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Women Pushed Aside as China Modernizes, Gender Inequality in the Eastern World

From the New York Times that came with the papers today, written by: D. K. Tatlow and M. Forsythe…

Beijing—Fresh out of college, Angela Li was proud of her job as a teller at the state-owned China Everbright Bank—it wasn’t exciting, but it has prospects.  After a year and a half she applied for a promotion, along with a male colleague who had joined with her.

“Our boss came to talk to me afterwards,” said Ms. Li, 25.  “He said, ‘It’s good that you girls take your work seriously.  But you should be focusing on finding a boyfriend, getting married, having a kid.”

Women made great strides in the early decades of Communist rule.  The government has taken pains to portray women as equal to men, starting with Chairman Mao’s declaration that women “hold up half the sky.”  But the shift to a market economy and the resulting boom that has created opportunities for women has also fostered a resurgence of traditional values.  More and more men and women say a woman’s place is in the home. “Women’s status has not improved, and in some areas has regressed,” said Feng Yuan, a prominent Chinese feminist.

Women make up 44.7 percent of the work force, but just 25.1 percent of people with position of “responsibility,” according to China’s 2010 census.  Fewer than one in ten board members of China’s top 300 companies are women.  That measure is based on review of boards of every company in the CSI 300 index, China’s equivalent to the American Standard and Poor’s 500.  Among the CSI 300 companies, 126 have no women on their boards.

“We call it the ‘sticky floor,’” Ms. Feng said.  “There is a glass ceiling here too, but most women never even get off the sticky floor.”

By comparison, women hold 19.2 percent of the directorship on the S&P 500 companies, and about eighteen percent of board members in Europe’s 610 biggest companies are women.  While the advantage of having women in the boardroom are accepted global business circles, in China, the idea meets with incomprehension, even boredom, among business leaders.

Dongfang Electric, one of the world’s biggest makers of electric power turbines, has no women on its nine-member board.  “We’ve never thought about it,” said Zhang Linchao, the director of the company’s general offices.  Asked if the company would answer questions on the subject, he declined, saying, “It’s irrelevant.”

The pattern is pronounced at state-owned companies, where the government could simply order higher female participation.  Of the thirty-one companies on the CSI 300 that have no women as senior executives, 30 are majority state-owned.

The Communist Party’s women’s organization, the All-China Women’s Federation, is charged with representing women and protecting their rights.  In reality, it focuses on maintaining party control and traditional values.  Until recently, it posted editorials on its website belittling women who delay marriage.  It is also one of the key party organs carrying out the country’s family planning policy, enforcement of which has led to forced abortions.

Dong Mingzhu, president of Gree Electric, an air conditioner manufacturer with sales of $22.5 billion last year, blames women for their poor showing.  “Women don’t try hard enough,” she said.  “They’re too happy to go off and find a man to rely on.”

In some cases, the law supports discrimination.  Legally, women must retire earlier than men—generally age 60 for men and 50 or 55 for women—ass they are expected to care for the young, the sick, and the old.

Some companies not listed on the CSI 300, including the Internet giants Baidu and Alibaba, do have more women in the top positions.  Those women often find themselves on a lonely frontier.

And, this just shows, that although, we women ARE slowly, gaining our status in the world, however, because there’s still SEXISM, gender discrimination still working ITS “magic”, it’s gonna take a VERY long time, until we get the same pay rates as you losers, and, need I remind you, WHO has the ability to carry the young again?  Oh yeah, it’s US, you M***ER F***ERS, so, START respecting us, and besides, I KNOW that women ARE more capable than ALL you LOSERS combined here!!!

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Nothing But Love for Wielding Iron, the Two of Them Received Free Passes into Technical Universities

This just shows, that if and when you have the passions, anything is possible, from the Newspapers, translated…

“A major that’s not looked upon as being popular”, only five schools in Taiwan offers the field of study, Lin and Liu had worked every single day on the skills, and, earned themselves the Golden Hand Award.

“Wielding is like making chocolate”, the winner of the Golden Hand Award, the last year high school student, Liu had the testing score that could get him into a normal high school, and because he loved handiwork, he’d chosen to attend technical high school, the two young men, started in their first year of high school, went into training, and after they’d won the awards, they’d already gotten accepted to famous technical universities without testing.

The head counselor of the Hsinbei Technical High School, Huang said, that the students from the wielding major can see the internal workings of an object, and used sand or mud, to reproduce the item, but using materials such as glass, iron, or plastic, but because the environment in which this work is being done is usually messy and dirty, and it takes a lot of energy from the students, the major became less and less popular, and now, there are just five technical high schools with this area of study.

