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From a Military School to Working as a Manager at a Clothing Store

On her son’s choice, translated…

Many years ago, my eldest son chose to study in military school, I understood, that my understanding and very mature son knew of the household income issues, and wanted to help save us the money, which was why he’d chosen the path.

Two weeks after he’d reported to the military school, he’d called me, and asked, if I could get him dropped from the schools.

With a heart of unease, I’d arrived at school, to get to understand the situation better, my eldest son told me that after he’d gone into training, he realized that military school doesn’t fit with his personality profiles.  Seeing his young and childish face, I’d helped him get packed up, left the military school.

The very next year, my son tested into a private university, he’d told me, that he could get financial aid for his tuitions, and he can part-time for his own living expenses, that I needed not worry about him.

My son had given his class schedule to the owner of the buffet, when he didn’t have classes, he’d gone to work; on the academic front, he’d done all he could, never arrive late to his classes or leave early from them, worked hard, studying, kept a high grade all the way through.  From his freshman year, when his professor gave the students an oral presentation, he’d collected the data completely, then, drafted up his speeches, then, rehearsed the speeches with his group, to the point that he didn’t need to look at his note when he gave his presentations, and could give an animated presentation to his class, and maintained eye contacts with his professor and other students.

My son showed a strong interest toward clothing and accessories, started in his freshman year in college to not, he’d set up an online shop to sell clothing items, and had gotten great reviews from his shoppers. He is a careful person, because he feared that there are scams online, so, starting the very first day he’d set up shop online, he’d handled every single transactions carefully himself.

I’d also gone with him, to get replenished on his stock, and to pick up the items he’d ordered from somewhere else, several years later, I believed, that he’d gotten his own sense of style.  And, just so, my son continued working at the buffet place, along with running his own online clothes shop, managed to put himself through college, completed his studies from the universities.

After he’d gotten out of the armed services, he’d tried to find a job in the clothing, accessories industries.  Several times he’d gone to the malls to help out during the semi-annual sales, I’d walked in as a pretend customer, heard how he’d used an even tone of voice, as he’d introduced his products, with such professionalism, it made me feel proud and moved, that weak childish scared little boy had find his own interests; through the years of accumulation of experiences and his own hard work, he’d started absorbing the newest information on the clothing and accessories fields.  After several times of him, being the highest selling newcomer for the month or for the day, the main store sent him into a new branch, and made him the store manager.

My son said, he didn’t have the help from home, nor did he have outstanding grades, nor does he have the tall and handsome looks, so he must work even harder.  The sales may be high or low, he’d accepted the challenges from day to day, because he believes, that he can alter his own destiny, if he works hard to try to change himself for the better.

This, is very inspirational, to see a young man who’d chosen a career path for himself, and just kept going, and, it’s his attitude at his jobs that made him so successful, and that just shows, that having the right attitude is very important, it’s a key to one’s success!

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Creating that Sense of Achievement from a Calling


About a decade ago, when there was a typhoon, a lot of the shops are either closed or closed early.  Is aw how even though the wind and the rain were coming down hard, but I worried that someone might need, and so, I’d still opened up shop.  The sales for that day was $260N.T.s.  on the second day, a crying mother called into the shop, “had you not opened up shop on that night when the typhoons hit, my son would’ve already been dead.”, the $260N.T.s, were of the ten mucus tubes she’d bought for him.

When the values of work exceeds the values you can see, you’d found the reason to keep going, and never backing down.

The year I’d graduated from technical high school, I’d taken my nurse’s certificate, entered into the Ming-Chih Community College’s nursing department to study, the CEO, Yong-Ching Wang, because he’d wanted to help train more certified nurses, he’d set up the specialized nursing department at the Ming-Chih Community College.  And because the school is funded publicly, other than having free room and broad and tuitions, during the summer and the winter vacations, there were part-timing opportunities given, and so, there were 1,500 who’d gone to take the entrance exams, but only 100 students received entry, luckily, I’d become the first set of students who’d studied in the community college.

