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The Happiness Fund for the Little Boy

The ins and outs from life, translated…

Had it not been for the reminder of the teacher, I could’ve NEVER known, that this little boy who’s standing before me, was from such an unfortunate background.

On my daughter’s fifth grade field trip, I was invited to go along, other than helping her homeroom instructor, maintain the order of the class, there was a little boy, with his head shaved and shiny eyes, who caught my gaze.

In the free time, the little boy approached me, asked me curiously who I was?  Where I lived?  He’d helped me taken care of the odds and ends, when ALL of his other classmates ran off to play in the game rooms, his helpful manner deeply touched me.

After the teacher told me in private, that, was when I’d learned, that the little boy was a transfer student from somewhere else.  He was from a broken home: his father was a drug addict, frequented in and out of jail a lot; his mother, in order to keep her five kids away from the husband, from getting beaten up by him, placed them into an orphanage.  And, the teacher heard, that his mother was diagnosed with something terminal too.

After hearing, I’d learned, that the orphanage this little boy is living in is close by the school, and I’d phoned the orphanage, asked the director of the orphanage, if there’s anything I can do to help out.  After I’d had a conversation with the director, I’d learned that there are a lot of people who are unseen, unnoticed, like this little boy.

The call I made, it was, right before the New Year’s Eve, I’d looked up at the sky, kept praying for the sake of the little boy.  I’d made a wish: in the future New Year’s to come, other than giving my family members their red envelopes, I’m also going to open up a compassion account, called, “the Little Boy’s Happiness Fund”: to give out red envelopes anonymously to the children in the orphanage, hope that they get out of their bad situations soon, to get the love from families who love them, to have complete happiness that surrounds them.

And so, this, is from the interaction with the world, the woman felt sad for the predicament of that little boy, which caused her empathy to kick into effect, which then, drives her to act, and she’s helping the kids in the orphanage now.

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Running One Lap, Donate a Dollar, the Entire Student Body & Faculty of the Elementary School Managed to Raise $30,000N.T.’s

So, this, is a collective effort, huh???  Kindness is still found here, from the Newspapers, translated…

In order to help the kids get into the habits of exercising regularly, the Chungchen Elementary School started the thought of combining charitable work with working out, after the Rotary Club learned about it, they’d replied to the efforts, “If the students run one lap around the school fields, then, we will donate a dollar to a charity”, the over 1,700 students and teachers from the school used their break time between the classes, and managed to run over 30,000 laps, and yesterday, they’d given the money they’d made, to The Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and The Children-Are-Us Foundation.

As the bell after the ten o’clock class were rung, all the students from all six grade in the elementary school all ran towards the field, and, everybody stood on the starting marker, getting ready, to “run for love”, because for every lap they ran, the local rotary club will donate one dollar on the students’ behalf.

“We are also running, for health’s sake.”, the Principal, Hsu stated, now there are a ton of stresses on the students, they are all, accompanied by their studies, cram and talent sessions, or getting too involved in the computers, cell phones, along with other high-tech things, in order to encourage the students to get into the habits of exercising, to train their stamina, that, was what sparked him, into coming up with this event, to help the kids get motivated about exercises.

“Let’s force the teachers to run with us, because teacher is way too fat, and, he needed to lose weight, so he can become healthier.”, the sixth grader, Yang said, that he’d played table tennis with his friends and classmates, so, he didn’t feel at all tired when he ran.

The fifth grader, Chang said, that this semester, he’d run sixteen laps total, “Sometimes, we would ask one another how many laps had been run, but, we are not competing against one another, and there’s no pressures.”

The manager of student affairs, Lo stated, in order to make the calculations of the laps easier, for every lap the students ran, they’d received one card, and, started last September, the 1708 students and teacher had run over 30,000 laps altogether; everybody is getting involved, and, this activity will be continued next semester as well.

And so, this school made charitable contributions into a collective effort, and, this not only gets the kids involved, into giving back to the community, helping them instill that sense of care and concern for others, it’d also made them all, healthier, it’s a great thing that’s being done here.

