The Child You’d Abandoned

The child you’d abandoned, because you were NOT quite ready to become a parent (well, I was NOT ready to be anybody’s child either, and yet, I WAS born!!!).  The child you’d abandoned had become a bad person, because you’d abandoned “it” when “it” was needing you the most, and so, growing up without “its” parents, “it” turned B-A-D, and now, you WILL be held, responsible, for all of “its” BAD behaviors, after all, you WERE supposed to be “its” parents.

The child you’d abandoned, because you weren’t ready to take on the responsibilities of being a father, a mother, a caretaker, because you were too IMMATURE, because you just wanted to SCORE your FUCKS on your whores, and, you did NOT use protection (Uh, that’s what???  MIDDLE SCHOOL HEALTH class???), and so, in NINE fucking months, he popped out of your ex-girlfriend, you’d DUMPED her the moment you realized she was pregnant, because you were a kid yourself!!!

The child you’d abandoned is now, all grown up, and, she stands before you, and, because you’d been ABSENT all her life, you don’t recognize her, but, she recognizes you that’s for sure, and, even when she wears that wide grin on her face when she spoke to you, you still got NO clue what her plans for revenge on you were, and, it’ll HIT you, H-A-R-D, that’s for sure…

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Filed under Abandonment of Children, Bad Parenting Behaviors, Creative Writing, Fiction Writing

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