Let’s Go to Hell to Save Somebody!


“Hey, bud, let’s go to hell to save somebody!”, my close buddy, Rock stayed in prison for a total of eight years, after his released, he was, a changed man.

“Who needs saving?”

“Those younger generation of kids who are slowly, being pushed toward hell!”

I knew what Rock was talking about now.  It’s been two months since his release, the group of us, close buddies from high school gathered several times already.  In our meetings, Rock kept talking about what he bore witness to in jail: “Four years ago, at the factory of the prison systems, there were no more than a-third of the convicted who were there because of drugs, and a year ago, the population had increased to a half.  The prison systems in Taiwan are now, packed with drug addicts, don’t you know, how serious, the infiltration of illegal substances had become?”

I knew, because I was once, a family member of a “gang leader”, who’d talked to me about drugs, “I promise, I will never touch the drugs, but, those who work beneath me, the men and women, they rarely touched drugs.  The gangsters are not like they used to be today, the head is the one with the money, and, the easiest and quickest way to get money is by dealing drugs.  In order to up the sales, naturally, they’d find the down streams, and where would they find it?  In the schools, of course, the gangs would absorb kids above the middle school levels, got them hooked, and, wait4ed until they ran out of their allowances, they were forced, to sell drugs to their fellow classmates, and quickly enough, a school had been infiltrated.”

“The prison in the south, the over a hundred inmates who contracted A.I.D.S. all got it by the water route (needle injections), the contractions were from sharing unsterilized needles.  Once someone got involved in drugs, there’s NO turning back again.” A close friend who is a police officer once said, “nine out of ten drug users will return to the cage, and the other one will die outside of it.”

After his release, “Rock” found the reverend who helped him out the most in the rebirth group in jail, Pastor Ming-Cheng Huang, to help the younger released inmates, to understand, that drugs are cancers that will harm the next generations.  “The judge expected that ‘I could do something good for the country and the society after I’m let out.’”

In these couple of years, it wasn’t that the government couldn’t see the problems, also not because they didn’t want to do something to help out, “The Purple Metal Flower” had been implanted for many years now, and the schools are conducting urine exams, having anti-drug marathons, the posters, the dances, the ball games, but, the population of those using just won’t go down, it kept rising.  A middle school graduate once told me, “our entire school had fallen.”, and the students all knew who are using, only the instructors remained oblivious.  After those boys who used in the middle school level gone onto high school they’re easily absorbed by the gangs, and the ladies are more than likely to end up working in the sex industry, or, get controlled by the illegal substances, causing them never to be able to break free.

The scholar, Chiao-Wei Dan once stated, that the reason why moral education failed is because those who promoted it were never bad.  But the released inmates in Rock’s group, because they’d been there, they understood the process of how students are getting addicted, and could make their claim more valid, and they were able to, pull those younger kids who are addicted back, from the gates of hell that they’d marched into.

And so, although the runs, the posters, the dances, and the ball games couldn’t stop the next generations from getting addicted, maybe, we could allow those released inmates whose lives were nearly ruined by drugs get into the school campuses, to tell their stories, so the younger generations would understand the prices of going to hell.

Rock kept recalling the words of the judge who sat over his case, “It’s hard for a nation to raise a good person, but it’s very easy, for it to destroy a man.”, the estimation done by the Department of Sanitations found that there are over two hundred thousand people who’d used drugs, and, the youths took up the majority of those, and so, how can we not worry?

Dealing with drugs, gangs, to the declining of morale of the entire nation, our country is like an army, losing a war, and we couldn’t use those bad ways to fight continually, it’s time, that the schools work jointly with those released inmates, those like Rock, who’d hit rock bottom, are actually the most convincing, strongest, most adept, to reach to the younger generations out there.

So, let’s change our tactics, and go into hell, to save somebody!

So, because this person has a firsthand experience of how drug had ruined his life, so, he could better reach out to the younger generations who are slowly getting drawn into the habits, and, the prisoners are a good choice, to work alongside the schools, to educate the children, about the adverse effects of drugs, because those inmates had had firsthand experiences of how drugs had impacted their own lives.

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