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Undeserving of My Kindness

You are, undeserving of MY kindness, for my kindness is only reserved to those who are deserving, those who are KIND to me back, those who ain’t DONE NOTHING wrong TO me.

Undeserving of MY kindness, this, is what you became, after all, you’d didn’t just do me wrong O-N-C-E, oh no, you’d continuously (made it into a habit, say???) done ME wrong, again, and again, and I’d had it with you!!!
Undeserving of MY kindness, so yeah, I’ll take that back, and, once I’d withdrawn MY kindness from you, you will feel the COLD and CRUEL world, biting hard on you, and, you will feel it GNAW on you day in, night out, keeping you up, in the wee hours of the nights, and, you’ll start to weep, like a baby, and, nobody’s gonna BE there, to WIPE away the tears you’d cried FOR you…

Undeserving of MY kindness, because you’re NOT worth it, you are NOT worthy of even MY time, what makes you THINK that you’d be worthy of MY kindness?  Yeah, so, take T-H-A-T, why don’t you, L-O-S-E-R!!!  Once again, this, is just me, yapping, this is still NOT directed toward anybody who CAN read out there, okay???

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