensual, but the D.A. didn’t believe him, and prosecuted him based off of forced sexual behaviors.

The D.A. investigated and found, last year on October 21, Hong and his classmate, and his girlfriend, and some other individuals went to a pub to drink, the classmate had something that came up, so he had to leave, Hong and the two other ladies drank until seven in the morn that very next day, Hong saw how his classmate’s girlfriend was so drunk she’d passed out, he’d date raped her, then, took her home.

As Hong arrived at the female’s residence, he’d used her keys to open the door, then, took advantage of her being drunk, raped her.  His classmate just walked in, saw how his girlfriend was having sex with Hong, he’d called out, “What are you doing!”, then blamed his girlfriend for getting too drunk, and he got angered, kicked his girlfriend, then left, Hong pulled his pants back on, to try to explain, but he couldn’t catch up to him.

The victim girl woke the next day, found her panties pulled down, after she’d asked her boyfriend, and he’d told her what happened, she’d reported it to the police.

This is still, a CRIME of opportunity, the man took advantage of the situation, because the woman’s passed out from drinking, and her boyfriend wasn’t around, and so, he’d RAPED her, and, what’s worse was that this woman also got blamed by her boyfriend, for being raped too, and that just shows, how much gender inequality there still is in the world today.

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Didn’t Meant to

Didn’t mean to rape, but, you shouldn’t have dressed so provocatively, you’re just ASKING for it!  Didn’t mean to hurt you, my dearest, you shouldn’t have PUSHED me beyond breaking, otherwise, I wouldn’t have lost MY FUCKING temper, and gotten violent.

Didn’t mean to beat the CRAP out of you, it’s just that you know how TOUGH work’s been lately, and, you KNOW I’m already stressed, you shouldn’t have kept prodding, prodding, pushing me, and, I hurt you, because you were ASKING for it!  Didn’t mean to, so, won’t you forgive me, this, would be the very LAST time I will EVER hurt you…

Didn’t mean to?  Maybe you didn’t MEAN to, but I had, when I do something I MEANT it, and, when you hurt because of MY actions, you can be sure, that I MEANT to HURT you, and what I do, is still NOT A-B-U-S-E, because at least, I NEVER make apologies for the way I MISBEHAVED, unlike Y-O-U!

Didn’t mean to, yeah, right, that, is what you ALWAYS say, to get ME to take you back, and I had, from before, and that, was still NOT because I was WAY too STUPID to figure out, I just understood things a bit late is all…

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Now, Put THAT Shoe on the Other Foot

The story is on NBCNEWS.com, feel free to CHECK it out…

A mother whose son, at age seventeen, back in 1998, slept with a girl at a party, and got convicted of sexual assault, which “earned” him a sex offender registry for the REST of his life, plus six months in the county jail, and, ten years later, after the Halloween Law, she felt compelled to take action.

And, IF you ask me, but hey, who asked Y-O-U (yeah, I know, I know!!!), that’s just WRONG, I mean, ALL I see here, is a mother who felt that the law just got SLAMMED down on HER baby boy a bit too hard (hello, how can RAPE be something that’s taken so NOT serious enough, even IF he was still JUST a minor???  And, isn’t reckless drinking AND driving “filed” under the same “category” too???), who’s trying to hover over HER baby boy, as ALL mothers do still, and she’s just making this statement, hoping, that people can see HER side of the story, and yeah, we SEE it, we’re just NOT feeling ENOUGH sympathy for ya, lady!!!  Once again, feel free to say WHATEVER you want to on the issue, and, this original article WAS posted on NBCNEWS.com, feel free to CHECK it out.

And, how would YOU feel, IF your daughter got offended, RAPED by a drunken teenager, would you still want the leniency that you’re asking the public for right now?  I think N-O-T, then again, that’s just how UNFORGIVING I really am, but that’s just ME…

And, consider this, the woman’s SON OD’s on heroin, and so, the mother’s blaming his death on how he had to “register” as a SEX offender, because had this LOSER who had SEX with a younger girl who was still a MINOR then (so it really wouldn’t matter if it WAS consensual or not!!!) NOT been forced to “register” as a sex offender, then, he may have gotten too depressed and took to HEROIN, and you still don’t see that you’re the one spoiling HIM rotten?  Are you FUCKING kidding me here???  Yeah, feel free to TAKE yet another offense in T-H-I-S too, if you want to, I really don’t give a SHIT here.








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