While His Middle School Age Niece Was Sleeping, He’d Touched Her Inappropriately, and Claimed that He Was Giving Her a Massage

From the newspapers online, translated…

A second year middle school girl, “Yu” (a false name), after her parents divorced, her father had custody over her, two years ago, late one night, her eldest uncle told her he wanted to teach her how to massage, and took advantage of her, touched her pubic region, the victim called up her mother, the mother was so angry she’d notified the police, and she’d negotiated with her ex, to have custody over the child.  The High Subsidiary Courts in Taichung yesterday found the uncle guilty of forced sexual molestations, and he was given three years four months’ jail sentence.

The uncle (age 54) denied the sexual molestations accusations, claimed that maybe he went overboard with the massage, but, it wasn’t so serious, that he did NOT touch her that long, that he was only giving the victim a massage and his hands just happened to stroke her genitalia.

The Collective Courts investigated and found, that the victim was quite young, her parents divorced, she lives with her grandparents, and that it was awful, that she had to be raised by her grandparents, and the plaintiff, “Yu”’s uncle, not only didn’t protect the victim, he’d used her to satisfy his own desires, and took into account that the victim’s mother insisted on not forgiving him, so, the courts gave the man a jail sentence.

The verdict stated, that “Yu”’s uncle, three years ago, came home late one night, after he’d showered, he saw his niece, lying asleep on the couch, he’d started by massaging her feet, and when she woke up, he’d claimed that he wanted to give her a massage, and placed his hands inside of her panties for ten minutes, and because she was too afraid, she didn’t scream.

The victim felt insulted, and she’d texted to her mother, it said, “Mom, uncle said he wanted to massage me, and placed his hands into my panties!  He’d even asked me to massage his crutch too, I’m so afraid, mom!”  After the mother received the text, she’d gone right over to where the daughter lived, and the very next day, she’d called the cops.

And here, you still have someone that the victim had trusted, who’d broken that trust, by sexually molesting her, and what the FUCK (no need to pardon ME this time!!!) is WRONG with you, stupid adults?  Just because your daughters, nieces, or whoever the HECK they are, related to you looked so young, juicy (don’t even), fresh, sexy or whatever, that still doesn’t give YOU the right to fucking assault them, after all, they ARE related to you, MOTHER-FUCKERS (yeah, and your point being???) by B-L-O-O-D!

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