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Keeping Kids Locked Up for Twenty-Two Hours a Day…

This, is NOT only JUST being unfit parents here, from Yahoo.com, by: M. Gillespie…

A husband and wife accused of making three of their adopted children virtual prisoners inside their home pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a case that began after prosecutors say two girls crashed the family van while trying to make their escape.

The 58-year-old adopted father is charged with sexually abusing the two girls, now ages 17 and 14. He and his 64-year-old wife are both charged with kidnapping, felonious assault and endangering children in Ashtabula County, east of Cleveland.

The Associated Press is not naming the suspects to avoid identifying the girls. County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci said the couple also abused and neglected an adopted son, now 21, who is mentally disabled.

Iarocci said Wednesday that the couple “repeatedly and harshly” beat the girls and older son with a paddle that eventually became stained with blood. The three victims were given little to eat and were malnourished, Iarocci said.

He called living conditions inside the home “deplorable.”

The victims were typically allowed out of their rooms for two hours a day for school lessons and to use the bathroom, Iarocci said. They were not allowed to socialize with other children in recent years, he said.

Iarocci could not explain why a younger adopted son, now 13, was not abused.

Indictments allege the abuse occurred over a two-year period starting in September 2011. The investigation began after the two girls escaped from their shared bedroom in August 2013, sped away in the van and got into an accident, Iarocci said.

The girls were cited in juvenile court, which led them to tell a probation officer about the abuse, Iarocci said. The three children and the man were removed from the home and placed in foster care a month after the crash.

The couple adopted the four children about 11 years ago. The abuse began after two teenage boys who also lived there left the home after turning 18, Iarocci said.

The abuse inflicted psychological damage on the girls, but they and their older adopted brother have thrived in foster care, Iarocci said.

“They’re almost different children,” he said, adding that the girls are being adopted by another family.

So, this case, is quite weird, if you ask me, because if you have the heart, the desire, AND the mind, to adopt children, then, what would, lead you to, abuse and neglect them so, or maybe, because pain was inflicted onto you when you were growing up, and, you’d just, wanted to be the hand that hurt now, and this, is how abuse still rolled on down…and by cutting these kids off of contact with the outside world, I’m thinking (then again, I would not know here!!!) that the parents are trying, to isolate them, so they’d become totally, completely, dependent on them, so, this may also have something to do with how the parents wanted their adopted children to not grow up and move away………

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In Poverty Stricken Parts of the World, Parents are, Forced to Sell Their Offspring, to Buy Firewood…

Welcome, to the OTHER side of THIS white-picket-fence, found on Yahoo!, reported by Diane Cole

The poverty in Afghanistan takes a particular toll on children. These youngsters live in a mud-walled home in Kabul’s Nasaji Bagrami camp for internally displaced Afghans. In the most dire of circumstances, a parent might abandon or sell a child.

Last week in the northern Afghan province of Balkh, an impoverished mother chose the only option she felt was left to her, after her drug-addicted husband abandoned her. She had to care by herself for five young children and an elderly father. So she sold her 1-month-old infant for money — the equivalent of about $435 in American currency — to buy kindling wood to keep her four other children from freezing in the harsh winter weather.

Such incidents of child-selling are shocking—and illegal in Afghanistan.  But a country plagued by chronic poverty amid decades of conflict and instability, it’s not the only instance.

And it said, in this report, that the local governments are doing what they can, to stop this.  And, the reason for why this mother was willing to sell her own child, is because she’s hungry, just like it suggested on the first TWO levels of the Hierarchy of Needs, if you can’t even take care of your own physiological and safety needs, how will you be able to have the mind, the energy, to care about anybody else’s needs?  And, granted, what this mother did was awful, but, it wasn’t as if she has a choice, and I’m still not condoning what she did, I’m merely stating the FACT, that there’s a VERY different world, just a few steps down the lines, from your separate white picket fence neighborhoods…

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A Newborn Infant Was Snatched From the Birth Care Center, Ten Hours Later, She Was Found Safe

Right under your noses, but gladly, this baby was found, safe and sound, THIS time, what about the NEXT time this sort of SHIT happens???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-three year old woman, Jeng went to a afterbirth care center, wearing a face mask, claimed that she was a mother of one of the kids and needed to breastfeed, a nurse who’d just started working there believed her claims, handed over a young baby girl to her, and when she realized that something wasn’t right, Jeng already took off in a cab; ten hours after the police were notified, they’d arrested Jeng and returned the infant girl to her parents.