And because of how many people were admitted, the classes are held like the elites, the instructors were specialists from Changgang Hospital.  Back then, we’d all came out of technical high schools, we couldn’t understand a lot of the professional terms, but we’d all studied very hard in school.

And because the nursing department is newly set up, the classes were composed of entirely females, and, the medical realm was the world of men, and we, this group of girls became like treasures.  For us girls, the school had set up a girls’ bathrooms.  And, it was very interesting, how the students got along with one another too, we are the age of the older classmates, and the older schoolmates didn’t know what to call us, in the end, they’d called us, “Auntie Younger Schoolmate”.

Recalling it now, this schooling program was the most impressive, most special place.  Back then, I’d part-timed at the hospital as a nurse, while the other students were on their summer and winter vacations, I’d taken up the midnight and graveyard shifts at the hospitals.

And, I was a student, but without the summer and winter vacations, and even though, it was hard, recalling it now, I was glad, that I had part-timed, because this training had allowed me, to get involved in the enterprises before I actually started working, and it’d made the transition from school to work a whole lot easier.  And because I’d followed a strict set of schedules in Ming-Chih, I was able to handle the tasks I needed to perform on my job well………

This, was written by a namely medical supply retail company’s CEO, and, without this experience earlier on in life, she couldn’t have achieved all the things she’d achieved, and, because of her training at the nursing school, it’d taught her the values that she needed to become successful in the society.

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Keep Your Visions Wide, But Start Working Small, the Ways to Survive in the Workforce

Work ethics here, translated…

A lot of people keep meeting up with walls at job, they’d blamed everybody else around them for it, and, they don’t even know it, but, they all have a serious case of aiming too high and achieving too low.  There is an equal opportunity for advancement in the armed services, but, there are those who’d blamed the times, for not being kind to them, and how luck’s never on their sides, that they never met a good superior, and in the end, they’d gotten out of the services, with deep-rooted regrets, and they don’t even know, that they, are the sources of why they’d not gotten that promotion.

There was an older mate who’s three years older than we are in the platoon, when we first entered into the army, he’d already finished with his training as a platoon leader for the cannon squad, and was the only platoon leader who’d been placed in charge of the only tank in the sections, and is the only one that the superiors trusted, and, he’d become too important to the services.  This older mate is very kind toward everybody, but he knew how to separate the personal matters with the business, he was very orderly, and, the soldiers are all fearful and respectful toward him; and the younger servicemen all used him as their role model.

Once, in a meeting, the older mate who was nicknamed “Mr. Awful”, started grilling the defense cannon operator for not doing his job correctly, and the older made stood up for him, and the superior was silenced by him, in the squad, there had never been any who dared challenged the authorities of one’s superiors, we all saw the superior’s eyes, glared, fiercely at the older platoon leader, his face turned colors, and, everybody who was there, with the higher ranks, all felt scared for him.  And yet, he’d acted very calm, as if nothing was happening to him.

Once he’d gotten back to the platoons, he’d called a meeting of all the officials of the higher ranks, “the department mandate that you all prepare the forms, the lists overnight!”  After he’d stated this, the very next day, the platoons started getting things into order, it took them an entire day’s time to get everything prepared and ready, and in the end, they’d not only find any single faults, the reviews had won the first place awards, when “Mr. Awful” handed him the certification of achievement, he’d not wanted to, but was forced to.

After he was transferred to Kinmen, there was a “drill of unions”, he’d entered into the navy’s drills, and, the cannon mate just couldn’t aim straight, the navy saw that he’d worked as a cannon mate before, they’d asked him to show him how it is down, and, even though, he was getting seasick like crazy, he’d still read through the English manuals, with the dictionary in hand, in the end, he’d found, that the navy had miscalculated a small part, that, was why they’d missed when they’d fired; after he’d recalculated the elements correctly, the very next time that they’d practiced, it gained them an outstanding remark.  And, ever since, whenever this ship docked, he had everything he’d wanted to get, when he’d asked for it, no questions asked.