“I feel very achieved, seeing my finished product”, Lin said, at first, when he was accepted into the Wielding department, at first, he had no clue what he was doing, but as he got more and more into it, he became interested, he joked, that in the winter time, he stayed warm, by staying close, to the wielding ovens.

Liu said, that wielding is like making chocolate, but, it takes over a thousand degrees in temperature, to melt the metals, and he must wear protective gear, and, in the summer time, he’d often, sweat like crazy, and, using the same mode, you may get very different looking items in the end, the speed to pouring the melted iron into the molds, the different methods in pouring into the molds, it may cause the item to be hollowed out in the middle, or deformed, that you must pay strict attention throughout the whole process.

The department manager of the internship program at the technical high school, Jiang said, that the two students went through numerous tries, then, they were picked, as competitors, and trained, and, every day after school, they’d stayed in school until eight in the evenings, repeatedly, practiced making of the multiple shaped items, at group training, they’d start practicing at eight in the morn, and the practice lasts until four, and, from four in the afternoon to eight in the evening, they work on their specialized subjects.

But, hard work eventually pays off, Lin had been accepted, for his getting the gold prize in the wielding majors to the Electrical Engineering Department of Taiwan Technical University, and Liu, with his second place trophy, got accepted into the Electrical Engineering Department of the Applications University in Kaohsiung, the Department of Education in Hsinbei City will take the top three winners of the award to Germany and Japan to intern.

And so, this just shows how passion can help you achieve your dreams, like these two young men, they’re passionate about wielding, and, they didn’t care about anything else, and they’re focused on what they did, which, is why they were so very successful.

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Shining Bright, on a Smaller Stage

In the workforce, translated…

My husband changed jobs this year, from a top notch company in the industry, to a historic company that’s slowly, deteriorating away.

Before he’d changed jobs, everybody consoled him, “stay where you are”, because of the reputation of working for a namely company.  My husband told himself, that for the sake of the high salary, he should just keep putting up with his work.  But in actuality, the flash and the glory are on the exterior only, the innerworkings of the company is not at all, doing that well.

Seeing how my husband was smiling less and less, I’d consoled him not to get trapped by the brand myth, after all, out of the twenty-four hours, you’d get stuck at work for twelve, and, if he keeps on being unhappy, his mind and body will be paying an all-too-high price.

And so, he’d made up his mind, and quit, there’s no title for him at his new company, he’d gotten paid less, but the new manager admired how he is able to seek out new clients, and commended him on his creativity, and, een though, there’s only a limited resources for his new company, his manager was willing, to put up the resources, so he could put his thoughts into action, allow him to go off on his own.  Yesterday, my husband told me, that he’d settled a huge case for his company, and that the company gave him a bonus, that it wasn’t that much, ut, the respect and gratitude his new company showed him, was irreplaceable by money.

We all have a long-winding career path, sometimes, all we are looking for is merely a stage, doesn’t matter if it’s large or small, so long as it fitted us perfectly.

And so, this, just shows, that job satisfaction beats the amount of wages one get paid, and this man felt underappreciated in the bigger corporation he’d worked in, and after he’d gone to a smaller company, his wages are deducted, but, at least, he was appreciated by his new boss, which makes work worthwhile.

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From a Military School to Working as a Manager at a Clothing Store

On her son’s choice, translated…

Many years ago, my eldest son chose to study in military school, I understood, that my understanding and very mature son knew of the household income issues, and wanted to help save us the money, which was why he’d chosen the path.

Two weeks after he’d reported to the military school, he’d called me, and asked, if I could get him dropped from the schools.

With a heart of unease, I’d arrived at school, to get to understand the situation better, my eldest son told me that after he’d gone into training, he realized that military school doesn’t fit with his personality profiles.  Seeing his young and childish face, I’d helped him get packed up, left the military school.

The very next year, my son tested into a private university, he’d told me, that he could get financial aid for his tuitions, and he can part-time for his own living expenses, that I needed not worry about him.

My son had given his class schedule to the owner of the buffet, when he didn’t have classes, he’d gone to work; on the academic front, he’d done all he could, never arrive late to his classes or leave early from them, worked hard, studying, kept a high grade all the way through.  From his freshman year, when his professor gave the students an oral presentation, he’d collected the data completely, then, drafted up his speeches, then, rehearsed the speeches with his group, to the point that he didn’t need to look at his note when he gave his presentations, and could give an animated presentation to his class, and maintained eye contacts with his professor and other students.