The police investigated, that Jeng was married, and was with histories of miscarriages, the family said, that she might be unstable because of her miscarriages, that was why she’d behaved in such a way.  Last night, as Jeng brought the baby girl home to her family, said, “this is a child I’d had away from home, I’m bringing her home now”, back then, the family felt that something wasn’t right.

The poice said, that there had been two more times before when Jeng had behaved like this, once was when she was waiting to be seen by the doctors, she saw a baby, and asked, “is this cute baby for sale?”, the family took the infant, and rushed  off.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeng had a surgical mask on, with dark colored overcoat, walked into a birth care center in Kaohsiung, walked to the second floor nursery, said to a nurse who just started working on that day said, “I’m the mom, and I’m here, to feed my baby.”

The new nurse didn’t doublecheck, handed the infant to Jeng.  And in order to cover her tracks, Jeng took the elevator to the fifth floor, then, walked back to the first, went outside from the back door of the birth care center, flagged down a cab, then left.

The rookie nurse later felt that it was odd that Jeng was wearing a mask, she’d rushed out, but Jeng had already taken off.  The nurse knew she’d done something bad, she’d immediately rushed to the mother’s room, then told her supervisor, along with other officials, then she’d run on Mingde Road to try to find the child.  She’d searched for forty minutes nonstop, still couldn’t find her, and the nurse who didn’t doublecheck, and the mother of the infant girl, along with a few others rushed to the subprecinct to report the infant girl missing.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and chased the leads, found the cab that Jeng took, but, because of privacy issues, the taxi team refused to tell the police how they can get in touch with the driver.  At which time, the mother of the infant posted the incident of how her child was snatched onto Facebook, asked the help of the public.  A person who knew Jeng saw it, believed that Jeng could be the one who took the child, the person gave the information of Jeng to the mother; at a little past nine in the evening, the police rushed to Jeng’s residence, and found the female infant in the crib, and Jeng and her husband were sound asleep close by.

The Daddy Was Shocked: This, is Outrageous

“This, is outrageous!”, the parents of the child taken by Jeng, the Kuos took their daughter into their arms from the police, they were still shocked.

The baby girl was only two weeks old, and she was the Kuos’ firstborn.  The father of the baby girl said, that the daughter was born in Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung, but there wasn’t any room in the nursery, so, they’d moved into the ward on the sixth, of this particular afterbirth care center, “I hadn’t even given her a name yet, and she was snatched!”

The father stated, that as his wife was getting ready to pick up the baby from the nursery at noon, the moment she’d walked out of her ward, she’d found that the carriage was empty, she’d rushed to the nursery, and she’d broken down after she realized, that her child was snatched.

Because of work, the man can only come home once a month, he was originally coming home to see his baby girl tonday, and yesterday, he was told that she was snatched, he’d rushed home immediately.

“This, is OUTRAGEOUS!”, he’d exclaimed, the baby snatcher just said a woman’s name at random, the first day rookie worker handed his daughter to her, “there should BE a set rule of how things is done in these afterbirth care centers, right?  How can you just hand a child off to any certain stranger?”

