A Middle School Aged Girl Found Out that Her Mother’s Brother Was Actually the Father of Her Child

She went to the doctor for a cold, and, guess WHAT she found out????  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A middle school age girl went to the doctor for a cold, and was told that she was knocked up, after the Taipei District Attorney’s Office found out, the girl lied to them about having had sex with a stranger; and because she’d insisted on carrying the child full-term, the D.A. believed, that there might be something she’s not telling them, and they’d waited until the child was born, and did a DNA test, and found, that the child’s birth father was her own uncle, and yesterday, the D.A. had prosecuted the uncle for having sex with a minor.

The D.A. found, that the adolescent’s family is a low income household, and the parents were divorced a very long time ago, she lived in with her younger sister, her mother, along with her mother’s boyfriend.  Her mother and her boyfriend was suspected of seducing underage girl to sell their bodies and gotten a delayed sentence, and her uncle was indicted for raping his own daughter five years ago, but later, on, there wasn’t enough evidence, so the  uncle was set free.  Based off of understanding, the adolescent and her uncle had consensual sex and got pregnant, and her younger sister was suspected of being raped by the man her mother is living with right now, and that case is still pending investigation by the D.A.’s office.

The D.A. pointed out, that the adolescent girl because she had a cold last year, she’d gone to the doctors, and was found to be pregnant, for a few months already, the doctor felt that something was off, and notified the rape prevention hotlines, and the social worker took over, and the social workers found, from the neighbors, that the adolescent was especially close to her uncle, and the social worker suspected that the uncle raped the girl.

During the time of the D.A.’s investigation, the girl lied and said, that she’d had a one-night-stand with someone at Ximen Ting, that she didn’t know who the father of her baby was, the D.A. called up the mother, and she said, that she believed her daughter would not lie, and said that it’s an innocent life.  The D.A. believed that something was off about the mother and daughter’s statements, and after the adolescent gave birth to her daughter, they’d took the infant’s saliva, and they found a match, with her uncle.

And, even IF it was “consensual”, just because your niece had a crush on you, that still doesn’t give you the RIGHT, to take advantage of her like that, and, not seeing the fact that it would constitute as INCEST, what about the moralities???

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