After he was done with this battle trainings, he’d entered into the formal classes, there, he’d gotten the resources of how he was to go about his training to become a professional serviceman.

He is a man, with great stamina, with a wide vision, and acted practically, plus, he managed to make his own interpersonal relations well-rounded, all of his plan went accordingly.  When his other classmates are discharged one by one, he’d still had a star on his shoulders, and was still climbing the ladders, because he wanted more than just one star on his shoulders, he’d wanted more stars.

For a soldier, getting the stars would be the biggest wish that he can possibly have, and, it all relied on luck, if s/he gets it, but, the basics should not be overlooked, “keep your sights set high, but, start from the smaller portions,” you too, will be able to increase the chances of your own dreams, coming true.

That just shows how important it is, to take things step-by-step, after all you can’t expect to fly up high that very first time, and be able to touch the stars, can you?  This man started at the most basic level, then, used his hard-working attitude, and his well-rounded ways of interacting with others, he’d managed, to climb to a position he’d wanted to climb to, and this, is still not just limited in the army, it can be generalized into all aspects of one’s life too.

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Becoming a Substitute

How easily we are all, replaced!!!

Becoming a substitute, knowing, that I can be easily replaced by this world, because there are a TON of others, with the same qualifications as I, but are asking a whole lot less, and so, naturally, the bosses out there would strike me off of their roster, because I cost a lot more than those newly up-for-hire people, and, the bosses will be replacing one of me, with three, four, even five more new workers.

And that, is how easily, you’re substituted in this world, becoming a substitute, knowing that at any time, you can and will get cut, with absolutely NO warnings before hand, how’s that?  Does it make you feel scared?  Because you SHOULD be!!!  After all, in this fast moving world, we’re all looking for workers who can manage things on their own, someone who can keep oneself in check, who doesn’t need a boss or manager, to breathe down her/his back, to make sure that the work is being done right.

So, are YOU going to get eliminated, replaced?  How can you possibly UP your own values?  Think about it, then, do whatever it is you may need to, to UP your competitive edge, because this, is still a highly competitive world we live in, and even though, we no longer need to EAT others to make sure that we would be the last ones standing, but, that, is what competition is like nowadays, in the corporate world!!!




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The Thirty-Year-Old Who’s Still Young at Heart, Experience in the Workplace


When my son first started working in sales at a travel agency, to tell the truth, I didn’t think he was going to make it.  he was naturally shy, not good with words, how can he compete with those experienced agents?  Plus, there was an unspoken rule that if someone didn’t meet her/his sales quota for three months continuously, then, the person is fired, I’d consoled him to take another job, but he’d insisted on giving it a try.  In the decade’s time, he’d used his smiley face, in this highly competitive field, worked his magic, had outstanding performances, and, it’d left me in awe.

My son told, that he’d gotten called into his boss’s office because he didn’t make the monthly quota too, but he didn’t get into a serious verbal altercation with his boss like some of the workers, he’d smiled to say he was sorry, admitted that he wasn’t working hard enough, begged the boss for one more chance.  There’s a saying, “You don’t HIT someone who smiles at you,” it truly worked!  Smiling, not only managed to shorten the distance between people, it’s also the key to being popular, and it’d helped up his sales.

There was a group of older woman who volunteered at the hospitals who were my son’s set clientele, even after awhile my son was transferred to another unit, where he’d stopped taking single persons, they’d still insisted that he be their salesperson.  My son said, that every time he’d be surrounded by these ladies who had an outflow of maternal love, and they would fight to feed him with their best dishes.  And, on Children’s Day, he’d received the older ladies’ homemade cakes, with a smiley face as the decoration, he must’ve been treated by them like he was their own.  “The volunteer moms are always energetic and so, they never grow old”, my son told me to use them as my role models.

