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A Master Student Hacked His Girlfriend Forty-Seven Times, the D.A. Asked for the Maximum Sentence for Him

Guess what this was for???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The master program student, Chang was unhappy that his girlfriend, Gang was going to break up with him, in the broad daylight, he’d hacked her using a titanium knife forty-seven times, killed her, and, on the streets, he’d kissed her corpse, the Taipei District Attorney’s Office had also discovered that when he went on a trip of Japan with her, he’d raped her too, and they’d prosecuted him based off of murder, and forced sexual behaviors, along with other charges yesterday, suggested to the courts to apply the maximum sentence.  The legal world stated, that the maximum sentence, is death penalty.

The D.A. believed, that as Chang took his girlfriend to Japan, he’d disclosed the plans of murdering her, and had bought the titanium knife beforehand, and premeditated the murder, that he was full of malice; he’d hacked a weak woman multiple times, there were six hacks that managed to kill her, he’d used extremely cruel measures, and has a total disregard for human life, and used the excuse of “I wanted to commit suicide back then, and because Lin’s change of heart, that, was why he’d lost it” as his defense, and so, the D.A. asked for the maximum sentence.

The D.A.s indictment stated, Chang in November of last year met Lin who was interning at a kindergarten on a discussion board, hosted by NTU, Lin learned that Chang graduated from a prestigious university and just worked as an actuary at an accountant’s office, she’d encouraged him to work hard; Chang mistook it as she’s looking down on him, and got furious.  Lin realized that Chang had tendencies of violence, distanced from him intentionally, and, their love was at an all time low.

Chang and Lin, in order to see if they can rekindle their affection again, on September 7, they’d gone on a trip to Japan for five days, and, Chang had raped Lin twice, even took her nude photos without her consent, threatened that they will die together.  Lin wanted to return to Taiwan ahead of the itinerary’s schedule, but Chang told her that the dates were set, and so, she’d put up with it until the eleventh, and decided to end this relationship with him.

Chang was displeased at how Lin had cancelled her Facebook account, on the fourteenth, he’d brought tape, lubricant, and broke into Lin’s rental place, as Lin came in and saw him, she’d begged him to leave, Chang threatened her, that in order for her to get those photographs back, she must have sex with him one more time, Lin was so scared she’d decided to move away.  The very next day, Chang went to the stores, and bought the titanium knife.

On the early morning of September 29, Chang took the knife to Lin’s place in Nanking East Road and waited for her downstairs, at around seven in the morning, he saw Lin, and went up to her, told her, “I have a knife, I wanted you to be my girlfriend again on the very last day of my life,” Lin was so scared she’d pushed Chang away, Chang took out the titanium knife he’d prepared and started hacking her like crazy until she’d fallen and couldn’t’ get back up, then, he’d stripped her pants off, and started kissing her corpse in public.

Wow, so this, is what a love gone PSYCHO looks like!  Because she doesn’t want to be with you anymore, and you felt that you’d invested too much into the relationship, you refused to let her go, and, this woman still wasn’t smart enough, because there must’ve been signs of this loser’s possessiveness, and tendency of violence from when there together at the very start of their relationships, and her failure to notice these signs was exactly what caused her to be brutally murdered by him.


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A Man Murdered the Woman with Whom He Was Having an Affair with, the Son Helped the Father Dispose of the Body, and His Wife Spoke on His Behalf

A man who not only managed to MURDER his whore, he’d also gotten his wife, and his son involved, and now, they’re both, ACCOMPLICES here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The long-haired Jane Doe found in the mountain regions of Taoyuan, Long Tang Mountain, after over one thousand DNA comparisons, the police finally found out, that the woman was Tseng, yesterday, the police arrested the leader of the PTA of a certain high school, Huang, he’d admitted to strangling his spare to death, along with burying her, his wife and son were also involved in the conspiracy for murder, along with disposing of the body, the family of three were charged on murder, Huang was taken into police custody, and his wife was on a fifty thousand dollar bail.

The police investigated and found, that Tseng was the president of the PTA of a certain elementary school, very beautiful looking, and had met up with Huang (age 43), the president of a certain high school’s PTA; Huang invited Tseng into participating in the Lion’s Order, and even though, both are married, but, because they’d spent a lot of time together, they’d fallen in love, started last June, they started going to functions together, and some of the club members were misled into believing that they were, a couple.

During the time they were together, Tseng had asked Huang to divorce his wife, but Huang refused, and asked to break up with her.  On the early morning of August 2, Tseng got drunk, and went to Huang’s house in a cab, wanted him to choose between her and his own wife.  Tseng got into a verbal altercation with Huang’s seventeen year-old son, and it’d waken up the couple too, and the four of them fought.

After Huang was angered, he’d used a bat, beaten Tseng to unconscious, and he’d stopped his own wife from calling the ambulance, he’d hauled the woman to the car with his son’s help, drove to Longtan County, Gushan District, and he’d strangled her to death, stripped her nude, dumped her body into the grasslands, after he’d driven his own son home, he’d bought a farm tool, and buried her there on his own.

Two months later, a remote control airplane “pilot” lost his toy in the area, went to pick up the airplane that he’d lost in the region, and found the remains of the woman by accident, back then, the police mistook it for the body of Lee, but the police realized that it wasn’t her, because the DNA didn’t match, that it was another murder case.

The Detective Squad, the First Detective Team of Taoyuan, along with the Longtang subprecinct worked together, to match the DNA, but because there was only false teeth and jaws that remained, the police searched and inquired over a thousand dentists, and sorted through the over hundred of the missing population, in the end, they’d found that the mold was a match to Tseng in a dentist’s office in Chungli, Taoyuan, then, they’d used Tseng’s eldest daughter for the DNA comparisons, and the remains were Tseng’s.

