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A Seventy-Year Old Elderly Woman Worked Hard for Thirty Years, Just to Give a Home to Five Hundred Stray Dogs

Kindness toward animals, a story of hope, translated…

“Grandma’s here!”, every evening, Mrs. Lin’s energetic voice would accompany the sound of her motorcycle, appeared on the way to the dog pound, the over 500 dogs would wag their tales, and start barking in excitement.  They may have been hurt badly and been abused, and no longer trusted humans, but Mrs. Lin worked hard, to make a shelter, a safe haven, for the dogs, and it’d managed to make those abandoned pets feel the powers of her love.

The seventy-year-old Mrs. Lin had lived alongside the dogs for thirty years, from the very start, when she was working an odd and end job at the construction site, she saw a dog with rubber bands, tied onto its neck, rummaging through the trash for food, she felt sad, then started bringing with her dog foods.

“I couldn’t stop myself once I’d started”, the strays that were under Mrs. Lin’s care rose to almost fifty in number quickly, she’d found a patch of land, and made a simple roof with wooden boards, to give shelter to dogs without a warm place to rest at night.

Her love for dogs was misunderstood by her family from the start, “I’d even dragged my own son down with me”, Mrs. Lin said, and even though, the son felt bad because she’s elderly, hoped she can just leave her group of “doggie grandsons” alone, yet, he’d put up money, to support her cause, so she could keep taking care of the five hundred abandoned dogs.

After three moves, Mrs. Lin with the help of a friend, lending her the property, she was able to make a doggie farm, and so, the dogs now have a free place to run free in, Mrs. Lin also set up a “Recuperating Area”, for the rescued dogs to recover fully.

And even though her hands had bleed from taking care of the stray dogs, Mrs. Lin still showed NO signs of pain in her eyes, “They’re all very cute”, looking at how the dogs would wag their tails at her, and smile at her too, Mrs. Lin squinted her eyes and smiled too.

This, is a woman who showed kindness to pets that are stray, and she gave them a safe place called home, not asking for any return, is there a greater kind of love?  I think N-O-T!!!

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Leaving the Adults in His Life Phased & Confused

This, is truly, very odd, it’s not the so-and-so we all know, how can this be?  He’d always appeared to the world as amicable, kind, helpful to others, and yet, we hear about this crime committed by this young man, and that just created dissonance with us all.

Leaving the adults in his life phased and confused, and now, as a result of hurting him, they shall live on, without closure, and they will keep on wondering, IF they could’ve done something, to prevent the tragedies in his life, and, they will NEVER find their answers, and, that, will surely, keep them up, all night long…

Leaving the adults in his life phased and confused, I mean, this, is NOT the nice boy from our neighborhood, the one who’d offered to help walk the dogs, or to take out our trash, to carry our groceries for us inside of our houses, is it?  No, of course N-O-T.  Leaving the adults in his life phased, that, would be the ULTIMATE punishment for those bad adults who’d unknowingly hurt him all right.

Leaving the adults in his life phased and confused, that, is how he’d intended it, he took that gun, used it on himself, when NOBODY else was in the house, and, as the parents come home from work tonight, they’ll find, that HUGE mess that their son left, that he will NO longer BE responsible of cleaning UP, after all, their son had done the cleaning between the two of them for the bulk of his life…

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The Child You’d Abandoned

The child you’d abandoned, because you were NOT quite ready to become a parent (well, I was NOT ready to be anybody’s child either, and yet, I WAS born!!!).  The child you’d abandoned had become a bad person, because you’d abandoned “it” when “it” was needing you the most, and so, growing up without “its” parents, “it” turned B-A-D, and now, you WILL be held, responsible, for all of “its” BAD behaviors, after all, you WERE supposed to be “its” parents.

The child you’d abandoned, because you weren’t ready to take on the responsibilities of being a father, a mother, a caretaker, because you were too IMMATURE, because you just wanted to SCORE your FUCKS on your whores, and, you did NOT use protection (Uh, that’s what???  MIDDLE SCHOOL HEALTH class???), and so, in NINE fucking months, he popped out of your ex-girlfriend, you’d DUMPED her the moment you realized she was pregnant, because you were a kid yourself!!!

The child you’d abandoned is now, all grown up, and, she stands before you, and, because you’d been ABSENT all her life, you don’t recognize her, but, she recognizes you that’s for sure, and, even when she wears that wide grin on her face when she spoke to you, you still got NO clue what her plans for revenge on you were, and, it’ll HIT you, H-A-R-D, that’s for sure…

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Tossed Away in the Trash

Found on NBC.com…

Police in Ft. Lauderdale arrested a mother in a hotel, who had discarded her infant son in the trash of the hotel.  The incident began on August 10, when police were contacted by the emergency room of a hospital saying that the woman was experiencing laboring symptoms.  The woman told the doctors, that she recently had an abortion, and the symptoms were related.  The dead baby was later found, wrapped in a pillow case, in a trash bin in the hotel.

And, another D-E-A-T-H was “added” to the list, and, WHO did this infant offend?  Still NOBODY, and yet, he was tossed away like garbage, and, this just shows you how IRRESPONSIBLE a LOT of the ADULTS are.  If you can’t take care of a kid, then, don’t have one, it’s that simple, and, even IF it’s too late to terminate the pregnancy, you can still give birth and give the kid to someone who wants her/him, instead of KILLING the kid, after all, what did the kid EVER do to you, to DESERVE to get MURDERED in cold blood by you, her/his mother?  Exactly.

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