A Cram School Instructor Moonlighted as a Drug Dealer, Arrested on His Way to a Party

What sort of an example are you setting for your students here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in Hsinbei City, Kao, worked in a cram school, teaching English to middle and high school level students, but, after class, he’d gone to the bars, and bought drugs in bulk, then, attended the parties hosted by people he’d met up online, to distribute what he had.  Awhile ago, he was riding, with his illegal substances to a party, and the police pulled him over, and confiscated the large amounts of illegal substances, and took him to jail.

The police pointed out, that Kao (age 32), had regularly taught English to middle school and high school level students, but, he’d distributed and sold illegal substances on the side.  He’d realized that buying the substances in bulk from bars is cheaper, and when he had spare time, he’d gone there to get the supplies, and used his cell to get his friends from online to go to parties, and attempted to make money off of his drug sales.

Awhile ago, Kao utilized the long holiday and gotten a LOT of supplies, contacted his friend, who told him where the party was, then, he’d rode his motorcycle there, but, as he was going toward a bridge underpass, the police pulled him over.

After the police stopped him, he started sweating, and the police suspected that he was hiding something, and, they’d discovered packs of illegal substances in his bag, along with w scale and small empty bags, they’d taken him into the station for further questioning.

The police found an excess of text messaging parties on his cell, he’d admitted that he was on his way there, to sell; the police booked him, based off of attempting to distribute illegal substances.

And so, you still have to wonder, WHAT the HECK drove this cram school teacher, to sell?  Is he NOT earning ENOUGH from his teaching his classes?  Did he need a bit MORE extra cash, to cover his living expenses?  And, how HIGH are his living expenses anyway???







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