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Selling the Raw Ingredients Used to Make MDMA, the Man Was Found, “Not Guilty”

Yeah, uh, how the #$%^ is this not guilty?  Oh yeah, because unless all the substances are, mixed together in a chemical lab, it wouldn’t, considered, harmful, or addictive, is that it???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Su bought the chemicals GHB, extracted the GBL (gamma-Butyrolactone) from it, mixed it with water, and sold the bottles, was charged with distributing illegal substances; the judge believed, that even though, the butyrolactone is used to make a level two controlled substance, but it’s not listed as a controlled substance, that it can’t prove, that Su was guilty of selling and distributing drugs.  In the verdict, it’d stated that the gamma-Butyrolactone wasn’t listed as a controlled substance, that the citizens can easily get their hands on, hoped that the FDA can place a restriction on the substance.

Last year on March 5th, Su used the communication app claimed that he had some substances for sale, the police acted as buyers, and used $1,800N.T. to order three bottles, and as they went to get the substance, Su was busted and arrested, and as the liquid was tested, it was confirmed that it had the substance, GHB in it, the D.A. charged Su on attempts to deal a level two substance.

Su denied having trafficked, claimed that he’d used a total of $3,000N.T. to buy two 500mL bottles of GBL, then split the volume up, and sold off the bottles to help get the party going; the defense attorney stated that the “liquid” confiscated by the police only had trace amounts of GHB, that GHB is highly unstable, and can change with the temperature, as well as the acidity, that there’s no proof that Su was selling the bottles with the GHB in it, and that Su did not intentionally sell the controlled substance either.

The Taoyuan District Court discovered, that the liquid that Su was selling had less than one-percent of GHB in it, and, although the courts didn’t believe that Su stated he wasn’t selling drugs, but based off of the data, the literature of the investigative bureau, the GBL soaked in liquid, will become GHB, with the changes in the acidity or basic level of the solution it was in, Su claimed he’d bought the solute on February first of last year, was arrested on March 5th, and the reports of the ingredients of the liquid he’d sold came out on March 23rd, there was the uncertainty of how GBL was turned into GHB due to environmental factors, that it was difficult, to confirm that the liquid Su was selling had GHB or not, he was released, on a not-guilty verdict.

This loser got off on a technicality, because this chemical is quite unstable, and can change with the varied temperature, that’s why the courts couldn’t confirm that he’d sold the raw ingredients to make the illegal substance for sell or not.  And this can be, a really BAD precedence, because now, every one who’d tried to sell off this particular drug can use the excuse that set this person free from here on out!

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Adopting Your Flesh-and-Blood

Why on EARTH, would anyone need to do that?  Oh wait, it’s, an ILLEGITIMATE child, isn’t it???  Yup!

Adopting your flesh and blood, legally, because, although s/he was “made” (yeah, and your point being???) from your god DAMN (no, still NOT pissed here!!!) FUCKING (oopsy!!!) T-A-D-P-O-L-E, but because the kid in “question” didn’t get “combined” with your wife’s EGG, isn’t that right?

Adopting your flesh-and-blood, legally, that, is just another LOOPHOLE, to legalizing adultery, after all, you CAN sever the ties with ALL them BITCHES and WHORES you’d ever FUCKED, but, how can you possibly, sever the BLOOD ties, with your own offspring, so, this, IS a legal LOOPHOLE, that gives the THUMBS UP to cheaters, infidelities, and, that, is like saying YES to murder, subconsciously, and, just because the CRIMES you’d committed were NOT perceived, or even, interpreted AS a crime, that still doesn’t mean, that it, is NOT a C-R-I-M-E.

Adopting your flesh-and-blood legally, because, you did NOT want the bondage of a marriage, after all, you can damn well, stay faithful to a woman or a man, without that signed document by the JUDGE, and, it’d saved you the troubles, if and when, in the future, the two of you decided to SPLIT, right???  Uh, yeah!!!


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Because He Failed in His Pursuit of Her, He’d Stabbed Her to Death

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chang, who had a history of depression and delusion in Hsinbei City, had failed in his attempt to pursue a widow, Chou, he suspected that she is with another man, last year, he’d used an excuse, invited Chou to his place, then, stabbed her to death.  On the first trial, the courts found him guilty, and gave him a life sentence, the highest courts took into considerations that the man did apologize to Chou’s children, and reduced his sentence to just fifteen years.

And, how is that justice?  Children had LOST their mother, due to this L-O-S-E-R who’s delusional, and yet, because of HIS history of mental illness, he got merely, a SLAP on his wrist, is that justice served?  I think N-O-T!!!

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Using Mental Retardation as a Defense

Found in the papers, translated…

A man named Lien stalked elementary school level girls, forcibly taken off her sneakers, sucked on her toes, and flashed himself in front of the child; a few days later, Lien tried doing so again, and was caught by the ambush made by the cops, he claimed that he was mentally retarded, but the District Court in Banciao doesn’t buy it, gave him a three-and-a-half year jail sentence.

The verdict pointed out, that in the Luzhou District, in 2010, when Lien saw the eight-year-old girl going home all by herself, he said hi, and followed her home; the next day, he waited for the child at her school, seeing that she’s outside, he forced her behind the transformer station by the back alley by the school, took off her right sneaker than, touched and sucked her toes.

The girl kept fighting back, “don’t touch me”, Lien was afraid of getting discovered, so, he took her between two cars, dropped his own pants, and toyed with his penis in front of the child; the girl screamed, and Lien ran off.

After the girl arrived home, she told her mother as she cried, the family called the cops immediately, the cops took out the surveillance cameras nearby and found Lien, stalking close to the school; Lien hid for two days, and, on December 1, he appeared at the school’s entrance again, the cops and the family knew it was him, arrested him on the spot.

Toward the girl’s accusations, Lien kept saying “I don’t know”, his defense attorney said that in his early twenties, Lien was mildly retarded, lacked the right kind of socializations, and, it’s because the social services organization’s inability to provide “proper care” that he acted on his instincts, begged for a reduced, a less severe sentence.

The judge took Lien to a psyc evaluation, and found that he was lucid and can judge right from wrong; the girl’s mother pointed out, that Lien had been following her daughter for a couple of days, hoping that he gets a longer jail sentence, to prevent him from damaging other children after he’s released.  The judge took the mother’s opinions into consideration, called Lien an animal for molesting the little girl for the sake of his “needs”, that it’s hard to sympathize with him, so, the judge sentenced him to 3½ years.

And, guess what, is going to happen after this SEXUAL predator gets “released”, he’s going to do IT again, because there’s NO help for these kind of people, and, that mental retardation plea didn’t work, because, you’d have to K-N-O-W when you dropped your pants, unless you’re still in your POTTY-TRAINING age, and then, you’d just be considered “still growing up”…


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