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The Sex Offender Made Parole Last Year, Tailed a Woman into Her Apartment, and Raped Again

Back on that “subject” of “how can you reform a rapist”?  You can’t!  Remember that “law” of once and always, unless, they all get, CASTRATED, and I mean biologically, NOT, chemically!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Kang during his armed service terms fourteen years ago, tailed a female high school student, and raped her, he was out on parole last year, on the seventeenth of this month, he’d used the exact same measures, tailed after a woman into her apartment in Banciao, and, pushed her down on the stairs, attempted to rape her, but because the victim fought back hard, Kang used pepper spray on her face, took the woman’s phone and escaped.  Two days ago, the police made the arrest, and sent him to the Hsinbei D.A.’s office on charges of robbery and physical assault, the D.A. interrogated him, and asked the courts to mandate his custody, which the courts signed off on.

what the man did…

stalking his victim, following her into her apartment…photo from online

The police found, the victim thirty-year-old woman, at five in the afternoon on the seventeenth, walked into her rented apartment in Banciao, not noting that Kang was tailing her, the woman unlocked the first floor door, Kang excused himself as wanting to go up to see a friend, tailed behind the woman, in the stairs, he’d, pushed the woman down, attempted to rape her.

Out of his expectation, the woman fought hard, kept kicking, punching, screaming, Kang worried it may alert the residents, took out the pepper spray, sprayed her face, grabbed her phone, then rushed off.  The woman was thrilled, and had to calm herself down awhile, then, she’d, gone to the local police, to report the matter.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and found that Kang is a suspect, and because he’d used similar methods to rape and rob a high school female student fourteen years ago, the police believed there was a high chance that he could, offend again, and reported to the D.A.’s office, two days ago, they took a warrant to his home in Zhonghe, and arrested him.

And so, this still prove???  Oh yeah, you can’t, reform a SEX offender, and this LOSER tried to rape another woman again, only this time, he was, unsuccessful, and how, hopefully, he’ll be, locked up in that cage, until, he’s, too old to offend again.

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The Gymnastic Trainers’ Raping of the Competitors He’d Trained, Mostly Never Got Charged Because the Victims Waited Past the Statutory Period Expired

Imagine, how long the victims of this sort of SEXUAL abuse must’ve, suffered, and, the sentence is still, way too, lenient!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the Sake of Performance & Dreams, the Four Victims Put up with the Sexual Abuse of Their Coach for More than a Decade, and Only Two Counts Stood Up in Court, the Coach Sentenced to Six Years Ten Months

The gold medalist gymnastics coach used his power status, and sexually molested, raped the young gymnastics competitors with the dreams, more than a decade later, the victims finally worked up the courage to tell, and the case went out into the open, started up the “Me Too movement here in Taiwan; the district attorneys charged the coach with forced sexual intercourse, molestations, the Kaohsiung District Court changed the indictment clause “using status of power to rape”, and most of the counts had surpassed the decade statutory period, and in the end, Liang was only charged with one count of forced sexual intercourse, one count of forced sexual molestation, and given a combined sentence of six years ten months.  This can still be appealed.

The case had busted wide open in February of 2018, a victim found strength through the “#MeToo” movement from the U.S., posted anonymously on FB: “I wanted to soar, but the coach who should’ve given me the wings, broke my wings, and gymnastic became the most loved, and most hated sports to me”.  The investigators looked into the matter, and found at least seven victims, four of whom pressed charges, they all started training under Liang from the elementary to the high school years, four of whom, were trained by Liang since the elementary years, two excelled in gymnastics, and they were the ones who were hurt the deepest too.

One of the victims testified, that to train, she’d stayed at Liang’s home with another female student, but Liang had used the performances in the competitions to force her to have sex with him, and at first she’d told him no, in the end, she just, wanted it to be over soon; and Liang’s rape of his students was caught by another female student who bore witness to him, raping another student, which shocked her to realize, that she “wasn’t his only victim”, but for the sake of their grades, and performances, the two girls put up with his sexual abuse for more than a decade.

There were two more victims who’d come out with the accusations, one stated that Liang used her hydrotherapy sessions to pat her breasts down; another accused him to raping her at a motel, disregarding how she’d told him no; the D.A. believed that Liang was responsible for at least eleven different rapes and sexual molestation charges, indicted him based off of forced sexual behaviors and molestations and other charges.