And this, is due to the rookie worker’s mistake, for not crosschecking her references, but, the baby is found, and the woman who’d snatched her away was probably trying to fill that void from her own loss, perhaps, who knows, and, thanks to Facebook, this infant WAS discovered, safe, and unharmed…

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A Drug Dealer Who Had Enticed a Young Girl to Traffic the Drugs He Was Selling and Help Him Collect Was Caught by the Police

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chien, was suspected of having his live-in girlfriend’s twelve year old and nine year old daughters to be “runners”, and was accused by the receiver of the illegal substances, “He told young girls to deliver the illegal substances and had them collect his debts for him”, this was exactly identical to the movie, “Apprentice”, the police charged the man with child endangerment and drug dealing.

In the movie, “Apprentice” from Hong Kong, the main character took his young daughter, and waited by the side of the roads for the drugs to be dealt to him, and, he’d placed the money in his daughter’s backpack, and when the traffickers arrived, he’d taken the drugs, while his child handed over the backpack, and, the scene when the deal was complete was very impressive.

Jieng, (age 45) nicknamed “Dragon”, was a head drug dealer, too, had a child work as a “runner”.  The two men who bought drugs from Chien, after they were arrested, claimed that they’d seen the girls more than once when they bought drugs.

The two little girls told the police that Jieng had placed “stuff”, wrapped with toilet paper, told them to go downstairs and give it to an uncle, and to bring the money they were handed back to him, “but we didn’t know what it was.”

The police had provided the photos for the children to identify, and the two girls confirmed that the stuff were given to the man.

The police investigated that the children’s mother, because she had bought drugs with the same dealer, that, was how she’d met Chien, they’d moved in together, last month, she’d given Chien a son.  Hsieh, the woman said, Chien would often have her daughters run errands to pick up things, but didn’t know that he was having them transporting drugs.

Chien denied having asked the children to traffic the drugs, only admitted to using amphetamine.  The police station of Hsinbei City, made arrests on Chien, and two other men, along with four of the downstream dealers.

And so, you still have unfit parents here, and, this woman claimed that she didn’t know that her boyfriend was using her children as traffickers, and do you believe her?  Of course N-O-T, and, the kids they don’t even KNOW what it is that they’re doing, and, they’d already been involved in crimes, without even knowing…

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A Father Took His Five-Year-Old Daughter to Jump a Ditch, and Was Forcibly Hospitalized


And that still makes you an UNFIT parent!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Jiang, who’s been diagnosed as emotionally unstable, was displeased at how his wife kept ignoring him, he’d set his house on fire, then, used a screw driver, took his daughter hostage, and jumped, with her, into a deep ditch, and was in a stand-off with the police for two whole hours; and the police took advantage of the time when they’re handing him a cigarette, to carry the little girl who’s shocked away, and forced him into the hospital, after he was charged with public endangerment.

“Would daddy burn us to death?”, every time the child spoke of her uncertainties, the family would also fear; in order to prevent any more threatening behaviors from Jiang to his family, the families hoped he could get the complete care and hospitalizations he will require.  The Sanitary Department stated, that they will get a medical doctor’s opinion on the matter, then, see if there’s a need for forced hospitalization.

The man in charge of the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, Lin pointed out, that last year, they’d listed the Jiang household as a high-risk family, and had sent social workers to visit them regularly, and giving them counsel and the situations are improving, and that Jiang had lost it two days ago, they’d already helped Jiang’s wife and kids by filing an emergency restraining order against Jiang.

The police investigated and found, that the thirty-eight year-old man had been unemployed and stayed at home for awhile now, and the household relied on outside charity, along with government assistance to get by; recently, Jiang’s personality had changed, and every time he’d gotten into a disagreement with his families, he would start throwing things, and had multiple times, set fires to his own place of residence.

Even though, the family had multiple times, scheduled him for hospital stays, but he’d always manage to sneak out.  The nurses from the public sanitations department had three-times, helped him to get hospitalized, but, he’d locked the bedroom doors from the inside, and, the nurses considered that he might be emotionally unstable, and so, they’d left him alone, and didn’t force their way into his room.