Awhile ago, my son was driving to the marketplace at Tienmu with his girlfriend, then, a call came, told him to rush to Heping E. Road, to pick up a passport, without another word, he’d turned the car around, he’d explained to me, that the family had scheduled to travel to Canada, and that he’d gone twice to the visa department and couldn’t get it all set up, and that today was his day off, and he’d had to be on call.

I asked him if he was angry.  He’d told me.  We’d made a short pit stop on Heping E. Road, and, we were so lucky, found a parking space right away, he’d exclaimed, “I’m so lucky!” later as he’d arrived at the marketplace in Tienmu, he’d gotten a parking spot very shortly thereafter too, my son was laughing and saying, “hmmmmm, wearing a smile, luck will be with me; relax, everything will settle in its place.”

He’s over thirty, and still kept this heart of gold, maybe, this, is why my son is successful in everything he does!

Because this man has a positive attitude, that, is why everything works in his favor, and that still just shows how important attitude is.

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Stop Focusing on the Starting Salaries

We have here, someone who’s “fresh off the markets” here, translated…

My son recently got discharged from the armed services, and is about to start working, from before he was discharged, he’d started looking online for opportunities for work, and sent out some of his résumés to the companies that are hiring, he’d gotten a TON of opportunities for interviews, and, just like all the others like him, he was filled with expectation, as well as uncertainties.

Every time there’s a new work opportunity that came along, he’d always asked me, “Mom, what do you think of this job?  I wanted to work closer to home, so I can save up on my gas.”, and that, was the major considerations of his life.

I’d encouraged him, “Son, whatever you want to do, we’ll be supportive, start with a job that’s of interests to you!”

Before he’d found that job that fitted his interest profile, he didn’t stay at home and acted leisurely, instead, he’d gone to where his classmate worked, in a wood factory, and temped there, every day after work, he’d be filled up with dust and piece of chopped up wood, he’d never complained, he’d even told me naively, “the owner of the factory is very kind, even when I didn’t do much to help them out, he’d still paid me salaries.”

One night, he’d worked late, returned home late, as he’d gone into the bathrooms to take a shower, he’d flipped his feet, and told me, “there was a nail that went into my shoes.”  I’d examined the wound and asked him, “Must hurt, huh?”

He’d replied, “Don’t worry, it looks worse than it is, I’m still helping out tomorrow.”

My son’s practical nature and hardworking stance, it’d set my mind to ease, and, as he’d searched for a job, he’d often mumbled, “What good is a degree, like how I’d majored in the traditional industries, and I’d still needed to be trained in the techniques, and start at the entry level positions.”

One day, he’d told me excitedly, “That big company finally called me up, wanted me to work there.  The big company has a better system, and they should have better benefits too, I will be living in the employee dormitories, finally, I’d found a job!”

I too, feel excited for him, after all, a lot of the working experiences are acquired through time, I’d encouraged him, “You must put your heart and soul into work, and, get along with your coworkers, congratulations on finding that first formal job, how much do they pay you a month?”, he’d answered, “I really don’t know, all I know, is that the job is in the realms of electric engineering, at least, I can put what I learned into use, I didn’t inquire exactly, how much the wage is.”

As I watched my son go off to work on his first day, I felt nothing but blessings toward him, glad, that he’d taken everything, in baby steps.  The starting salaries are only a stepping stone as you entered into the workforce, if you’d worked hard, and accumulated the experiences, your wages will surely get increased accordingly.

So, it doesn’t matter IF you’re paid a VERY low amount, like I was, so long as you’re willing to learn the skills required on the job, all the skills would be yours then, and, nobody CAN and WILL ever be able to take that away, and, in the end, you’d have the skills, which will lead you to find a better fitting job for yourselves.