The Collectivist Courts believed, that Liang used his status of power to threaten the female students, and changed the indictment counts to “power rape”, and the statutory period for power rapes is only a decade, and the victims accused him of it from 2000, that by the time the cases were reported had been way past the period of statute of limitation, in the end, the courts found, that the second victim bore witness to the second rape, sentenced Liang to only SIX years, with the rest of the charges not stood up in court or not guilty.

The victims who came out later, the Collectivist Courts believed, that she had her mother as her witness to testify, and that the counts stood, sentenced Liang to a year for it, the other victim suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder, but based off of the time of diagnosis, it’s hard to affirm that it was related to Liang, with the lack of evidence, Liang didn’t get charged for it.

And so, this is a LOSER, who used his power status (of a gymnastic coach?), to RAPE his female students, and, this shit had happened long, long ago, in the nineties back in the U.S., and, the victims still didn’t stand up and band together until they’re, adults, and this, is a case of how losers can take advantage of their statuses as coaches to rape their own students.

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The High School Girl Was Sexually Molested by Two Men on the Trains

From the Front Page Sections, and NO, I still didn’t JUST make this one up either, okay???  And you still believe that we can REFORM a SEXUAL predator???  Translated…

The engineer Yeou, had, several times, on the boxcars of the Taiwan Railways, sexually harassed the same high school girl over and over again, and, once, he’d even touched the hands of another sexual predator, Liang too, Liang later got a delayed sentence; a year later, Yeou started touching another teenager, and the girl cried for the other passengers to help her out, and the police caught him, right in the act.

The D.A. believed, that Yeou was able to sexually molest the young woman with his fingers, and so, they’d prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts, and asked for five and a half years, on the first and second trials, the judges both believed, that the young woman was dressed in her high school P.E. uniform, that it is clearly stated, she was underage, and Yeou’s repeatedly touching her inappropriately had caused her to become damaged physically and mentally, and he was charged and sentenced, based off of three forced sexual molestations and one forced sexual intercourse, and given a heavy sentence of seven years two months, which he could still appeal.

The verdict stated, that the forty-two year old Yeou worked as an engineer for a decade, and, would take the commute trains from Yingge to Taipei Main Station, then, transfer to the MRT toward Sun-Yatsen Memorial Hall to work.  The adolescent who lives in Taoyuan had taken the same commute, to go to school in Taipei.

On a November morning in 2010, Yeou took advantage of how crowded the trains were, and got close to the adolescent, touched her inappropriately outside of her P.E. shorts.  And because this, was the very first time this young woman had ever encountered a “wolf” she didn’t dare holler, she’d stepped on Yeou hard, and pushed him away from her, and when she got to school, she’d called her family to ask them for help; and because the girl didn’t know the man’s identity, the family could only tell her to take more precautions.

On the same month, on the morning of the 23rd, Yeou inserted his finger into the girl’s pubic area, the girl cried, and looked toward the woman next to her, but the woman didn’t do anything to help her; the day after school, she didn’t dare take the trains, after the family consoled with her, she had someone pick her up.

Fifteen days later, Yeou once again, started touching her, and he’d touched the hands of another “wolf”, Liang.  This time, the adolescent was molested and touched inappropriately by both men, she’d melted down when she got home; her family got furious and called the police, and asked for the surveillance tapes, and the very next day, the family took the trains with the girl, and caught Liang, and sent him to the police.

Liang was worried that his wife might get mad, begged the young woman profusely for forgiveness.  And both parties reached the agreement of $80,000N.T. to settle the matter, the courts gave Liang a year in prison, which would be delay-served for four years, and Yeou disappeared off the “radar” for a year.

On the morning of November 22, 2011, Yeou offended again.  The girl texted her family immediately, “I’d found the very FIRST PSYCHO, he’s touching me again!”, and turned toward the woman next to her, and verbalized quietly, “He touched me”, the other female passenger called out, “There’s a SEXUAL predator here!”, and the cops arrested Yeou.

Yeou denied the offenses, and had refused to settle it with the victim.  But the man, Liang, and the other female passengers were witnesses, and the girl has the habit of keeping a diary, and the judge read the words, “I’d cried like hell after I met a psycho!”, along with the testimonies of the witnesses, and believed that Yeou had offended the girl FOUR times.

And, had this young woman screamed that very FIRST time, she wouldn’t have been put through it THREE more times, and, in the very end, “justice” was still “served” if you can call it that, but, this “serving” of justice still came too late for this young woman, because now, she must recover from the DAMAGES of getting sexually molested by some unknown strangers, and, she’s bound to develop some sort of an anxiety disorder whenever she thinks about getting on the trains again, but at least, this L-O-S-E-R IS behind bars!

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