Marijuana, Made into Snacks, a School Child Ate it by Mistaken, and Was Taken into the Hospitals

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The New York Time reports, that since the state of Colorado made marijuana legal to be bought and sold for “entertainment purposes”, the candies, the snacks with marijuana in them became huge favorites, but the parents, the schools, along with some doctors worried, that this sort of a “snack” will have a bad influence on teens and younger children.

A wholesaler of marijuana in Denver, “Rodo Health Center”, the customers could open up the fridge, take out peach or orange flavored soda, or the beautifully wrapped “Truffles”.  All of these snacks, had marijuana contents in them, not only are they delicious, they can also cause the users to get high too.

The state of Colorado had already done all it could to prevent children from being in contact with snacks with marijuana.  The state government ordered the shops to prevent children from unwrapping these sorts of snacks, and mandated that the manufacturer must put the ingredients, the doses, along with the expiration dates.

But people who are against this said, that these rules are not strict enough, that the THC content in the marijuana can be ten times more than what regular users take in; and, using marijuana is like smoking cigarettes that had been “spiked”, that the younger generations would more easily smoked, inhaled, or ingested the dangerous substances.

A group, “Wise Colorado”, which was made up of people who were against having marijuana legalized said, “All of these snacks appeared just like the regular snacks, and they are all too attractive to children.”

Even when children ingested a bit of marijuana, the damages to their health is a whole lot less than ingesting alcohol, or drinking chemical cleaning agents in the homes, but the doctors said, that children who had ingested marijuana may fall, hurt themselves, or, have difficulties breathing after falling asleep.

At the start of January, a two year old girl, Evelyn found what seemed like a chocolate lollipop, playing in her own backyard, she’d taken a few bites, an hour and a half later, her mother found her to be limp, drowsy, and had difficulties walking straight, after taking her to the hospitals, they’d found her to have a positive effect from THC.

There was another fourteen-year-old middle school student, at the end of January, he’d taken a brownie, with marijuana in it, was taken to the E.R.  The police found, that these “brownies” were homemade.

And so, if you all want to get high, smoke some P-O-T, do make sure, that you keep that “private stash” OUT of reach of children, or better yet, don’t buy those candy-shaped, soda flavored DRUGS, and place them in a child’s reach, otherwise, you’d be way too S-T-U-P-I-D!!!

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