At the start of the month, Jiang first used a knife to threaten to kill his own wife, on the 24th, he’d set his own house on fire, the D.A. allowed him to make bail.  Two days ago, in the morning, Jiang was displeased at how his wife ignored him when she was cooking, he’d committed arson once more, and had used a screw driver, and forcefully took his own five-year-old daughter, and jumped into the ditch next to his house, claimed that he will take his own daughter to die with him.

Jiang had several times, pushed his daughter’s head under water as threats.  And, the patrol officers who were called to the scene worked hard to console him, wanted him to think more on his own, along with his daughter’s behalf, and asked his wife and made communication between the couple possible, but they’d still argued nonstop.

The police saw how shocked the little girl was, and was struggling and wailing in her father’s arms, and the police pretended to hand Jiang a cigarette, wanting him to calm down so they can talk; as Jiang reached for the cigarettes, the officer managed to get the child, and, the rest of the crew rushed up, and pulled him onto the ambulance that took him to the city’s care facility, and the child who was still under shock was sent back with Jiang’s eldest brother.

And so, because you were unstable, you jeopardized your own child’s life, what SORT of a father are you?  And, you SHOULD be forcibly hospitalized, whether or NOT you like it, because something IS wrong with you, after all, you’d made your families live in fear for their lives every single day, and that, is how there are still so many unstable adults, and, the ones who suffered the most are still the kids!


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Mother Arrested For Leaving Baby in a Subway Station in New York

From the Houston Chronicles, ANOTHER incident of unfitting behaviors of parents here…

NEW YORK (AP) — Security video showed nothing amiss when Frankea Dabbs — wearing dark glasses, pushing a baby stroller and pulling a rolling suitcase — entered a busy Manhattan subway station Monday night. But after riding uptown to another stop, police say Dabbs purposely left her most precious possession behind on the subway platform: her baby girl.

Dabbs, 20, who faces charges for petty crimes in North Carolina, was arrested near Central Park on Tuesday after someone recognized her from the video released by police.

She was arraigned Tuesday on charges of abandoning a child and endangering the welfare of a child and is being held without bail. No plea was entered. Her next court date is July 11.

At the arraignment, prosecutors said Dabbs was a flight risk and showed no remorse. A public defender argued on Dabbs’ behalf that Dabbs was never convicted of any crime.

In a preliminary interview with detectives, Dabbs described herself as a homeless widow from North Carolina who had arrived in New York on July 2, said Stephen Davis, spokesman for the New York Police Department.

“She felt she couldn’t take care of the baby and thought she was leaving her in a safe public space,” Davis said.

A passenger had seen the woman and child board the train at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue, police said. The passenger got off at Columbus Circle and noticed the unattended stroller on the platform and the mother inside the train. After the train pulled away, the passenger remained with the baby for about 20 minutes. When the mother did not return, she notified a subway worker who called police.

The baby, who is about 10 months old, was examined at Roosevelt Hospital, and doctors found no apparent signs of trauma, police said. She was placed in the care of the city’s Administration for Children’s Services.

Records show that Dabbs has a pending assault case and numerous prostitution-related arrests, all misdemeanors, in Raleigh, Charlotte and other locations in North Carolina. She had skipped a court date for one of the cases on July 1, according to the Wake County District Attorney’s office.

A 2012 police report in Raleigh listed her as owner of a stolen 2002 Mercedes. Another named her as the victim of an assault that year.

In an interview with WRAL-TV in Raleigh, Frankie Dabbs called his daughter a good mother, saying he was “blown away” by the accusations. She recently left the state without telling anyone after her baby’s father’s death, he said.

“I think it’s because she had a tragic past. … She was holding all of that in,” he said.

Associated Press writers Michael Biesecker in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Rachelle Blidner in New York contributed to this report.

Because you feel you couldn’t take care of your baby, that’s why you’d tried to leave her in a subway station?  What kind of a parent are you?  At least have the D-E-C-E-N-C-Y to leave the kid at an orphanage, or at a police station, instead of trying to LEAVE that baby unattended at a subway station.  What’s WRONG with you???


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