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More Comfortable in Someone Else’s Skin

This would be the problem, with the MOST indecisive ruler in fairytale world, you know, the one that ended up, walking down the streets of his kingdom, in HIS birthday suit???

More comfortable in someone else’s skin, the Emperor had gone through HIS entire closet, more than TEN times, and still, he couldn’t find any clothes he’s comfortable wearing.  More comfortable in someone else’s skin, he’d felt, he didn’t want to take the kingdom, but, it was passed down to him, by his father, and his father took the kingdom from HIS father before, as is the tradition.

More comfortable in someone else’s skin, he just never found an outfit that fitted him just right, if an outfit looked good on the rack (and yes, the king DOES his own shopping too!!!), it wouldn’t look good on him, as he didn’t have that cloth hanger, mannequin body.

More comfortable in someone else’s skin, and so, the king couldn’t even get OUT of his own bedroom in the morning, let alone take care of the affairs in his kingdom, and so, his kingdom deteriorated…………







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