The specialist team searched the social life of the deceased, and found that the last telephone number was dialed for a cab to get her to Huang’s place, and that same day, Huang had gone on an outing with his friends of the Lion’s Club, and his group member said, that Huang looked out of it, and had gone to the car to catch up on his sleep, that this was out of place, and so, the police suspected Huang’s involvement.  Two mornings ago, when Huang and his wife was about to go on the airplane to go to Guanxi, China, the police feared that they have the desires to make their escape, they’d taken the family of three back to the precinct for questioning.

Huang admitted to murdering and burying his lover, and Huang’s wife claimed that her husband told her, “I’d buried her,” and the son nodded in agreement too, that he saw how his father strangled the woman to death through the car windows; after the interrogations, the police took the couple to the district attorney’s office, and the son was taken to juvenile court for processing.

So murder became a “family affair” here, didn’t it?  And, it all started when the woman with whom the man was having an affair with wanted to end it, and, he could’ve let her go, but he didn’t, perhaps because he believed that he’d invested so much emotion into the relationship, and now the woman wanted out, and that angered him, and so, he’d murdered his whore, and had his son and his wife help him with the cover up.

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Horrid Lover! A Man Who Forced Cleaning Agent Down His Girlfriend’s Throat and Killing Her Got a Fifteen Year Sentence Instead

Crime AND punishment, but if you ask me, the punishment is still too lenient here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chang, after he got drunk, he got into a verbal confrontation with his girlfriend, and forced open her mouth, then, poured bathroom cleaning agents down into her throat, after the woman, Jiang was taken to the hospitals, her severely burned esophagus was surgically removed, she’d died of malnutrition.  Chang claimed that they got into it after they both got drunk, and he didn’t have the intentions of killing Jiang, but the Highest Courts found him extremely cruel in his methods of torture, and gave him a fifteen year prison term based off of murder charges.

Based off of understanding, the married woman, Jiang wasn’t getting along well with her own husband, met up with the skilled worker, Chang, moved into his place in Danshui.

The verdict stated, that last year at one, on the morning of February 28, Jiang suspected that Chang took up another woman, she’d asked him to marry her after she was drunk, otherwise, she’ll leave him.  They started arguing, Jiang pushed Chang down, forced open her mouth, forcibly fed her half a bottle of cleaning agents, and screamed in Taiwanese, “I want you to DIE!”

And because partial of the cleaning agents spilled out, caused Jiang’s esophagus, face and neck, to be eroded and burned.  Chang saw Jiang in pain, tossed her $3,000N.T.s called up a cab, to get her to Mackay Memorial Hospital.  Because her esophagus was eroded, she needed to have it removed, and, she’d died of shock, caused from not being able to get enough breathes in, due to malnutrition seven months later.

The first trial believed that Chang, was a construction worker, therefore, he should know the dangers of cleaning agents to human body, and had intentions of killing Jiang, but took into considerations that he’d gotten her to the hospital, that he wasn’t completely evil, so, he was sentenced to just fourteen years instead.

After the case went up for appeal, and even though, Chang got down on his knees and begged Jiang’s family for forgiveness, Jiang’s family didn’t accept it.  The High Courts took into account that Chang’s ways were extremely cruel, and that he didn’t really pay the family anything, and gave him a fifteen year sentence instead.

And so, that, was how an argument led to this woman’s murder, and, alcohol is still a VITAL factor in aiding this happen, had the man not got too drunk, he may have had half a sense and not gotten so angered to commit murder.

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A Woman Wants to Break Up, the Man Spread Out Her Nude Photos to Her Friends & Families as Retaliation

A man Wang was dissatisfied at how his girlfriend wanted to break up, was suspected of getting her e-mail account passwords, and downloaded her contact information from a distance, then, sent sexually illicit photographs, video footages, to the woman’s friends and families, Wang admitted to so doing, and was prosecuted by the D.A.’s office in Hsinbei City based off of obstruction of privacy, and some other charges.

Wang’s ex-girlfriend was in her twenties, graduated from a public graduate school, worked at a namely hospital before, at the end of last April, she felt that Wang (age thirty-something) had become too controlling, wanted to break up.

Wang begged and pleaded with her, in a few short days, he’d harassed her using text messages of wanting to get back together, the woman ignored him; the next month, Wang got worse, he’d used the e-mail pass codes he’d stolen from her, logged on to the web pages, and downloaded the woman’s personal information, and befriended the woman’s friends and families from her social networking contacts.

Because the woman refused to take calls from him, and NOT replied to his texts, Wang uploaded the photos of intimacy, that they’d had when they were dating, and spread it to all of her friends and families; last year at the end of June, Wang went to guard her residence in Chunghe District, and managed to block the woman as she was driving out, gotten on the car to prevent her from leaving, until the police showed up and made an arrest.

As the D.A. interrogated him, Wang admitted to secretly downloading her contacts, and spreading her nude photos, but claimed that it was with HER permissions, that he’d started taking the photographs, and that he’d blocked her path because he wanted to know why they’d broken up.

And so, it’s ALL excuses, because this man does NOT take the breakup easily, because he felt that there’s still MORE control (and let’s face it, he WAS, a control FREAK!!!), and this, is very bad, and, just because a woman wants to break UP with you, still doesn’t give you the right to FUCKING terrorize her now, does it???  And now you’d been caught and found, you used the excuse of wanting an explanation?  Who the FUCK (oopsy!!!) you kiddin’ here???

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