Turn the Corners, Life Would be Better, Changing the Difficulties into Opportunities


My friend, Wu was a graduate from a certain technical university, he’d worked in designing the machines in a machine manufacturer, he’d had trouble, making more wages, and, lived off of his 22K a month.  Later on, because there was trouble with the finances of the company, they’d downsized, and, Wu was laid off.

After Wu was laid off, he didn’t blame anyone, he believed, that life will keep going, he’d first filed for unemployment compensations with the labor development unit, and signed up for the trainings at the job center, “Machinery and Computer Designs”.

After working hard for a while, he’d gotten his certifications, and was matched by the organizations, and started working as a  mechanical drawing engineer for a certain company, and is now, earning, a time MORE than what he was earning.

Had he not been laid off because of the downsizing of his company, I imagine, that he would still be, working his life away, getting just 22K, so, “there’s NO need to fear the unknown futures, what should be feared, is one’s own mind”, the roads hadn’t ended, it’s just a turn at the corners, and, when you made the turn, you will see, a brand new scenery.

So, this, is how someone ACTIVELY worked on oneself, after getting laid off, and, his hard work paid off, because he didn’t let getting laid off get him down, and, this still showed, how attitude IS the determinant of success!


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