How Did She Find Out that Her Husband Was Raping Her Daughter, “the Master Told Her”

Here is a story of a “Johnny Come-Lately”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman in Hsinbei City saw her kids, touching each other in the pubic regions of their bodies, and suspected that it might be because of how her husband had molested their daughter, she’d forcefully interrogated her daughters, but they told her it didn’t happen at all, and she’d either let it go, or suspected about it for a few more days, and the youngest daughter couldn’t put up with her mother’s ways anymore, and finally wrote a “confession”, and the woman sued her husband for rape, and the molestations of her daughters.

After the police were notified, they took her fourteen year old, twelve year old daughters, and her elementary school age son into emergency custody, but, when the D.A. asked the children, the youngest daughter changed her claims, and the eldest too, recanted her accusations toward her father, that it never even happened, and the husband blamed the wife for being too superstitious, that she’d gone to the temples to consult the “masters” on everything, big and small.  And because the father had passed a polygraph tests, and there was NO evidence of his sexual molestations on his daughter, the D.A. decided to NOT prosecute the case.

Based off of understanding, the family of five were originally living happily, and they are well-to-do, but since the female head of the household started going to the temple and followed a “master”, things started to change.

The woman felt that money would go missing from her house, or suspected that her children was misbehaving, and she’d go and consult the leader of her temple, and when she’d come home, she’d suspected that the children had taken the money, or used illegal substances; if the kids told her they didn’t, she’d screamed out at them, called them liars, and claimed, “Must I beat you, for you to tell me the truth?”, and the son was beaten to submission and said what the mother wanted to hear.

At the start of December of last year, the woman suspected that her daughter and son were touching each other’s pubic regions in their bedrooms, instinctively believed that her husband had assaulted her daughter, that the kids were modeling the behaviors; after she’d consulted the “master”, she’d first grilled her youngest daughter, and she’d said no, and she’d ignored her youngest daughter for an entire week, and in the end, the youngest daughter could only say what she wanted to hear, and wrote a confession of how her father had molested her.

And the woman questioned her eldest about if her father had ever been improper with her, the eldest shook her head and denied, the woman pulled her child in front of the statute of the Goddess of Mercy, and asked her to answer the question according to her conscience, the eldest daughter felt, that she was suspected of lying by her mother, and felt taken, she couldn’t stop crying, and the woman read her daughter’s behaviors as because she felt hurt from the rapes that, was why she was crying.

Later on, the woman accused the husband for sexually assaulting her two daughters; the D.A. separated the children and asked them separately, the three kids all pointed out, that when after their mother went to the “master” and came back and asked the questions, and if they didn’t answer the questions to the mother’s liking, they’d get screamed at, or beaten; the two daughter were insistent that their father wasn’t improper with them, the youngest had even confessed, that the confession she’d written, was based off of her mother’s wishes, and the son also claimed that he and his older sisters never touched one another inappropriately, and whereas before they said they had, was because they feared getting beaten up by their mother.

Wow, so, if you tell the truth, you’d get beaten up, so, to AVOID a beating, you would???  L-I-E, and what sort of a value system is set up in these kids here?  And this woman was way too taken by the leader of her CULT (b/c that, is still what this is), and this woman is way too weak, because you should NOT go around, and believe the words that someone told you, and question the words of your loved ones, NOT in this case, at least…and, how difficult, do you think the kids had had it, when they were forced to accuse their own father, or each other???

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