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Training People in the Elderly Care Industries, Solving the Crises of Losing Jobs in Midlife

Because there’s now, this HUGE market for the caring for the elderly in the population, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There is an increase in the population of people sixty-five and older, and, how do we care for the elderly population became a huge issue that we must face up to as a nation now, training the younger generations as caretakers for the elderly not only will resolve the issues of caretaking for the elderly, it can also resolve part of the problem of unemployment.

The CEO of the foundation, Chou pointed out, that the aging population can be problematic, but it can also be a way, of helping to resolve issues of midlife unemployment too.

Yesterday, Chou attended the Sixth Social Welfare Enterprises International Forum, and she’d used her own experiences of working as a caretaker in the distant regions of Pingdong as example.  She said, that there’s an estimate of 460,000 elderly who are unhealthy, the average lifespan of those who’d lost their abilities is seven years; getting lost easily, and those demented elderly who can’t live on their own, the number went up to 130,000 individuals, but only close to ten thousand of these elderly has a manual for being demented, issued by the government, who are receiving government assistance right now.

Chou said, that in the distant areas of Pingdong, the resources are even scarce, that out of a hundred demented elderly, only one can receive the care that s/he needed.  She’d stated, that there’re are about 5,700 demented elderly in the Pingdong region, and, based off of the community’s way, only sixty of those 5,700 can receive the right kind of assistance that they needed.

Chou brought up the example of how there are eight native tribes in Pingdong, but now, the elderly meals on wheels program doesn’t make the deliveries to any of these eight tribes.  She said, that the Foundation she’s in charge of made home visits, delivered meals on wheels, and provided the basic care needs for the elderly who lived alone, and this helped establish the system of support in the distant regions in Pingdong.

Chou claimed, that through the resources and the help from the locals, the foundation had helped the 126 caretakers, to assist a total of 808 elderly in the population, and their monthly salary is up to $25,000N.T., and the yearly wage is over forty million dollars.  She said, rounding up the resources, offering the caretakers a sound salary for the home visits, a job that benefits two families, the demented elderly, along with the caretakers’ families are both looked after.

Chou said the next step of the plan is to set up the training centers for such caretakers in the southern districts, to allow more of the younger generations to get into the field.  She said, that the unemployment problem in the distant regions of Pingdong would make the transitions to this new work easier, and at the same time, it can resolve the issues of not having enough caretakers, fitting, to take care of the demented elderly, and at the same time, manage to resolve the issues of the younger generation not being able to find jobs.

And so, this, is a good social welfare program, that benefited all sides, because NOT only would the younger generations who are desperately seeking a job get one, and the elderly in the region would also be well looked after.

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If a Raise is the Only Way You Can Keep Your Employees

So, money is still what makes this world goes ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round, huh???

If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, you MAY want to, rethink your strategies of how to run your companies, after all, there should be MORE than just money as the motivation, to get those workers up and going in the morn.

If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, you definitely have a huge problem, because you’re NOT running your companies well enough (but hey, what the HELL would I know, I am only managing a company of one here!!!).  If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, you might just be treating your workers not nicely enough, after all, there should be MORE of a motivation than just MONEY (that paycheck at the end of the week???) that keeps your employees clocking in in the mornings on time each and every day, Monday through Friday.

If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, I strongly suggest that you SHUT down your companies, and rethink your strategies of running your company, because money should NOT be the only motivational factor, for your employees, but hey, what the HELL would I know, I’m still JUST running this company of mine, of ONE boss, and ONE employee, and I still have endless number of “customers”, and I have still YET to get a complaint, I’m that good, aren’t I???  You SURE are!!!  (Pats on my own back here!!!)