My son showed a strong interest toward clothing and accessories, started in his freshman year in college to not, he’d set up an online shop to sell clothing items, and had gotten great reviews from his shoppers. He is a careful person, because he feared that there are scams online, so, starting the very first day he’d set up shop online, he’d handled every single transactions carefully himself.

I’d also gone with him, to get replenished on his stock, and to pick up the items he’d ordered from somewhere else, several years later, I believed, that he’d gotten his own sense of style.  And, just so, my son continued working at the buffet place, along with running his own online clothes shop, managed to put himself through college, completed his studies from the universities.

After he’d gotten out of the armed services, he’d tried to find a job in the clothing, accessories industries.  Several times he’d gone to the malls to help out during the semi-annual sales, I’d walked in as a pretend customer, heard how he’d used an even tone of voice, as he’d introduced his products, with such professionalism, it made me feel proud and moved, that weak childish scared little boy had find his own interests; through the years of accumulation of experiences and his own hard work, he’d started absorbing the newest information on the clothing and accessories fields.  After several times of him, being the highest selling newcomer for the month or for the day, the main store sent him into a new branch, and made him the store manager.

My son said, he didn’t have the help from home, nor did he have outstanding grades, nor does he have the tall and handsome looks, so he must work even harder.  The sales may be high or low, he’d accepted the challenges from day to day, because he believes, that he can alter his own destiny, if he works hard to try to change himself for the better.

This, is very inspirational, to see a young man who’d chosen a career path for himself, and just kept going, and, it’s his attitude at his jobs that made him so successful, and that just shows, that having the right attitude is very important, it’s a key to one’s success!

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Creating that Sense of Achievement from a Calling


About a decade ago, when there was a typhoon, a lot of the shops are either closed or closed early.  Is aw how even though the wind and the rain were coming down hard, but I worried that someone might need, and so, I’d still opened up shop.  The sales for that day was $260N.T.s.  on the second day, a crying mother called into the shop, “had you not opened up shop on that night when the typhoons hit, my son would’ve already been dead.”, the $260N.T.s, were of the ten mucus tubes she’d bought for him.

When the values of work exceeds the values you can see, you’d found the reason to keep going, and never backing down.

The year I’d graduated from technical high school, I’d taken my nurse’s certificate, entered into the Ming-Chih Community College’s nursing department to study, the CEO, Yong-Ching Wang, because he’d wanted to help train more certified nurses, he’d set up the specialized nursing department at the Ming-Chih Community College.  And because the school is funded publicly, other than having free room and broad and tuitions, during the summer and the winter vacations, there were part-timing opportunities given, and so, there were 1,500 who’d gone to take the entrance exams, but only 100 students received entry, luckily, I’d become the first set of students who’d studied in the community college.

And because of how many people were admitted, the classes are held like the elites, the instructors were specialists from Changgang Hospital.  Back then, we’d all came out of technical high schools, we couldn’t understand a lot of the professional terms, but we’d all studied very hard in school.

And because the nursing department is newly set up, the classes were composed of entirely females, and, the medical realm was the world of men, and we, this group of girls became like treasures.  For us girls, the school had set up a girls’ bathrooms.  And, it was very interesting, how the students got along with one another too, we are the age of the older classmates, and the older schoolmates didn’t know what to call us, in the end, they’d called us, “Auntie Younger Schoolmate”.

Recalling it now, this schooling program was the most impressive, most special place.  Back then, I’d part-timed at the hospital as a nurse, while the other students were on their summer and winter vacations, I’d taken up the midnight and graveyard shifts at the hospitals.

And, I was a student, but without the summer and winter vacations, and even though, it was hard, recalling it now, I was glad, that I had part-timed, because this training had allowed me, to get involved in the enterprises before I actually started working, and it’d made the transition from school to work a whole lot easier.  And because I’d followed a strict set of schedules in Ming-Chih, I was able to handle the tasks I needed to perform on my job well………

This, was written by a namely medical supply retail company’s CEO, and, without this experience earlier on in life, she couldn’t have achieved all the things she’d achieved, and, because of her training at the nursing school, it’d taught her the values that she needed to become successful in the society.