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Recycling the Materials, and Passing Along the Love at the Same Time

The ins and outs of living, translated…

Before work, outside of my office building, on the sidewalks, I’d always seen a slimly built, grandmother, with a head of white hair, wearing a paint-stained shirt, pushing along a cart, with a lot of difficulty, moving forward slowly.

On the cart, there were paper boxes that’s been ordered, the dirtied handle bars, with broken plastic bags tied to it, with over a dozen of flattened plastic bottles.  I thought, this, must be her livelihood then.

Most people had looked upon her, with disgust, even if she was only asking for the bottles that they’d finished drinking from, people had turned her down often, but, she never minded, still kept smiling, waited until people tossed their trash away, then, she’d slowly, flipped them back out again.  What impressed me the most, was how she’d smiled so radiantly after she’d gotten her hands on the recyclable materials, and when she realized that I was watching her, she gave me a wide grin, comparable to how the sunflowers smiled toward the sun.

I was crushed by the hurriedness of the office, and I’d gotten ill, was taken to a brand new privately owned hospital.  What’s more surprising to me was, that I’d met that grandma there, she wore a fitting outfit, with hair trimmed, was totally different from how I’d seen her, poor, from before.  The primary physician at the E.R. treated her like a V.I.P., and that, was also the reason why I’d gotten an earlier release.

I’d heard the nurses station manager told, the elderly woman was the hospital’s executive officer’s mother, other than having the hospital, her family is also a huge land owner in the middle and southern strips.  When she was younger, she’d worked alongside her husband, started with managing a small factory, later, their business was growing, and, they’d started getting into other industries, including setting up hospitals.  Even though, the elderly woman is old, and her husband passed on, but she didn’t want to have too much spare time on her hands, she’d worked hard at recycling, on the one hand, she’d gotten her exercises daily, and, she might bump into others who recycled, and, then, she’d given everything in her shopping cart to the other person, and would help them out in secret, hoping that those who worked hard to recycle can quickly get out of poverty.  After I’d heard, I was deeply moved.

Very soon, I’d met up with the grandma outside my building, I’d shown her my awe toward her, she didn’t say anything, just kept smiling her radiant smile as usual.  She’d handed me her cart, asked if I was interested in meeting some of her friends who were also recycling materials, I naturally agreed.  The two of us, shared the same mind, pushed the cart forward, on the sidewalks.  Being able to recycle and spread the love, is definitely the MOST meaningful thing I’d done with my life so far.

And so, the elderly woman’s kindness surely had touched this person, and, hopefully, she can pass on the kindness that she’d bore witness to firsthand, from this elderly woman too.

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A Teenage Girl Cussed Out a Police Officer, Got Fined $6,000N.T.,

So, the six thousand dollar fine was WAY more than worth it, wasn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Sergeant from Hsinbei Police Station, Shu stopped a female student, Yang, and her boyfriend, for running a red light, gave them both a red slip, later, Yang called Shu a bad cop on her blog, and after Shu knew, he’d sued her for libel and slander, awhile ago, they’d agreed to settle for the amount of $6,000N.T., and Shu put up $4,000N.T more, to buy MRT passes for the poor students, hoped that Yang could donate it on his behalf, to help put forth this kindness cycle.

“It’s nothing new, that cops get cussed out by the public”, Shu, who’d worked as a police officer for almost thirty years stated, she’d met a LOT of members of the public who’d cussed him out, and yet, this, was the very first time he’d decided to sue, it wasn’t for the sake of the money, but because he wanted to teach the female student a lesson.  After Yang’s parents learned about this, they kept thanking Shu.

Four years ago, Shu worked at the Pingling Subprecinct of Hsintien Police Department, he’d pulled Yang and her boyfriend who ran a red light, back then, the two were going to Pingling, other than running the red light, the boyfriend didn’t bring his license or registration, and he was ticketed for both.

