Nothing But Love for Wielding Iron, the Two of Them Received Free Passes into Technical Universities

This just shows, that if and when you have the passions, anything is possible, from the Newspapers, translated…

“A major that’s not looked upon as being popular”, only five schools in Taiwan offers the field of study, Lin and Liu had worked every single day on the skills, and, earned themselves the Golden Hand Award.

“Wielding is like making chocolate”, the winner of the Golden Hand Award, the last year high school student, Liu had the testing score that could get him into a normal high school, and because he loved handiwork, he’d chosen to attend technical high school, the two young men, started in their first year of high school, went into training, and after they’d won the awards, they’d already gotten accepted to famous technical universities without testing.

The head counselor of the Hsinbei Technical High School, Huang said, that the students from the wielding major can see the internal workings of an object, and used sand or mud, to reproduce the item, but using materials such as glass, iron, or plastic, but because the environment in which this work is being done is usually messy and dirty, and it takes a lot of energy from the students, the major became less and less popular, and now, there are just five technical high schools with this area of study.

“I feel very achieved, seeing my finished product”, Lin said, at first, when he was accepted into the Wielding department, at first, he had no clue what he was doing, but as he got more and more into it, he became interested, he joked, that in the winter time, he stayed warm, by staying close, to the wielding ovens.

Liu said, that wielding is like making chocolate, but, it takes over a thousand degrees in temperature, to melt the metals, and he must wear protective gear, and, in the summer time, he’d often, sweat like crazy, and, using the same mode, you may get very different looking items in the end, the speed to pouring the melted iron into the molds, the different methods in pouring into the molds, it may cause the item to be hollowed out in the middle, or deformed, that you must pay strict attention throughout the whole process.

The department manager of the internship program at the technical high school, Jiang said, that the two students went through numerous tries, then, they were picked, as competitors, and trained, and, every day after school, they’d stayed in school until eight in the evenings, repeatedly, practiced making of the multiple shaped items, at group training, they’d start practicing at eight in the morn, and the practice lasts until four, and, from four in the afternoon to eight in the evening, they work on their specialized subjects.

But, hard work eventually pays off, Lin had been accepted, for his getting the gold prize in the wielding majors to the Electrical Engineering Department of Taiwan Technical University, and Liu, with his second place trophy, got accepted into the Electrical Engineering Department of the Applications University in Kaohsiung, the Department of Education in Hsinbei City will take the top three winners of the award to Germany and Japan to intern.

And so, this just shows how passion can help you achieve your dreams, like these two young men, they’re passionate about wielding, and, they didn’t care about anything else, and they’re focused on what they did, which, is why they were so very successful.

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