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Keep Your Visions Wide, But Start Working Small, the Ways to Survive in the Workforce

Work ethics here, translated…

A lot of people keep meeting up with walls at job, they’d blamed everybody else around them for it, and, they don’t even know it, but, they all have a serious case of aiming too high and achieving too low.  There is an equal opportunity for advancement in the armed services, but, there are those who’d blamed the times, for not being kind to them, and how luck’s never on their sides, that they never met a good superior, and in the end, they’d gotten out of the services, with deep-rooted regrets, and they don’t even know, that they, are the sources of why they’d not gotten that promotion.

There was an older mate who’s three years older than we are in the platoon, when we first entered into the army, he’d already finished with his training as a platoon leader for the cannon squad, and was the only platoon leader who’d been placed in charge of the only tank in the sections, and is the only one that the superiors trusted, and, he’d become too important to the services.  This older mate is very kind toward everybody, but he knew how to separate the personal matters with the business, he was very orderly, and, the soldiers are all fearful and respectful toward him; and the younger servicemen all used him as their role model.

Once, in a meeting, the older mate who was nicknamed “Mr. Awful”, started grilling the defense cannon operator for not doing his job correctly, and the older made stood up for him, and the superior was silenced by him, in the squad, there had never been any who dared challenged the authorities of one’s superiors, we all saw the superior’s eyes, glared, fiercely at the older platoon leader, his face turned colors, and, everybody who was there, with the higher ranks, all felt scared for him.  And yet, he’d acted very calm, as if nothing was happening to him.

Once he’d gotten back to the platoons, he’d called a meeting of all the officials of the higher ranks, “the department mandate that you all prepare the forms, the lists overnight!”  After he’d stated this, the very next day, the platoons started getting things into order, it took them an entire day’s time to get everything prepared and ready, and in the end, they’d not only find any single faults, the reviews had won the first place awards, when “Mr. Awful” handed him the certification of achievement, he’d not wanted to, but was forced to.

After he was transferred to Kinmen, there was a “drill of unions”, he’d entered into the navy’s drills, and, the cannon mate just couldn’t aim straight, the navy saw that he’d worked as a cannon mate before, they’d asked him to show him how it is down, and, even though, he was getting seasick like crazy, he’d still read through the English manuals, with the dictionary in hand, in the end, he’d found, that the navy had miscalculated a small part, that, was why they’d missed when they’d fired; after he’d recalculated the elements correctly, the very next time that they’d practiced, it gained them an outstanding remark.  And, ever since, whenever this ship docked, he had everything he’d wanted to get, when he’d asked for it, no questions asked.

After he was done with this battle trainings, he’d entered into the formal classes, there, he’d gotten the resources of how he was to go about his training to become a professional serviceman.

He is a man, with great stamina, with a wide vision, and acted practically, plus, he managed to make his own interpersonal relations well-rounded, all of his plan went accordingly.  When his other classmates are discharged one by one, he’d still had a star on his shoulders, and was still climbing the ladders, because he wanted more than just one star on his shoulders, he’d wanted more stars.

For a soldier, getting the stars would be the biggest wish that he can possibly have, and, it all relied on luck, if s/he gets it, but, the basics should not be overlooked, “keep your sights set high, but, start from the smaller portions,” you too, will be able to increase the chances of your own dreams, coming true.

That just shows how important it is, to take things step-by-step, after all you can’t expect to fly up high that very first time, and be able to touch the stars, can you?  This man started at the most basic level, then, used his hard-working attitude, and his well-rounded ways of interacting with others, he’d managed, to climb to a position he’d wanted to climb to, and this, is still not just limited in the army, it can be generalized into all aspects of one’s life too.

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Becoming a Substitute

How easily we are all, replaced!!!

Becoming a substitute, knowing, that I can be easily replaced by this world, because there are a TON of others, with the same qualifications as I, but are asking a whole lot less, and so, naturally, the bosses out there would strike me off of their roster, because I cost a lot more than those newly up-for-hire people, and, the bosses will be replacing one of me, with three, four, even five more new workers.

And that, is how easily, you’re substituted in this world, becoming a substitute, knowing that at any time, you can and will get cut, with absolutely NO warnings before hand, how’s that?  Does it make you feel scared?  Because you SHOULD be!!!  After all, in this fast moving world, we’re all looking for workers who can manage things on their own, someone who can keep oneself in check, who doesn’t need a boss or manager, to breathe down her/his back, to make sure that the work is being done right.

So, are YOU going to get eliminated, replaced?  How can you possibly UP your own values?  Think about it, then, do whatever it is you may need to, to UP your competitive edge, because this, is still a highly competitive world we live in, and even though, we no longer need to EAT others to make sure that we would be the last ones standing, but, that, is what competition is like nowadays, in the corporate world!!!




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