My Son’s Swift Hands, on the Education of Children


When my son was just three or four, I’d found, that he had extremely swift hands, he could build a set of Legos into something very complex, a small robot or a small car, whereas the other kids can only stack the pieces, one, on top of the next, sometimes, he’d kept his older brother by three years in awe too.

He was happiest when a toy broke, because then, he could tear it apart, and, what’s more impressive was, he could mix and match the broken toy pieces, made it into a brand new toy.  When he was in the third grade, he’d started taking the motors out of his toy cars, and, remodeled the parts, turned them into other cars’ wheels and bodywork, and, connecting a wire and batteries are super easy for him, he’d even redid the remote controls, then, it’d become, a weird shaped, brand new, race car.

The chairs of our supper table would become unstable because the nails became loose, and, all I could do, was to hammer them all back in again.  He was just in the fifth grade, found a steel keychain ring, he’d wrapped the ring around the body and the leg of the chair, then, used two nails, to stabilize the two ends, solved that problem at once, very impressive.

He’d already known, that he will enter into technical high school that allows him to have hands-on experiences.  Although my youngest son didn’t have the outstanding grades, but he does have a pair of swift hands, and has a set direction toward the future, so, I’m totally, not worried at all, about his future!

So, this child showed HIS areas of expertise and interests very early on in life, doesn’t he, and, his parents encouraged the developments too, allowed him to go off freely on his own, they don’t force him to enter the traditional school where there are just books, tests, more books, AND more examinations to follow…


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