The Deans of Universities are Calling Out: Development is WAY More Important than Your Starting Salaries

Resetting those values here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The universities are now, setting up forums for hire one by one, because as the economics got better, there are more, and more positions opening up in the workforce, giving chances to the fresh-off-the-farm recent graduates.  A lot of the graduates cared a lot about the starting salaries, but the university officials believed, that the developments of one’s work is way more important than starting salaries, hoped that the newly graduated students can find a job that fitted with their interest profiles, and that they should NOT reject the idea of going abroad to work either.

The Expo held by the big corporations, sponsored by NTU and Taipei Tech Universities are over recently, the Taipei Tech U will have a series of a total of thirty-three companies going to the schools, including a ton of names in the electronic industries and computer front too, to offer the students more choices.

A lot of the newly graduated students cared a lot about their starting salaries, they don’t want to go too far from home to work, but, the principal of Taipei Tech, Liao believed, that the newly graduates should NOT care that much about the starting salaries, instead, they should be more focused on whether or not the jobs they’re taking has chances of developing further; and, a lot of the work opportunities that surface are all abroad, and that students should NOT reject the idea of working abroad at all, if the student only set their eye sights in Taiwan, they will lose a lot of good opportunities.

The Dean from Taiwan Shofu University, Chen stated, that the new graduates should find jobs that fitted with their interests, not only would the work be meaningful to them, and they can shine too, there are a lot of jobs, for instance, in the restaurant industries, there are more opportunities in Southeast Asia as well as in China, it would be good, if the graduates can take chances.

And so, this, is someone’s views on the current job-hunting front, and, so long as you’re willing to work hard, not afraid of the challenges that gets thrown at you (b/c there will be MANY, MANY, M-A-N-Y) challenges that gets THROWN AT you, you will excel in the workforce, and, this merely states, that because there’s NO job openings where you live, that still doesn’t mean, that you can’t travel a bit farther off, to find a good job for you, but hey, these days, kids are all looking for easy work that pays well, and is located close to home, so…

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