Back then, Yang, who was still in high school later wrote on her blog, “Today, at Pingling, I’d met a BAD cop!”  “There are so many riders without helmets, I can’t believe that you didn’t see…Shu is such a LOUSY cop!”

Last year, Shu surfed online, and found this post, and collected the evidence, and sued the female student for libel and slander.  The judge believed, that Yang had seriously broken the libel and slander laws, but believed that she was only venting, and she was younger then, and that Shu had agreed on the six thousand dollar settlement, so, the judge didn’t let the case go to the courts.

Now, Yang, who is already in college, openly apologized to Shu, her parents were also ashamed.  Yang said, that she’s a student, and didn’t have any money, the judge agreed that she could pay the fines in six installments.  Shu also told Yang and her parents, “I will use the money to do something good.”, the parents are both very agreeing to it.

Awhile ago, Shu heard that the man in charge of the Rui-Xing Borough was giving breakfast vouchers to poor students, he’d added $4,000N.T., plus, the donations from kind people all around, two days ago, he’d bought twenty-five bus and MRT passes for the twenty-five students, and he’d also bought rice and noodles to give it to the families with low incomes.

And so, this officer truly has a heart of kindness, and, he’d used a harsh way to make a difference, and that, is what TOUGH love is all about.

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The Two Officers Relayed a Lost Elderly Man to Get Him Home, the Elderly Thanked Them Nonstop

See, there is still, a TON of acts of kindness going around in this world that we live in, isn’t there???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Shuen, we will all be elderly one day, so, let’s help the elderly population together!”, empathy, is what made two police officers relayed over two hundred kilometers in distance, to get an elderly man who’s demented home again, from the mountainside of Hsinchu to his home in Chiayi, the two officers, Yang and Wang concealed their identities in their good deeds, until someone sent a letter of gratitude to the police department’s mailbox, did their good acts get found;

Last month on the eleventh, the patrol officer, Yang, from residents in the region that they’d seen an elderly person who was about to freeze to death, they’d gone up to see, and saw an elderly man, with very little clothes, shaking nonstop, he quickly took the man back into the station, and gave him some clothes and food too; the officers took a very long time, to finally get the elderly to tell them his name, “Rong”, and learned, that he lived in Chiayi.

“Holy, how did you end up in the mountains in Hsinchu?”, Yang was unsure, of if the elderly man really DOES reside in Chiayi, and because the next morning at five, Yang was called to the legislative building to offer back up, he didn’t know what to do, he recalled his old classmate, Wang who was working in a police station in Yunlin, and learned that Wang too, had been called, to back up the police force in Taipei.

The two men discussed the strategies, and Yang put up $2,000N.T. to hire a cab, to take the elderly man to the substation in Kou-Hu, Yun-Lin, over two hundred kilometers away, and relayed the elderly to Wang; that same night, Wang made numerous calls, to the subprecincts in Chiayi, to ask if any of them knew “Rong”.

There was an officer who’d told, that there is a sixty-five year-old elderly man named Rong in the village in Chiayi that matched the descriptions, at two thirty in the morn, Wang drove the patrol car, and escorted Rong back to his place, located way off the maps.

“Tons of thanks!”, after “Rong”, who’d wandered for god knows how many days saw his family again, the look of fear in his eyes dissipated, he’d raised both hands toward Wang, to show him his gratitude.  The elderly man’s relatives told, that the family members of “Rong” all lived in Hsinbei City, and why was he wandering in Hsinchu, none of them knew, but gladly, he was lucky enough, to meet up with the nice officers, otherwise, he would surely have died.

Wang said, that his classmate, Yang told him in the phones, “One day, we too, will grow old…”, and these words, they resonated inside his mind, he was deeply moved, everybody grows old eventually, and, protecting the elderly in the population is something we MUST all do.

And so, this, would be how the kindness of the two officers had helped this lost elderly man find his way home to his family, and, we need a LOT more of this sort of good news in the world.





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