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The Three New “Masters” are Valued More Today, We Must Educate Children, Based Off of the Trends the Society is Flowing Towards

The trends of youth’s career choices here, it surely HAD shifted far, from yesterday’s, hasn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chefs, professional athletes, engineers, and manicurists became the ideal profession for middle schoolers, it’s very far from the traditional lawyers, teachers, doctors now.  The success group in life is NO longer centered on excelling in school, this showed how multifaceted the world is now, becoming.  The younger generation’s views toward their futures about their jobs has to do with the society, the economic downturn, the low starting salary, and the instability of the jobs, and it’s not improving yet.  The smaller business ventures of opening up small shops, to work hard, and hope for the best, to NOT follow the trends set by those large corporations, and the college graduates’ base salary of $22,000 N.T. to $26,000N.T per month, along with how busy it would be, trying to make ends meet.

The difference in choices of these students showed that the world is changing, how we’re going towards a multiple interests, and how there are NO lowly worker, and, even though, occupation is correlated with statuses in society, but, the blurred boundaries of college education, the varied occupations, the reputations of the careers, along with the earnings.

And so, this world is still, slowly, shifting, now, the kids NO longer cared that much about slaving their lives away, like their parents had, after all, those, were a different time, weren’t they?  Today, the kids have their own focuses, and there’s NOTHING wrong with that, and that just goes to show, that your generation’s beliefs may NOT work well on this current generation’s minds, so, do NOT force your kids to choose the careers that you want them to have!









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My Dreams When I Grow Up: Baker & Hairdresser, a Survey of Middle School Students

A shift, in the views of dreams now, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

From before, there were a TON of students who had the goals of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, or an accountant as their future dreams, but, the newest survey of seventh and eighth graders by the Child Welfare Foundation found, that the occupational dreams had clearly, shifted, chef, baker, professional athletes, hairstylist, manicurist, makeup artists, is now, the most popular profession among kids in this age group.

The Child Welfare Foundation yesterday published the findings of the 2014 Middle School Student’s Future Dreams Survey, at the bottom of May and middle of June, they surveyed nearly 1,500 students on the island of Taiwan, and, in the 95 percent accuracy, and by a ±2.565 standard deviation measures.

The boys’ top three professions were “Chef, Baker”, “Professional Athlete” and “Architect, Engineer”; for the girls’, it’s “Beautician, Manicurist, Hairstylist”, “Chef, Baker”, “Nurse”, this, had drifted from the original “three masters”: Lawyers, actuaries, doctors/physicians, the analysis found, that the middle schoolers now believed, that having a viable skill is the “small kind of happiness” jobs that they want.

There was a female middle school student, when being asked by the Child Welfare Foundation that stated, “So long as I’m able to feed myself”.  Seeing how the makeup artists, the hair stylists for the media can earn $2,000, $3,000 at a time, and it seemed that they didn’t need to study for too long, or take some difficult exams, so, she would want to become a manicurist, or a beautician, and this girl is open at being a nurse too.

“Must be stabilized and can do for a long time”, is the primary factor to which the middle schoolers are choosing a job, and this makes up about 90 percent of the population currently, the remaining ten percent was split among “making a contribution to the world”, and “Being able to keep myself and my family fed”.  Almost thirty percent of the middle school students expected that their starting salary after they graduated from college to be less than $22,000N.T. per month.

There were thirty-two percent surveyed who were unsure about the futures, which showed that there’s more work needed, in helping kids discover their areas of interests.  Even though, the students counted on the counsels of the school teachers and the parents on their education, but there were forty-two percent who were found to be in conflict, when they were filling out the areas of interests sheet with the parents.

The survey found, that the most admired professionals by the middle schoolers are Jeremy Lin, the NBA player, the Chef, Yen-Ji Cheng, comic artist, Wan-Wan, along with the professional baker who’d brought home the titles, Bao-Chun Wu, the film maker, Chang, the Cloth Designer, Wu, and the a novelist.

So, the doctors had lost their appeal, because there’s this S-H-I-F-T in values, and this is still due to the environment, and, that, is normal, because every era, every generation is different, so, what your granddaddies took to be wonderful, may, or may NOT apply to your generations, and this is good, because the kids are now, more able, more encouraged, more driven, to work toward their own goals.

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