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The Age of Drug Abuse is Dropping, Now, the Kids in Elementary Schools are Getting Addicted

Drugs are still, infiltrating the campuses, and this time, it’s in the ELEMENTARY schools here, from the Newspapers, translated…

Drug abuse is getting younger and younger.  The members of the Cultural Committee of the Legislative Department yesterday held a conference, to find a solution, with the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, as well as the Sanitary Department AND the Police, to report on the preventions of drugs, the second-in-command of the justice department, Chen pointed out, that the problems with drug abuse is really getting serious, in the juvenile detention halls, most are there, for drugs, and, in the recent five years, the rate is still hiking up, last year, it’d reached 46.3 percent.  The assistant director of the police forces also reported on how they had been able to find over forty-one thousand youths who dealt drugs nationwide.

The legislator, Chen pointed out, that the second-level drug users who were youths had peaked by almost forty-six percent; and the total number of adolescent abusers went from 3,036 to 3,928, an increase of almost thirty-percent.

Because the usages of ketamine, along with other Level three drugs are punished by the administrative ways, and, the abusers were only sent to seminars, and made to pay a fine, and that’s it, and, recent years, there had been a HIKE in the number of young users, in the decade’s time, it’d increased from just thirty-six to six hundred twenty-one, at a rate of 16.25 times; and, the youths had gone from just eighty-four individuals to one thousand one hundred ninety-four, over thirteen times.

The man in charge of the Department of Education, Wu stated, that the schools’ rate of reporting on drug abuse of the students went from 1,559 to 2,432 in two years, but, after 2012, the number dropped, and, in 2014, the number was reduced to just 1,700.  He’d stated, that in 2010, the school had set up a detection program, which made the student users easily found out, and, the people who were reported was on a steady decline too; but, when he’d later answered the press, he’d told, that the ages of cases of reported abuses are on the decline, there were, about ten children in the elementary years who were found, abusing drugs.

Wu also pointed out, that in the student drug abuses, mostly were ketamine users, most incidences happened outside of school, about ninety-two percent, and, the providers of these illegal substances are from outside the school, ninety-eight percent of the times, and, it is, very important now, that they catch, the providers first.

Because of how easily children can get their hands on these stuff, that, is how drug abuse is spreading, very quickly, in the lower years of school, and, the only way to put an end to this, is by raising awareness, of the effects of drug abuse, and, WATCH your young closely.

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Laws Set Up to Prevent Over Usage of High-Tech Products by Children & Teens

FINALLY the government “steps in”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, the legislative offices passed an amendment to the “Children & Adolescent Welfare and Rights Act”, it’d stated, how the parents could not allow their children and teenagers to use the high-tech products such as computers, and cell phones, and those who broke the laws will be punished by paying a fine of $10,000N.T. to $50,000N.T.  But, how, to enforce the punishments?  The Department of Sanitations stated, that this act is very “advanced”, but, it would be difficult, to “enforce”, the important part still relied on the educators, the parents, to enforce these rules, the overuse to the technology products can be harmful to physical and psychological health, that the spirit behind setting up the amendment is more important than fining those who broke the laws.

After the amendments to the welfare of children and adolescents settled, it’d stated that the children and youths should NOT be using the high-tech products for over the reasonable time frames; as for what, is considered as “reasonable time frames”, the lawmakers are leaving that to the Sanitations and Welfare Departments to set up.

So ideal, isn’t it?  But this is still, ALL in theory!  And we SHOULD ALL know by now, that putting theory INTO action ain’t at all that easy, so, this, is a good starting point, to prevent the overuse of high-tech products, but hey, there’s still a LOT of work that needed to be done here, so, CHOP-CHOP.  And, these rules, would not be easy to enforce, unless the government can keep tabs on every single home out there with a young child or teenagers, but, there’s NO way that that will be possible, unless the government wants to VIOLATE the laws on privacy, so yeah, keep on dreamin’ there, people…

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